Super Unique Gifts For Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Swoon.

1. Engraved Lock-and-Key Bracelet and Necklace

Creative gifts for your boyfriend are always more romantic when they are matching. They symbolise a deep connection between you and your boyfriend. This wonderful matching bracelet and necklace set has a lot of significance. The bracelet is made from a lock while the necklace has a key-shaped pendant. This shows that you will hold the key to his heart. The stainless steel set is made from precise machinery and surgical procedures. It is nickel and lead-free and does not cause any harm to the skin. The steel braided pattern adds to the flair of the romantic bracelet. This matching accessory set is sure to add more meaning in your life.

  1. Retro Mixtape USB

Is your boyfriend a retro-man by heart? Does he listen to vinyl tapes and audio cassettes? Well, we have the best romantic gifts for your boyfriend right here. He deserves a USB disguised as a retro cassette tape. Since very few people have cassette players and radios now, Mashtape has

innovated their players into a cool vintage USB. It is easy to use and has 8 GB space. So, you can use it as a gift for your old-timey man at any occasion. Also, you can make this retro-themed gift even more special by making a killer mixtape out of it. Fill it with his favourite tunes and make a romantic, personalised mixtape just for him.

  1. Beeropoly Drinking Game

Every get-together is empty without some good beer and fun games that bring the entire group together. So, your creative gift ideas for your boyfriend, you must make sure that they fulfil both these requirements. Well, we have the most interesting gift for him with this game of Beeropoly. Like monopoly, Beeropoly is filled with fun drinking tasks and dares that you need to perform if

your dice lands on a particular column, The tastes range from doing a dance-off to playing never have I ever. The interesting game will keep everyone entertained and engaged around the dinner table. A very small detail is that the dice is actually a beer cap. So, get your boyfriend this drinking game and enjoy your game night to the fullest.

  1. Craft Beer-Making Kit

Everybody loves beer, so does your boyfriend. So, for his birthday, get your boyfriend the tool to what he loves, through this craft beer-making kit. The high-quality beer-making kit by Mr Beer has detailed instructions, very simple components and a super easy to use brewing equipment kit. With this kit, your man can brew a batch of beer in just 30 minutes. Your man’s home-brewed batch of beer will be ready to drink in less than 3 weeks with its hopped malt extract. With this gift, your man can proudly treat you with his handmade batch of craft beer in no time.

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater

There is no wrong occasion to give your boyfriend an ugly Christmas sweater. So, this festive season, make your boyfriend a lucky man by gifting him this wonderfully illustrated knit sweater. The festive and humorous patterns make the sweater perfect for the holiday season. In addition to this, the illustration of a happy Christmas dog is going to make everyone go “aww”. So, get this one of a kind ugly festive sweater as one of the most creative gifts for your boyfriend.

  1. Corduroy Men’s Jacket

Jackets are the saviours of any fashion disaster. So, if your man does not have the best sense in fashion, or if he simply needs an update in his wardrobe, get him this uber-cool corduroy jacket! The vintage-looking jacket by Chartou is made of 100 percent cotton so that he will be in the most comfortable and breathable fabric at any period of time. The slim-fit statement jacket is available in several colours so that you can pick out the best colour for him. The inside of the jacket has a pocket which can store your wallet or phone with safety. Get this romantic gift for him which goes well with any attire.

  1. Kinky Truth or Dare Set

It is time to reignite the spark between you and your boyfriend through one of the most old-school naughty games; truth or dare. Spice up your love life through one of the best Valentine’s gifts for him. The box contains a set of 50 sticks that contain a truth that needs to be confessed or a dare that needs to be performed. As you may have guessed, the truths and dares are provocative and steamy and will help you two explore your desires better. The small tin is perfect to take with you to have fun on your vacation as well. This game is ideal for a fun and memorable Valentine’s day.

  1. 175 Best Date Ideas

As far as present ideas for your boyfriend go, the most you can do is help him decide what you can do to have fun on your dates. So, get him this 175 best date ideas book that will keep you both occupied and excited at all times. These date ideas are much more than your usual dinner and movie dates. They will help you connect as a couple on a deeper level, make you laugh, and open up to each other better. Get ready to have much more interesting date nights that can be suitable for any mood and day with this book.

