If you like the stories full of thrill, and suspense, then you can find the list of the seven novel mysteries in this post. The stories of this genre can keep the readers engaged, wondering who can be the real culprit. Reading mystery books can evoke your inner detective and make you look for the indigenous traces and clues to uncover the mystery. The best part is when the most complicated mysteries get untangled, and it is the same as what you have predicted. Navigate through this post to find the best novel mystery of all time. Let’s proceed further. 

The Most Popular Novel Mystery List For You To Read

The below-described list of the novel mysteries are some of the most acclaimed novels you must read as a true book lover: 

1: And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie)

The first mystery novel is “And Then There Were None,” written by the legendary writer Agatha Christie. The flawlessly crafted book has a huge fan base and is one of the best-selling mystery books of all time.

The story includes ten people brought together to an empty mansion on an island for several reasons. The unknown host of the party is not present. However, he left instructions for two people to take the responsibilities of cook and housekeeper. As the days pass in accordance with the lyrics of a nursery rhyme, each invitee is made to face the music one by one and hold the consequences of their dark pasts in the form of death. 

2: The Big Sleep (Raymond Chandler)

The Big Sleep is a popular novel mystery from Raymond Chandler. To create mystery, he uses the atmosphere and characters. The Big Sheep is also an extraordinary creation of Raymond. In this story, private detective Philip Marlowe gets hired to dig out the blackmailing of Carmen Sternwood, who is the second daughter of a rich general. The further he develops into the case, the more perplexing the story turns. Additionally, Carmen continues to get blackmailing threats. 


Raymond’s work is complicated, yet it keeps the users engaged in the story. The characters in this novel mystery are multi-faceted, and his vocabulary is rich with premonitions of this family’s tragedy about to fall. Although the signs he is dropping are not really there to help you figure out “who did it,” it will undoubtedly give you a foreboding sense that makes it difficult to put down the book.

3: Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn)

American writer Gillian Flynn is behind the breathtaking novel mystery. The sudden disappearance of devoted wife Amy throws Nick Dunne into a hailstorm of doubt, with everyone learning from her parents to his neighbors to the investigators to conclude that he is somehow responsible. Nick himself became conscious of how his wife saw him and how little he knew about her as her stories come from friends he has never heard of before. It is a must-read mystery novel if you want to read the unpredictable minds of these kinds of authors.

4: The Postman Always Rings Twice (James M. Cain)

The Postman Always Rings Twice, the most celebrated crime book of the 20th century, and it’s not difficult to see why. Quick, racy, and full of surprises; there is no time left for you to catch your breath. The language used by Cain was, in fact, so unprecedentedly explicit that the book was banned for a while in Boston.

The plot follows Frank Chambers and his roadside meeting with Cora Papadakis, the owner of the diner. Frank starts working for Cora and her husband and then falls in love with her. As Frank and Cora plan to sinisterly scheme to break up her marriage, Frank’s spontaneity gets the best of him. They think that the success of their plan will allow them to live happily ever after in each other’s company.

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5: In Cold Blood (Truman Capote)

Regardless of the fact that the story is based on a true incident that has already been solved, the novel mystery will not fail to surprise you. The best-selling mystery novel can offer you some breathtaking moments. 

Capote is following the investigation of a quadruple murder in Kansas and also interviewing himself a bit before the murderers are revealed. This book is loaded with exciting twists and turns hard to anticipate. If you love this genre, then it can be a roller coaster ride for you to explore the twists.

6: Woman in White (Wilkie Collins)

This late Victorian novel by Wilkie Collins is one of the earliest psychological thrillers ever published. It follows what seems to be a simple tale of two star-crossed lovers who were not meant to be together. Their names were Walter Hartright and Laura Fairlie. Laura was engaged to Sir Percival Glyde, and yet she was mysteriously warned that the marriage would not continue. In the meantime, the city is engulfed by the tale of a mysterious woman, dressed in white, wandering a dark lane.

As the title suggests, the secret to the mystery that will enshroud these characters is this final character. The Woman in White is as spine-chilling horror as it is a mystery book set in dimly-lit streets. That’s exactly why the clarity you get when the riddle is solved is so overwhelmingly satisfying.

7: Anatomy of a Murder (Robert Traver)

A Supreme Court Justice under the pseudonym Robert Traver is behind this classic mystery novel Anatomy of a Murder. The storyline revolves around the lawyer Paul Biegler and his defense of a murder accused Frederick Manion. 

While the case is strongly against Manion, his unreliable conduct leaves space for conviction challenges. That’s where Biegler and his seemingly laid-back attitude come into the picture. This exciting drama in the courtroom will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will be wondering how an unlikely argument can be argued by this lawyer.

Final Words!!

If you love reading mystery novels and think that there is a detective within you, then you can read these thrilling novels and try to solve the case before knowing the end. The novels listed in this post hold the best novel mystery storylines. If you are craving for more posts from us, then pay a visit to our blog section.