Bulk SMS is a great way for user communication but its use doesn’t just end there. It is a versatile method that one can use for various communication channels. Businesses mostly use it to promote their sales, as well as effectively engage with their customers and to attract new ones and convert them too. One other way to utilize SMS is for office communication between the management and the employees, as well as within the employees. It’s an extraordinary method to rapidly and adequately speak with your workers, assisting you with eliminating pointless gatherings, trim down your long email and replies, and construct a more coordinated group. The below are details on How can bulk SMS make your workplace positive and motivated?

Why you need bulk SMS in your office?

Office employees get a normal of 121 messages every day, which can get overpowering and diverting. Then again, 70% of experts say they’d prefer to utilise messaging for official correspondence.

Cell phones were once expelled in the workplace, with representatives being approached to take care of their telephones during work hours. Today, mobile phones have become a basic piece of individuals’ work lives, and a lot of experts even have an assigned phone for just work. By benefiting from this development, you can slice through the commotion and pass on significant messages straightforwardly to your employees’ handheld gadgets. Simply hire our bulk SMS services in Noida and we’ll make the procedure a lot efficient for your organisation.

6 different ways you can utilise bulk SMS to enhance your work environment:

  • Working Environment Updates: When it comes to significant updates, it’s savvy to advise representatives through a couple of various stages. This guarantees nobody misses the update, regardless of whether it’s about adjusted opening times or strategy changes. You can even set up explicit keywords that workers can text to address FAQs.
  • Wellbeing and Security Alerts: SMS cautions can be shipped off to tell representatives of any critical issue like mishaps at the worksite, security issues, or blackouts. The quick conveyance and high open pace of instant messages help to keep your workers protected and on top of the issue.
  • Employees’ Feedback: Employees who feel valued perform their best 4.6 times higher than otherwise. SMS can be utilised to request workers’ feedback through straightforward text-to-vote surveys. This effortlessness will likewise urge more workers to partake, giving you a superior image of representative fulfilment.
  • Planning: SMS can be a basic and viable method of dealing with a workers’ roster and their shifts, assisting you with overseeing staff deficiencies. If somebody is sick, send an instant message to your gathering of representatives to check whether anybody can help cover.
  • Bookkeeping: Your bookkeeping group as of now has too much going on. Make their positions somewhat less complex by utilising SMS to send and get payment invoices, also computerise worker timesheet and overtime requests and approvals.
  • Far off Workforce: SMS isn’t only convenient for your in-house group. It can likewise be utilised to associate with your remote workers, registering to perceive how they’re going and rapidly getting announcements through our Quick SMS Launcher.
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Merits of utilising an SMS platform at the workplace

Merits of utilising an SMS platform at the workplace

Messaging workers from their cell phone can immediately be inconvenient for HR. That’s why let us offer you our certified bulk SMS services in Noida to make sure that everything is done properly.

Bulk SMS comes with many advantages. Even when you utilise it for connecting with your employees, you are provided with multiple opportunities that you can grab and use bulk SMS. Providing you with a protected, lasting record of all your correspondence, an SMS platform likewise permits you to:

  1. Segment your employees into lists based on their team or departments. You will have the option to send messages to an employee, an entire group, or even the whole organisation depending on your requirements.
  2. Customise your messages by including representative names, division names, birthday, and more. By doing so, they will feel a valuable part of the organisation and will be motivated to give their best for the organisation.
  3. Send web linksto the employees for them to see a particular link on the web. You can even track the links you’ve sent to check who clicked and who have not. You could then computerise a subsequent message to provoke the individuals who didn’t.
  4. Send PDFs and media in your messages. This feature is super-useful for team leaders as well other employees at senior levels. They can use this feature to send client briefs and other work-related documents which cannot be otherwise sent via basic SMS.
  5. Utilise interesting keywords that workers can text to join the list to receive the messages. It could be for occasions, newsletters or a particular project. All they would need to do is type in the particular “keyword” and send it to the dedicated number which you have been assigned with, and they can instantly join the list and start receiving the messages.

The benefits don’t end here. The list can go on and on but we have some points to discuss as well. Before you start with this gem of a tool, i.e., bulk SMS, to communicate with the employees, you should know the basic rules to go by. At the point when you do convey SMS’s through the workplace, here are certain points that you should keep in mind to make sure that they don’t feel violated:

  • Value your employees: Regard your representatives’ time by trying to limit the number of messages on the lesser end. Don’t send irrelevant messages which would waste their time when they receive the message and check that it is not important for that. Send messages that provide them with some value.
  • Mind the time: It is workplace communication whether it is being conducted on mobile phones. Only send work-related messages, except for birthday and occasional wishes. Also, unless it’s an emergency, try not to send messages after work hours.
  • Keep it professional: Trying out new templates can be fun sometimes, but not in this scenario. Release your creativity while using bulk SMS for your promotions. For work communication, keep your messages proficient by following tried-and-tested SMS templates.
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Bulk SMS

With everybody previously having a cell phone stopped in their back pocket, bulk SMS makes for the ideal pre-designed worker specialised device. People, especially those who are working, carry their phones at all times, they have it at their arm’s reach at any given point in time.


Keeping in mind all that’s written above, it’s safe to say that bulk SMS is a top-notch tool for all kinds of organisations to utilise, connect with and send information to their employees.

Being an experienced agency, with an extended clientele, we can say that your organisation will surely benefit from all the features which our bulk SMS services in Noida can provide you with. We provide our clients with the latest SMS infrastructure including the SMS panel software wherein they can track and analyse each message which they have sent, review and create new templates, schedule texts to be sent at any time in the future, automate trigger-based SMS such as a “thank you” message as soon as an employee joins, etc.

If you want to know more about bulk SMS and its other benefits and uses in different business spaces, our team would love to help you understand. GNEC Media offers value-for-money bulk SMS at the best prices, with the latest features. Contact us now.