Have you bought a new piano? Well, congratulation on your big purchase, but have to think how will you move it to your home? Piano is a huge item that demand precision and special skills to transfer it to the home. The first important thing to do is hire a professional piano movers. Even if you have called the professional for help, you need to understand the importance of moving a piano, efficiently. Here are a few tip that will make your piano moving process, easy and successful:

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You will need the right equipment:

When you have the right equipment, moving a piano is a lot easier. Common instruments required to move a piano includes:

·         Heavy-duty furniture straps

·         Furniture dolly,

·         Blankets or a durable piano cover

Once you have them, start with wrapping the piano with the blanket or the cover to avoid any scratches. Use the straps to secure the cover to its place and use a dolly to move it.

Try and take the legs off the piano. You should try to move the legs separately. Not only this will help you make the move easy, but, you can also the decrease in the weight. So, the piano becomes a lot easier to maneuver.

Maintain your pace and always keep the piano well balanced:

The construction of a piano is heavy on the top and lighter on the legs. Moreover, it has really sophisticatedstructure, which can sustain damage in case the piano is thrown off balance. You must first understand the weight of the piano and try to keep it in balance. When rolling a piano up or down the ramp, use the bass key side of the equipment.

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Never try to move it on your own:

Piano is a delicate instrument and you should never ever try to move it on your own. Havingat least 4 people to move the piano is recommended. While two people lift the piano, the other two would guide and handle the equipment.

Load the piano first thing in the truck:

Piano Movers near Me recommends that you need to load the piano first in the truck, before loading anything else. It is recommended because piano is large and take a lot of space. Once it is in the truck, you can find out how much space you have left for loading other items. This will also secure the piano as it will be at the very end of the truck, safely packed and loaded.

These are some of the important things you must know about moving piano. However, when you hire expert State to State Moving Companies, the professionals take care of the entire procedure and ensure that your piano is safely packed, loaded and transported to your new address. Now that you know these tips of moving a piano, you can make sure your expensive instrument is shifted from the shop to home or from one house to another safely and easily.