Just about anyone who happens to be managing a business in today’s world has likely already heard of what search engine optimization (SEO) can do. As a matter of fact, there was a time when SEO was so rampant that the entire marketplace was practically sick of all the different ham-fisted methods. It became so oversaturated that even some of the best SEO companies at the time began to lose steam. That said, SEO has not stopped reinventing itself, especially with the dawn of Google, the most powerful search engine around.

It is entirely understandable for any business to want to take advantage of every marketing ploy they can possibly get their hands on, SEO included. While it might have had a reputation before for being somewhat outdated, it would not be a good idea to count it out when it comes to its ability to propel a company’s online exposure and reputation forward. Here are just five of the latest trends in SEO, helmed by the best SEO companies in Houston.

1. The online shopping world is about to blown open by an unprecedented holiday shopping spree

Perhaps one of the most significant SEO trends would be how the holidays are shaping up to be one of the biggest ever experienced. People are clamoring over each other to improve their online reputation as they prepare their online store using e-commerce techniques. SEO is steadily aiding many businesses as they brace themselves for an influx of online purchases. After all, just about everyone is spending their time indoors due to the coronavirus — which means it will be the first holiday season during the quarantine lifestyle.

While there is no saying what might happen with next year’s holiday season, it does not change the fact that this could very well be the first and last time that so many online shops have the opportunity to experience success simultaneously.

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2. A shift toward the first ten seconds with the best SEO companies

While it is one thing to attract as many visitors as possible to an online store, it is another thing entirely to keep their attention enough for the visitors to actually buy something. Keep in mind that many shoppers are more than happy to look elsewhere for what they want, especially if the site in question does not have a clear and succinct headline to give online shoppers a clue about what to expect. One of the current (and constant) trends in SEO would be optimization in such a way that people are not just interested in clicking, but interested in staying past the first half-minute.

3. A surprising focus on mobile devices

It might come as a surprise that one of the latest trends of search engine optimization involves the use of mobile, as it has been a continuing trend since 2017. However, there are plenty of online stores out there with a strong focus on browsers, but are an absolute mess when it comes to mobile. It is likely due to the influx of new sellers, though the mobile side of online stores have been neglected enough that one of the biggest SEO trends involve optimizing mobile — as there is no denying that it is the primary direction of the online world looking into the future.

While it might be an older trend, the lack of care when it comes to mobile online stores has turned it into one of the biggest trends of 2020, and SEO companies continue to hone their craft by using mobile platforms as the foundation.

4. Going for more than just blue links

When it comes to search engine results pages (SERP), visibility has always been the main factor. Considering that SEO often goes for many other different processes, it is understandable why there has been such a focus on the use of blue links to get the job done. However, the growing trend is that more and more marketing opportunities and campaigns are occurring on Google, and not necessarily on the primary website. It shows that the growing trend is pushing SERP into the main stage, and it would be a good idea for most businesses to consider just how much visibility their company is getting in the grand scheme of things. While blue links are still an integral part, SERP is beginning to grow as the primary battleground for general SEO efforts.

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5. The best SEO companies have been focusing on content-based marketing

Most companies will want to make use of SEO methods to help link to their primary website, or perhaps their chosen marketplace. They might also have already optimized the website where people who click into it are generally interested in what it has to offer, as a website that gets to the point right away is appealing for many online shoppers.

However, there is still the issue of how to get online shoppers to come back to your store. Far too many often decide to look elsewhere, even after they have already availed the online store’s services. One of the best ways to resolve the issue would be through content-based marketing. For SEO company in India, it is not only about generating backlinks or visibility in SERPs. It is also about creating unique content in a website that can turn shoppers into supporters. It is not something that is restricted to large businesses, as unique content should be something that every business owner strives to have. Even when using templates from popular e-commerce tools such as Shopify, the content within the site (aside from the products) could very well dictate whether or not a company can remain relevant.

For those who are serious about marketing their online stores, keeping up with SEO trends can help most stay on top of such matters. With the help of the best SEO companies, most online stores can be fully future-proofed. Paired along with future plans after achieving success with the online store, the only way to go for the savvy entrepreneur is up.