Searching for the best event planning courses and certification programs online? You have landed at the right place! This post elaborates on the list of the best event planning programs that can help you learn event planning. The list of the events may include corporate functions, weddings, promotions, music events, and several others. In addition to the course, many of these programs also offer downloadable resources, projects, and completion certificates. Now that you have made your mind to indulge yourself in an event planning program, navigate this post until the end.

List Of The Best Event Planning Courses

Below is the list of the best event planning courses you can complete online at your home comfort: 

list of the best event planning courses and certifications

1: Event Planning: Where To Start – SkillShare

In the first place, we have this amazing event planning program that can help students to learn all the essential aspects of managing an event. Most modules are short, averaging only 3 minutes in length which makes them very easy to absorb. This course is also taught by a current event planner/manager (Hanna Ashcroft), giving students firsthand knowledge of the event planning process and what to expect.

Setting an event budget, selecting a venue, considering audiovisuals, and renting equipment are just a few of the lessons covered. The longest module examines the planned event’s date and location, which is significant because the location will influence the event’s overall mood. When you sign up for the Skillshare 2-week trial, this course is absolutely free. This trial also gives you access to a slew of other event management courses and certification programs. 

2: Marketing For Events: How To Create Sell Out Events – Skillshare

The next course on my list is a Skillshare course that is just over an hour long and discusses the marketing aspect of event promotion in great detail. How to use free social networking tools like Facebook events, Meetup, and Eventbrite resources are just a few of the marketing strategies discussed in the class. It also provides advice on everything from wedding exhibits to local pub meetings, as well as how to use social media to support those activities.

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Since this course is hosted on Skillshare, users have access to a 2-month free trial. It can enable them to take this course, as well as many others in the event planning category, for free!

3: Event Planning Foundations – Lynda / LinkedIn Learning

The next course on this list of the best online event planning courses is a wonderful choice taught by Valerie Berry and hosted on (now LinkedIn Learning), with over 60,000 students having taken it. This short course is divided into ten manageable modules and lasts just 50 minutes. This class is suitable for the beginners. If you want to break into the event management field, it can be helpful. Any of the class’s main modules include how to better negotiate an event budget and how to prepare a menu on a budget.

A look at different locations for common activities, arranging transportation to and from the event, and staff management are all valuable pieces of knowledge. Since this course is hosted on LinkedIn Learning, new students can get a 1-month FREE trial to access this and 10,000+ other courses! A certificate of completion is also included.

4: Event Planning, Marketing & Management Course – Udemy

The next course is Alex Genadinik’s online event planning course. This course has already attracted over 5,000 students and is one of the most popular on Udemy. Details on event staffing, insurance responsibility, how to track attendance, how to get press attention for an event, how to plan out all the components of an event, and much more are just a few of the topics discussed in this class.

This course is just over 4 hours long. There are even more modules that cover everything from the fundamentals to the more intricate aspects of event management. Overall, this is one of the best online event planning courses available, and it will help you advance your career! Only remember to get your certificate of completion after you’ve completed the course!

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5: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Event Planning – Udemy

This low-cost Udemy course focuses on clients and their importance in the event planning industry. It teaches students, regardless of industry, where to find clients and how to hold them with top events. This event planning class, which has nearly 800 students enrolled, includes modules on how to correctly set a price for event services. Furthermore, you can learn how to interact with clients from the start of a case. 

You can also learn how to pick venues, handle risks, build an event planning timeline, and use design techniques. This online course is 4 hours long in total. It includes 20 additional resources, lifetime access to class materials, and a certificate of completion included!

6: Online Class: Event Planning 101 – UniversialClass

The next item on the list is a rigorous course that includes a certificate of completion and a unique serial number for each student. It allows students to receive a final grade based on points, indicating their readiness to become active event planners. This course also considers the significance of different events based on their classification. It investigates corporate gatherings, marriages, and birthday parties. 

Most importantly, it provides students with actionable steps for starting their own personal event planning company. At the conclusion of the courses, a student must pass a final exam. A certificate is given under the Continuing Education Units when the exam is completed.

7: Certificate Program in Event Management – IEM

This course is one of the most thorough (and costly) on the list, costing $445. International Institute for Event Management runs this course. It follows the same self-paced format as most other related courses. There are three main modules to review, each divided into sub-modules. 

Students learn about event planners and the requirements of the job in the first module, which includes corporate and social activities. The second module focuses on event preparation and strategy, from location selection to invites and contracts, as well as the early stages of an event. This module also includes details on risk management. Corporate event management is the subject of the third and final module. These types of activities include fundraisers and tradeshows. At the conclusion of this module, future event managers will learn how to better organize a corporate team-building event.

Final Words

Event planning courses can unleash potential career opportunities for you. You can enroll into these courses online without leaving your couch. The list of the courses in this post can be really helpful on career perspective. You can find more blog posts by reaching our blog section.