In the 21st century, the maximum of our tasks depends on electricity. We have become so habituated to the availability of electricity that it will become difficult for us to survive without an adequate supply of electricity without a proper electricity supply. Every household and business house requires electricity to continue their regular operations without getting interrupted. To ensure that you are supplied with electricity safely and securely, you might have to hire an electrician. An electrician is a tradesman who has years of experience planning, installing, and maintaining electrical wiring systems. In Detroit, every household and business house is entitled to continuous electricity service, so the need for electricians in this area is evident. Here is a list of some of the best electricians in Detroit in this field for years, and ha They are offering quality services to their customers. They have an excellent and efficient workforce, including experienced electricians who know their job and know what the target customers need.

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Arnold Electric Contractor

Arnold Electric Contractor offers electrical services to Detroit residents for the last 30 years and has never failed to satisfy their customers. They always aim to provide some quality service to their customers. The company is involved in providing residential and commercial electrical services to the people living in the Detroit area.  Some of its residential services include rewiring of the whole house electric system and green-energy makeovers. Commercial services offered by this company have the installation of lightning protection systems and security systems. They are also involved in selling, installing, and servicing generators.

Bob Thompson Electric

Bob Thompson Electric has been in the electric business since 1980, and since then, they have offered some quality service to all its customers. This company’s electrical services include essential electrical services, repairs for existing electrical structures, and project management for new homes and businesses. They have hired some professional electricians who have years of experience to provide top-class service to their customers. They want their customer’s feedback to be always positive, and this will encourage other people to hire Bob Thompson Electric to solve their electrical issues. The professionals in this company are also trained to install HD TVs in households and business houses.

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Bratcher Electric

Bratcher Electric is one of the oldest companies in Detroit because they are in this business of electrical services for the last 50 years. In these 50 years, they have gained a lot of experience and developed specific skills to complete the task they are hired for effortlessly and efficiently.  In its years of service, the company has specialized in emergency back-up services in demand among Detroit’s people. Bratcher Electric is also involved in offering support for surge protection, code upgrades, parking lot lighting, and service changes. They are one of the best electricians in Detroit because they consistently provide quality service for the last 50 years, a considerable achievement.

DC Illuminations

DC Illumination is an electrical service company that has been in this business for years. The company is involved in serving residential and commercial houses throughout the Detroit area. The company is also engaged in providing comprehensive electrical installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting services. The company has gained a lot of experience and achieved expertise in helping customers go green using energy-efficient lighting systems, solar powers, and installing generators. Many households and business houses who are customers of this company have started preferring the go green initiative because it is an excellent way to protect the environment and cost less than electricity.

Dean Electric

Dean Electric is a certified and licensed electricity company that has excelled in providing electrical services to the people of Detroit for the last 25 years. In these 25 years of service, the company has gained many customers who are loyal to the company because of the service they got in all these years. The company always targets to retain the customers who have once purchased their services. They have a massive base of residential and commercial customers throughout Detroit. This is one of those companies which provide 24 hours customer service and this is something that attracts a lot of customers.

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Dotson Electric

Dotson Electric is a company with a broad range of electrical services. They offer their services in the city of Detroit. Services that Dotson Electric offers include commercial, industrial, and residential installation, maintenance, and repair. From its years of service, the company also specializes in equipping and maintaining electrical systems in greenhouses. Some other additional services that this company provides include custom electrical designing and wiring and maintaining the systems installed for a year.

Graye Electrical Services

Graye Electrical Services are famous for providing energy-efficient lighting systems, which are considered great help for residential and commercial houses. They also provide designing, installing, and maintaining services for wiring systems. The company has some of the best electricians who are certified and are experts in both indoor and outdoor electrical applications. Some electrical applications provided by Graye electrical services are safety, emergency, and parking electrical systems.


There are plenty of electricians in Detroit, but it is always recommendable to hire the best to receive some top-class service. Above is the list of some best electrician companies known for their service, so before hiring somebody for electrical services, look at this list.