  1. Beard Growth Oil
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If your man has an enviable beard, then we have the best gift you could give him on any occasion. Get him this luxury beard growth oil by Spruce Shave Club to help him with its upkeep. The 100 percent organic oil comes with nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, coconut oil, and many more. All these help in boosting hair growth and taming frizzy parts of the beard. The handcrafted oil also comes with Vitamins A, B, E, K, omega 9,6,3 & linoleic acid, which help in filling up patchy parts of hair and in improving the overall appearance. In addition to this, the fragrant oil has a woody scent which will help your man feel and smell wonderful at all times.

  1. Interstellar Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are very cool fashion statements at any occasion. So, get one of the coolest gift ideas for your boyfriend. This bomber jacket is made of polyester canvas, which offers you a lot of protection from natural elements. So, your man can wear this bomber jacket while travelling or riding a bike. It is embroidered with patches of important and cool and iconic places and locations. It has ribbed hems and cuffs along with convenient zippers to put your essentials and store them safely. You can get this jacket in both white and black colours.

  1. Suede Leather Faux Fur Moccasins

Moccasins are the trendiest footwear of all time. So, if you are looking for birthday gifts for your boyfriend, then get this stylish pair of moccasins that exude luxury. The shows are made of suede leather which is of top quality and craftsmanship. It’s interior is lined with soft and comfy faux fur which will keep your feet warm and cosy. The casual shoes are easy to slip on as they do not have any buttons and zippers. This birthday gift can be paired with formals or casual wear and can be the eye-catchers of every attire.

  1. Scratch Off Map

Your travel-hungry boyfriend deserves some special gifts that suit his personality. Well, we have one of the best gift ideas for your boyfriend that he is going to love immensely. This world map has a very special feature. You can scratch off the places you have been to with a coin or any other object. This acts as a great reminder for your boyfriend to keep exploring the world and learning more. The XL-sized world map has vintage coloured foil and background that will add a chic touch to any room that you choose to display it in. The highly detailed map has accurate locations of cities, states and countries in the world.

  1. Luxury Grooming Gift Set

It is a common gag that most men use the same product for multiple purposes. It may be using shampoo as a body wash or face wash. If your boyfriend does this then it is time to change his habits for the better, One of the most convenient gifts for your boyfriend is a grooming set. This set by Man Arden contains hair shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, aftershave balm, and face

wash. The hair conditioner contains jojoba oil and wheat protein that nourishes his hair. The shower gel comes in a very pleasant scent containing bergamot and cedarwood. All the products feature luxury ingredients such as avocado oil, aloe vera, lily & lotus extract featuring a modern, mint fragrance with notes of eucalyptus. The amalgamation of all these ingredients is sure to improve the hair and facial health of your man.

  1. Electronics Tech Pouch

We have an essential gift for your traveller boyfriend. Get him an all-in-one electronics pouch that can keep all his camera and phone chargers organised and safe. This pouch by Sterkmann has 16 inner pockets that are separated from one another effectively. So, your earphones do not have to be hanging out with your chargers anytime soon. The size is so inclusive that you can fit an iPad or a kindle as well! You can pack more items in smaller spaces a-la-Marie-Kondo. It is portable and travel-friendly with its exterior handle. The pouch is made from nylon, which is easy to clean and durable.

  1. Funny Caveman Slippers

Are you wondering what gift you must get for your boyfriend? Maybe the stone age will do. These caveman slippers are right from the olden days. This funny gift is not only hilarious with its hairy feet and big toes, but it is also extremely helpful. The comfortable slippers offer tonnes of warmth to your boyfriend. It is lightweight and breathable so that your feet do not feel suffocated. So, these slippers are the perfect pair to stomp around your house in. You can also incorporate some caveman sounds if you want to match the footwear.

  1. Video Game Controller Mug

If your boyfriend is an avid gamer, then we have the most apt gift for him. Get him this video game controller shaped mug. Now, he can morph into an all-round gamer by drinking from this video game controller mug while playing video games.

