There are different cleaning methods that professional companies use for carpet cleaning. Each of them is particularly different in their techniques, advantages and disadvantages. So, you may find it quite difficult to choose the best one among them. Moreover, it is good to have knowledge of different types of carpet cleaning methods so that you can decide based on their pros and cons.

Mainly, two types of carpet cleaning methods are at the priority level- hot water extraction cleaning and dry cleaning. We Follow this two method on our Carpet Cleaning Companies in Dayton Ohio

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method

Hot water extraction cleaning method is very simple. However, some companies advertise this method naming as Steam cleaning which is misleading. Although some steam is discharged at the final stages the purpose is not the same as an actual steam cleaning method. 

As water is the only thing using in this method, it is suitable for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. HWE exerts very little to zero detergents, and the elements for cleaning in this technique is safe for children, pets and environments as well. HWE offers you refreshing your rug’s pile leaving it stain-free and fresh for a long time compared to other methods. The water-detergent ratio used in this method is steadily in favour of water that no chemical residue can be left behind after each wash.

The second and most popular carpet cleaning method is Dry cleaning or compound cleaning. It is one of the latest technology available in the market and has achieved approvals from leading carpet producing companies. It has won the place of reliability due to its effectiveness and excellent performance. And the best part is that you don’t need drying time in this technique.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

As dry carpet cleaning method was made-up in the 1980s, there are various types of cleaning powders that have been improvised in the market. Compared to other trusted and traditional wet carpet cleaning methods, this is quite new, yet very effective. Through a motorized machine cleaning powder are applied into the bottom part of carpet fibre and results in deep carpet cleaning.

Cleaning compound basically consists of a biodegradable element that acts like micro-sponges, which offers effective absorbance of dirt in the carpet and after the end of the cleaning process you can remove them thoroughly. It is safe for any kind of carpet and recommended for commercial use in offices that require operating every day, as it is necessary to avoid disruption of office work during the carpet cleaning process. 

The main advantage of a dry cleaning method is that it doesn’t need any liquids, so the moisture level doesn’t cross over 10%. And there is zero chance of discolouration to appear. After the process ends there will be no soapy stains left behind and you can walk immediately on the carpet after the service. Different manufacturers of dry carpet cleaning equipment develop their used cleaning powders formula and the design and function of their equipment. Professionals use spongy-looking crushed material to dissolve the stains. This method is best for refreshing carpet that is made of delicate fabrics which are otherwise sensitive to water.