Everyone has slips, trips, and falls occasionally. The problem arises with our elderly family members who wish to remain independent. They want to stay in their homes where everything is familiar, and memories abound. Who could blame them? But, you worry about what would happen if they fall or have a medical condition such as a stroke when no one is around to assist or even call for help.

With a Lifeline personal alarm, you needn’t worry any longer. They are free to stay in their homes and to travel about. The talking pendant option is perfect for the active elderly. With their own individual alarm, elderly people have the freedom to move about, whether walking, bicycling, or by another means. That’s the power of a mobile alarm. Elderly are no longer hampered by restrictions to their independence.

GPS tracking, coupled with the ability to communicate when conscious the talking pendant option gives them freedom of mobility, and it gives you peace of mind. Plus, these alarms know when someone is unresponsive.

Personal Alarm

The truth is we cannot always be there with our elderly to assist, and they don’t want to have to go to a care facility. Lifeline Telecare can be our surrogate. Someone is always there 24/7 because their mobile alarm gets monitored by the people at Lifeline in the UK.

The monitored mobile alarm is an inexpensive talking pendant packed with features to track their movements with fall detection and no need for a landline. It goes where you go, even in the shower because it is water resistant one of the most dangerous places for slips and falls is no longer scary. Plus, it has a Sim that works on Vodafone, EE, and O2. You’re never more than a shout away with this push-to-talk gadget linked to a 24-hour staffed response center.

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Personal Alarm Elderly

Take advantage of these fabulous customer benefits:

ü 100% Confidence

ü Fast & Free Shipping

ü 14-Day returns with no quibbling

ü Customer Appreciated

ü Fall detection

ü 24/7 monitoring

The peace of mind you receive with this personal alarm elderly device is second to none. Help is only a button push away. So, when your family or friend wears it, you can relax knowing they will never get stranded by a fall or personal injury that incapacitates them. They can push the button and get help, or the fall detection could discover their distress.

Contact Lifeline Telecare for Your Personal Alarm Elderly Mobile Device

To get the lifesaving device you need, call today 0800 061 4501. Then when a friend or family member is in distress, they can call the response team by pushing a button regardless of their location. The mobile alert will route through the base at your landline to the response team, and help is on the way. Your contact information will automatically get displayed on the response team’s monitor. Along with your emergency contact and medical conditions.

Never worry that the person coming to your aid might not know about medication allergies or your personal preferences. What’s more, you get a lifetime warranty on your lifeline equipment.