Recording screens are now an important habit of millions of users who interact with the world online.  If you are a tutorial creator, YouTuber, class teacher, or just a creator who filters logs to teach others, you know the importance of IObit screen recorder.  Without being a good one, you may not be able to get the information you create and share through your Windows PC screen recording.




Though when you spend time and effort recording your screen, you don’t want your recording tool to crash or get stuck in the middle.  Also, most of the screen recording tools say that it is not free because they put their watermark on the recorded video which helps to promote their tool for free.  Well, the case is different with the IObit screen recorder and not only do you have the opportunity to use it for free, but it also does not put your watermark on the recorded video and provides extensive functions.

How IObit Screen Recorder is better for us? Find here!!

It is a completely free package to record screen and edit recorded video.  Unlike other free screen capture tools, IObit Screen Recorder is significantly better in terms of features and performance.  You guys can use it to record everything long tutorials, games, conference calls, etc.  This is compatible with all Windows versions like Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Even if you have a low end, you can use this screen recorder irresistibly.  As a PC, it offers to set your preferences for video recording.

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Also, after recording your videos, you can edit them without the help of any other third-party video editor.  However, it comes with basic editing functions that help to cut, trim and divide the video.  These functions are useful for use after recording to obtain the final raw footage for further editing at an advanced level.  With the best online screen recorder, you can record the screen in 4K without any lag as it is properly optimized.  You have achieved an average CPU usage of 8% while recording.

Multiple outputs are also available so that you can easily convert videos to the requested format.  Currently, it supports more than 12 video formats and allows you to convert between any format you want.  This will protect you from incompatibility issues with any mainstream digital device, allowing you to play videos on a modern iPhone as well as an older MP4 player.  Overall, IObit Screen Recorder is an unprecedented device that is completely free and offers a wide variety of comfortable screen recordings on Windows PC.

Other important details!!

Provides robust features that help make video production easier.  With its wide range of functions, you can record your Windows PC screen as you like.  This feature is very useful because by using it you can only record the area of ​​the screen you want, you can avoid capturing any individual area and just capture a windowed dialog box.  In addition, it supports multiple displays.  You can start with a variety of screen size options (full screen, selection window, selection area, 4: 3 fixed aspect ratio, 16: 9 fixed aspect ratio).

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Whether you’re in the middle of a recording or just starting out, you can easily take a screenshot using the F11 hotkey. IObit screen recorder because it can take high-quality screenshots in real time.  Taking screenshots of a specific scene from recorded video is tedious and reduces image quality.  But if you take a screenshot while recording, the image will be original and of high quality.  The device enables screen recording in 4K quality and has achieved an average CPU usage of 8%, making the recording extremely smooth.  The ISR works well on low-end PCs too, you can customize the video recording settings to better suit your PC, respectively.