The Universe we love in contains a tremendous amount of energy. Even if we are unable to see it, the energy certainly exists in one form or the other. Healing crystals and stones present on the Earth also harbor the same energy. In fact, several studies have indicated that stones and crystals have energetic properties capable of powering modern technology. In a similar fashion, these stones and crystals can activate the human body’s intrinsic healing powers as well. 

Many people are unaware that these crystals are part of medicines across different cultures. These days, we are surrounding by feelings of stress, which approach us from every angle, whether personal or on social media. The stress has been additionally compounded due to a new problem known as COVID-19, as a result of which people are unknowingly working for longer hours than earlier. This stress tends to negatively impact our bodies over time, and can be reduced with the help of the best healing crystals.

How to choose a stone or crystal

It is said that you do not choose a crystal, but it’s the other way round- the crystal is the one which chooses you. People normally get attracted to crystals or stones on the basis of their colors, textures, and energies. You simply have to listen to their intuitive energy needs and let yourself answer the following questions:

  • Which of the crystals seems to appeal the most to you?
  • Do you feel drawn to this crystal?
  • Does any stone or crystal make you feel uncomfortable?

Take the crystal in your hand at a shop and look at it closely. The one that draws you closer is the one you should purchase. For a few days, you are advised to hold the same crystal every day, just for five minutes in a day. However, during the current pandemic, it will be next to impossible to try out the above. Instead, you could spend your time watching a crystal online. 

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Once you have looked at the crystal for a long time, write down what went through your mind as you did so. If you are able to look at the crystal every day, you will be able to see a connection between the written and the upcoming story. After this task, it would be a good idea to start finding out more about the crystal or stone. 

Over time, you will notice how the stone’s vibration falls in perfect synchronization with its properties. It is true that there is a never a right piece or a wrong piece among the different crystals. The main objective is always to meet your intuitive energy needs. Ensure that you never try to think too much while choosing a particular crystal. For healing to be complete, it is very important to go with the flow. 

Ways in which healing crystals work

If the right crystal is aligned with the right application, there is literally no limit to the level of healing you can achieve. These crystals work in 3 major ways-

  1. Reenergizing- The healing crystals can transfer energy into your body just like electricity works through the transfer of energy. They are able to tap the energy from one field and then send it to another. 
  2. Balancing– The flow of positive energy keeps an individual balanced and healthy. Unfortunately, this energy could be misaligned, which is likely to lead to problems such as a stress. The crystals are used to get rid of such blockages and to restore balance.    
  3. Clearance of negative energy– Like a magnet is able to attract any metal, a crystal is also able to suck out negative energy from any living source 
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How can you use crystals

  1. Wear the crystals- Direct contact with the body is important for them to transfer energy in an effective manner. 
  2. Sleep with them- Sleep is said to be the best form of self healing for the human body. A good idea would be to amplify the healing process would be to sleep with them so that they can work on you throughout the night. Over time, this will help get rid of hurdles and also prevent self-inhibiting thoughts from demoralizing you. 
  3. Rubbing them on the body- When you rub and place a crystal on a chakra or a suitable area of the body, it helps to increase its healing properties
  4. Keep it with you all day- Cleanse the crystal with cold running water or sunlight and hold it in both your hands for some time in the day.  During this time, focus on the conditions you want it to bring into your life. Here, you are programming the crystal with your intention. 
  5. Place the crystal on your list of goals– If you are goals are in the present tense, as though they have already become true, empower a crystal and place it on the sheet