Hunting is indeed known to be a very risky adventure, most especially when it involves wild games. Wild games are said to be games or animals that do not stay in the vicinity of man, just because of their behavior. So going around meeting these games and hunting them in their respective habitat makes their hunting a very risky one. And it takes a brave and well-experienced hunter to hunt them successfully. This article will be exposed to us the five most dangerous games to hunt.Read more


Big and wild cats include lions, tigers,and leopards. They make the first on the list because they are very intelligent. They don’t just act; they make sure that they put on their thinking cap and make a very strategic decision before they act. More so, they are very inquisitive, i.e. they are very alert to the happenings in their environment. They are also fearless, they are bold and courageous, no matter how strong a hunter is, and they will make the first attempt to confront him.


They are also strong and rugged, they don’t easily get tired, and they are not animals that will die without a hunter putting in serious effort in hunting them. They are very smart and fast; if care is not taken, they can outsmart a hunter that want to hunt them, in fact, they can run and cover about 100 yards of distance within just 3 to 4 seconds. They are as well nocturnal animals, i.e. they see clearly and are very active at night. This attribute makes them be very difficult to hunt at night because they are naturally active during this time. And hunting them with torchlight is prohibited, so this gives them an added advantage. In fact, they prey on human beings because they have very developed sense organs like nose to perceive their environment and ears to pick any sound around them.

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This is one of the most dangerous and big animals. They are known to be the animals that have killed the highest number of hunters in Africa. Their males can be about 6ft tall and weigh 794.5kg. The time when they are most dangerous and aggressive is when they are wounded, and when any of their calves are in danger. A hunter that will shoot them must be someone that is sure of accuracy because they can run faster. Meanwhile, it is said that they are most aggressive when wounded, so if your shoot cannot bring them down at once, and they can survive it. Be ready to run for your life, since their shooting distance is 20-60 yards.


These animals are very gigantic and are very different from their counterparts in other continents. In the sense that they are tall as 13 ft and their male weigh up to 3178 kg.They as well have a very huge tusk which weighs 45.4kg with nearly 8 ft tall. They are fearless, highly protective and very intelligent. Whenever they feel threatened, they will do everything to bring man down and trample on man. When they are very provoked, they can invade the abode of man, like villages and hamlet and kill as many as possible.


Apart from mosquitoes, the hippo is known to be the animal that kills man most in Africa. Hippos are very wild and dangerous and can get man anytime man, is not careful with their actions.they are very territorial and are capable of bringing down any boat that crosses their path. Their bite is what makes them very dangerous. Whenever they open their mouth, it means they are threatened. Their canines and incisors are their main power; their teeth can be 20 inches in length.

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They are known to be the fifth most intelligent animal in the world. They have a thick and razor –shape tusk; they are very aggressive and unpredictable. They as well weigh about 299.64 kg. All these attributes make them to be more dangerous than a bear.once these animals are shooted and they do do not die at the spot, if they were able to travel to some distance. Hunters should be very careful by giving them sometimes before following them because they are very good at attacking from behind. And in case they are chasing you, the only thing you can do is to get a strong tree and climb to save yourself from them.


Hunters that have the passion for hunting these dangerous games need to go through their characteristics very well and know how to approach them to avoid injury or death.