Mirror Sunglasses consist of an optical coating on the outside surface of the lenses of the sunglasses.  This gives the impression of a mirror to the lenses. Such optical coating is also known as flash coating or mirror coating.  These lenses usually have a tint that the wearer can experience.  This mirror coating is helpful in further reducing the amount of light that passes through the lens by 10% to 60% more as compared to the other sunglasses. The mirror effect is not visible to the user from inside, only the onlookers can see the mirror. Mirror sunglasses are perfect in every weather condition as well as in sand, snow, water, sports, higher altitudes etc.

Why are Mirror sunglasses so called?

Mirror Sunglasses were usually used by the police officials of the United States. Thus, they are also called by the name of ‘’Cop Shades’’.

Mirrored sunglasses contain one layer of a deposited thin film which is made out of suitable metal. This metal coating is responsible for giving mirror effect to the lenses. However, the drawback of  mirror sunglasses is that they get scratched easily and also fade away or degrade faster than the other sunglasses. Moreover, they react with the salt-water and may turn rusty or corrosive. This is because the metal film reacts with the salt-water as it is not corrosion resistance.

Nowadays, modern reflecting coatings are highly used in the manufacturing of the mirror sunglasses. This includes a dielectric layer that is made from oxide such as Chromium Oxide, Silicon Dioxide, and Titanium Dioxide etc.

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Can I get Mirror sunglasses with Polarised Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses?

Indeed, you can get mirror sunglasses with polarised or prescription lenses fitted in plastic or metal frames of your choice. Polarised Sunglasses consist of polarised lenses which are effective in harsh and extreme conditions such as while driving on highway, playing watersports or ice sports, fishing, skiing, climbing, etc. Polarised sunglasses with mirror coating on the lens are helpful in protective eyes by providing enhanced protection to the eyes from blinding and strong rays of light, glares and reflections.

On the other hand, Prescription Sunglasses with mirror coated lenses consist of lenses which have power strength according to the prescription. In such cases, the lens can be single power or multiple power i.e. varifocal lens.  Whether you have nearsightedness or farsightedness, nothing can prevent you from wearing mirror sunglasses as long as you can get the lenses according to your prescription. So whether you need mirror sunglasses with distance power, reading power or both (in case of varifocal glasses), you can easily get as per customisation.

Where can I get affordable and attractive mirror sunglasses?

Your search for mirror sunglasses ends with Specscart that manufactures mirror sunglasses including bespoke prescription sunglasses as well as polarised sunglasses. All you need to do is to search the frame that suits your taste, preference, style as well as facial features and let the Specscart do the rest of the job for you.

Moreover, the sunglasses from Specscart are able to block 99.77% of the UV rays as well as the glares to provide 30% enhanced vision clarity.

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You can select a variety of mirror sunglasses online from Specscart, upload your prescription and get the express dispatch within 24 hours whilst sitting at home.  Apart from that, you can choose the colour of the lenses too.

Check out some of the hottest trending mirror sunglasses from Specscart, that includes designer branded sunglasses from Tom Archer:

1)   Mirrored Cat Eye –

Cat eyes mirror glasses, with pointed angles, set in Acetate material of fram, that can not only grace women’s beauty but also the muscular personality of men.  You get the option to customise lens according to colour, polarised as well as the prescription.

2)    Mirror Metal Frame Sunglasses –

This full rim, acetate and metal frame mirror sunglasses reflects the pattern of Dalmations can make every women envy with its beauty

3)    Rose Gold Mirror Sunglasses –

Pink sunglasses with mirror coated lenses come in rose gold shade of frame made from acetate and metal makes  the wayfarer shape appealing for women.

4)    Mirror Aviator Sunglasses –

The lovely aviator mirror sunglasses are everybody’s delight. This silver frame Aviator with silver mirror look amazing on men or women to give elegant yet cool look