  1. Matching Promise Pendants
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Romantic gifts for your boyfriend are very precious to both you and him. They symbolise togetherness, strength and commitment. So, get your boyfriend this set of matching necklaces to celebrate your relationship. The titanium and steel pendants by Feraco have the words “eternal love” engraved on them. The spotless surface is inlaid with crystals to make them stand out. The light and comfortable necklaces come in rose gold colour for women and black for men. The workmanship on the pendants is of extremely high-quality. Gift this on the occasion of your anniversary to surprise him.

  1. Six Pack Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are always a risky fashion statement. They are always ridiculed and laughed at for being an old person item to wear. So, give your boyfriend this fashion article that is already out of fashion as a gag gift. Not only that, this fanny pack comes with illustrations of six-pack abs to grab more attention. Remind your boyfriend that unfortunately, not everyone can have a six pack, through this fanny pack. Other than being absolutely hilarious, this six-pack fanny pack can carry a lot of contents. It is durable and washable and has extremely strong straps.

  1. Convertible Garment Duffel Bag

Duffle bags are travel essentials if you have a boyfriend. So, if you are thinking about unique Valentine’s day gifts for your boyfriend, then a duffle bag it is. This convertible duffle bag by ACstep has all the right spaces for everything you need while travelling. The fancy garment bag can serve as a bag for hanging clothing. Hence, it suits a business trip and a leisure one as well. The bag is ensured to give you wrinkle-free clothing when you open it. On the left of this bag lies a pouch in which you can conveniently store your shoes. It is lightweight and

water-resistant due to its usage of polyester fibre & jacquard. Your man can take this to the

gym, work or a vacation with ease.

  1. Polarised Sunglasses

If you are looking for presents for your boyfriend this super convenient pair of sunglasses as a birthday gift for him. These luxury sunglasses from Sojos will offer him some style and protection. They will protect him from ultraviolet rays and its harmful consequences. Not to mention, he will be completely rocking these metallic rimmed sunglasses.

  1. World Wine Encyclopedia

Wine is universally beloved by everyone. But, wine happens to be one of the most unique gift ideas for your boyfriend. So, for your bookworm boyfriend, this is the perfect gift. The world wine

encyclopedia is a comprehensive collection of all the wines in the world. The detailed book has a very rustic look to its outside. So, help your boyfriend kill some time by reading this very interesting book with the history of wine and how it is today.

  1. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

If your man and you argue about what to watch on TV on a daily basis, then we have the perfect gift for your boyfriend to solve this problem. This unique novelty poster features 100 must-see films that are critically and publicly acclaimed. The list includes old classics and modern-day masterpieces so that both of you have your favourite genre covered. Like a bucket list, you can scratch off every movie that you watch in order to reveal a one-of-a-kind icon of the movie that you can cherish forever. Be prepared for plenty of movie marathons after this gift.

  1. Teal Knitted Throw Blanket

Let us face it, everybody gets lazy at times and refuses to get off of the couch. So, we have one of the most useful and unique gift ideas for your boyfriend; a warm throw blanket. This gorgeous teal knitted throw blanket is made of high-quality acrylic. It is warm and thin to touch and can provide your loved one with a lot of comfort. The high-speed skillfully knit blanket has excellent and beautiful finishing on its surface. It is perfect for snuggling on the couch while watching a movie, or to take while camping or trekking. The blanket comes in several vibrant colours other than teal, so that you can pick out your favourite. This blanket will be a favourite for those movie marathons that you and your boyfriend will go on.

  1. Luxury Perfume

Perfume will never fail to impress your boyfriend. So, get him this luxury scent by Burberry to help him feel more confident and charismatic. This eau de toilette has a very distinct and

desirable smell which lasts for very long.

  1. Adventure Survival Kit

Does your boyfriend love travelling and going on adventures? Well, we have some caring and cool gifts for your boyfriend to keep him safe and prepared for his next adventure. This kit contains all the equipment your loved one needs when they are hiking or camping outside. It is an all-inclusive 18 in 1 adventure kit that comes with equipment such as an upgrade compass, an upgrade survival knife, a wire saw, a water bottle clip, an emergency blanket, a flintstone, a scraper, a flashlight, a credit card knife, a tactical pen, a whistle, a mini light, a carabiner, and a black

waterproof box among many other items.