If you are curious to learn more about the Ciox eDelivery services, then here is a comprehensive post for you. Ciox Health, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a healthcare information management firm. In the release of information department (ROI), record retrieval, and health information management, the organization offers a range of services. Ciox serves three out of every five hospitals and over 16,000 physician practices. In this post, you can get to know about the multifaceted aspects of Cios eDelivery services. Besides, you can also get to know how it works and get benefitted from it. Let’s start! 

CIOX Health: An Overview

CIOX Health, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is developing a better way to handle health data. It is your trusted partner, whether you’re a provider, a health plan, or a requester of information. The company has the largest provider network in the industry, covering over 18,000 hospital and provider locations, 100 health plans, and 1 million unique requesters that need protected health information. It also has capabilities in information release, record retrieval, and health information processing, and we promote and manage health information movement.

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CIOX Health provides products and services that help with the management and sharing of health data, resulting in increased performance, speed, consistency, and protection while also improving the bottom line. Information sharing, workflow, coding, and audit management technologies and services are among the company’s specialties. Above all, it offers several advantages of CIOX Wellness for providers, health plans, and requesters.


Ciox Health was previously known as HealthPort Incorporated until March 2016, when it changed its name to CIOX Health. The company’s headquarters are in Alpharetta, Georgia, and it was established in 1976. HealthPort, IOD Inc., Care Communications Inc., and ECS merged to form Ciox Health. Furthermore, it supports over 18,000 provider locations, 140 health plans, and 1 million unique patient information requesters.

In the United States, the company provides monitoring technology to hospitals and health facilities, physician and group practices, patients, law firms, and health plans, as well as collaborating with healthcare providers by offering access to a delivery network and technology platform for safe health records, as well as a HIPAA-trained team.

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As the leading clinical data sharing company focusing on the release and retrieval of information, CIOX Health represents the culmination of 40 years of industry experience. Via people, technology, and best-in-class processes, the company encourages the sharing of patient clinical information with the demand for that information.

Advantages Of Ciox eDelivery Services

Each record corresponds to a real individual. Besides, each data point represents a possible game-changer in someone’s life: a connection that must be recognized and acted upon. It aims to improve the management of health information in order to enable better health. The following are some of the key benefits of Ciox eDelivery Services, which you can find in the list below:

1: Most connected workforce in the market

CIOX Health has a team of more than 7,500 HIM and record release experts. These professionals are connected through technology and can easily process any size request for information. The role of technology is crucial. 

2: Efficient, reliable connectivity

CIOX Health transmits information securely between hospitals, health plans, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and medical device firms, patients, as well as legal and commercial bodies, at the highest level of quality.

3: Security and compliance-focused

CIOX Health adheres to stringent privacy and security guidelines, going beyond and beyond market criteria to ensure full compliance. Additionally, HIPAA specifications and stable operations are addressed in a constructive manner by the organization. Additionally, every record is an individual, and it is CIOX Health’s mission to protect every record.

4: Reducing business risk

When an organization chooses CIOX Health, it has access to one standardized process and set of reporting capabilities across all locations to more easily report and ensure regulatory compliance. After reading the main advantages of the Ciox eDelivery services, you can proceed further to know about some other services.

Other Services From Ciox

Now that you know about the Ciox eDelivery service, below is a list of some other important services from Ciox you need to know: 

1: Medical Record Retrieval Solutions

Medical Record Retrieval Solutions can eliminate provider abrasion, increase record retrieval yield, and provide optimal cost savings. Ciox eDelivery offers faster, more efficient medical record retrieval by integrating with more than 75,000 hospital and provider locations. The main advantages of these services are stated in the below-given list: 

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End-to-end solution for medical chart retrieval

Backed by the strong provider and requester relationships, the end-to-end solution provides the utmost efficiency as a reliable medical record retrieval company

Years leveraging data to a more meaningful end

CIOX is now releasing secure medical information from the last 40 years. It has now turned into a renowned name in exchanging medical information. 

Retention Rate

Among all Ciox health information management clients, it has one of the highest retention rates. 

Reliable, committed network of service

Its specialists and field technicians can help you anticipate the challenge ahead. Above all, the service network is reliable. 

Rigorous privacy and security standards

More than 40 million requests are fulfilled annually with maximum security and HIPAA compliance.

2: Risk Adjustment Analytics for Healthcare

Ciox Health’s Risk Adjustment Analytics combines proprietary algorithms and datasets to offer a comprehensive analytics solution to risk adjustment programs. Also, its flexible and modular approach ensures that we have the right solution for your needs. Our analytics portfolio includes:

Pre-chase Analytics

Ciox eDelivery’s pre-chase analytics focuses on provider selection utilizing Ciox’s existing provider relationships, past records, likelihood to respond, and response timeliness. It includes: 

  • Provider selection algorithms utilize Ciox’s extensive provider relationships and nationwide data to select the ideal provider and chart location.
  • Utilization of experiential data to minimize provider abrasion.
  • Also, there is an ongoing analysis of intervention data.
  • Interactive and customizable dashboards to assist with data management and analysis.

Post-chase Analytics

Post-chase analytics focused on retrieval method selection informed by our large-scale retrieval experiences — leading to faster turnaround time, lower provider abrasion, and decreased provider fees. The main highlights include: 

  • Maintain insight about 750,000 provider locations and their preferred engagement methods
  • In addition, algorithms provide the optimal retrieval methods leveraging provider insights and behaviors.

Complimentary Outreach

Its outreach solution emphasizes identifying the right provider contact to retrieve the records and is offered complimentary with our retrieval projects. It offers analytics and results in dashboards that bring every risk adjustment project into one location. Besides, it is easy-to-use, dynamic reporting that looks and feels like a familiar toolset.

3: Clinical Abstraction

With deep expertise in registry and outcome requirements, Ciox Health’s enterprise-wide abstraction services help organizations standardize processes for better insights and reporting. It includes the following services: 

Developing enterprise-wide workflows

This service works to achieve clinical data abstraction consistency through standard abstraction protocols. Besides, the standardized validation process of the abstraction can reduce variability. 

Deep expertise in abstraction staffing

It is helping health systems and clinics achieve economies of scale and accurate data collection by providing expert credentialed abstractors.

Creating efficiencies for labor-intensive functions

Ciox eDelivery relates to core measures and registries to achieve enhanced cost and quality across the organization. To attain this, it is centralizing resources without restructuring them. 


In this post, you can get to know about the several important aspects of the Ciox eDelivery services. Besides, you can also find the advantages of using the services. If you liked it, and want more, reach out to our blog section.