With time, smartphone users and smartphone technology are rising, the use of applications by people has increased tenfold, worldwide. The trend will grow strongly in 2020 as well. Mobile technology is taking long strides. But there are other spheres of technology that are developing with high speed. 

This is why the ancillary technologies are shaping up not just the process of mobile application development, but also how consumers interact with different mobile applications.

Now I have compiled the top 5 mobile application trends that will create an impact in 2020 and future years as well.

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development

Today’s customers want personalized data. They also look for context-based results, and that’s why their use of AI and MI is very handy. By using these technologies, app development companies can produce applications that understand the user’s intent to provide specific results based on their needs. 

More upgradations in things like search suggestions, spelling corrections, and product recommendations can be expected. The ultimate goal is to make users perform their daily tasks efficiently. 

Deep learning will also make a significant impact on AI, and it will help in analyzing users’ daily routines and activities. This will be possible as the system will gather the data over some time, and based on that, it will make recommendations.

Some features of AI are mentioned below, which can be implemented into a mobile app:

  • Image recognition
  • Text and image classification 
  • Sentiment recognition and classification
  • Face detection
  • Speech recognition

Internet Of Things 

IoT refers to physical things like home appliances, wearables, and vehicles connected with the internet. IoT is growing fast, and its uses in different verticals are also increasing at a rapid rate. Various industries like manufacturing. Construction etc. are using IOT devices and getting outstanding results. IoT enabled mobile applications to help in doubling the efficiency of most businesses. 

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For example, – The manufacturing industry uses IoT technology and mobile apps to analyze machine efficiency, and they found out that their productivity rate is improved by at least 10x. Over some time, telecommunication services, healthcare, energy companies, financial services, manufacturing, etc. are going to use IoT in their day to day business. It will increase the demand for IoT gadgets, and ultimately, Demand for IoT enabled apps will increase as well.

Beacon Technology  in mobile app development

Beacons are pieces of hardware that are widely used in different settings to detect smart devices nearby and send signals and messages to them by WIFI or Bluetooth. These devices send a particular type of signal that makes the app startup in the person’s phone. 

Widespread use is for advertising – sending personalized offers to retail customers; other applications include tracking patients in hospitals, informing tourists at public sites, etc. To receive information from a beacon, an application will be required in a smartphone. Mobile applications are using tags to engage and help app users. 

With the use of beacon technology monitoring, the micro-location is simple. Nowadays, this technology is widely used in marketing for collecting location-based information of customers. By offering customized services to the users, it makes the customer-seller performance better. They can use apps integrated with beacon technology to solve their queries. Retail stores can also use this for enabling cashless and queue-less checkouts.

Bot Technology 

Bots are programmed to do specific tasks. They often imitate human behavior. Nowadays, Customers are looking for more human-like contact. Chatbots have successfully replaced humans and improved the entire process by making it more accurate and faster. 

Before suggesting anything, Chatbots asks for preferences, needs, and budget and then shows customers what they are precisely looking for. They end up saving a lot of time for the users. Different types of bots are chatbots, web crawlers, individual bots, and malicious bots. More and more businesses are using bot technology along with artificial intelligence. 

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Chatbots are also a hot trend in mobile application development. To mimic human conversations, chatbots use artificial intelligence. 

According to a report from salesforce, 69% of customers prefer using chatbots because of the speed at which they communicate.

Chatbots will undoubtedly shape mobile app development in 2020. Big giants like Apple and Google are actively pushing bot technology to the forefront. For apps focused on service, helping people find the right product or stay informed – the human-like engagement is possible by chatbots.

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) 

AR imposes artificial objects on real-world objects. VR offers a fake environment for the user. In gaming terminologies, both AR and VR let the player become more submerged in the game. One of the best practical uses of this technology has been done by the Pokemon Go game. The use of AR and VR is not limited to mobile applications. They can also be used for educational purposes, especially by increasing the efficacy of training and educational apps

These concepts can also be utilized in interior design and marketing. The app can let the user see how the product will look in a personal space, and a better idea regarding its size and shape can also be made. For example, – Ikea, by using these, was able to develop interior design apps for customers. Bosch also developed an app, which allows creating simplified sketches of floor plans quickly.

According to Statista, the AR and VR market predicts to grow to 18.8 billion $ in 2020.

The technology behind AR VR is offering better optimization and stability for various apps. It is likely to encourage more entrepreneurs to create more virtual reality apps.


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