Celebrating your parent’s marriage anniversary with utmost joy and making them feel overwhelmed with surprises are your moral duties. And you must make every effort required to do the same. Organize a grand party or arrange for something special at your home or any other kind of celebration that you like. Don’t forget to surprise them with amazing and lovely gifts. Here, we have shared some ideas that you can choose to buy gifts for your parents

Love Forever Wall Clock

You can gift your parents a wall clock customized with their picture on the dial and hearts in the palace of the numbers. Gifting a personalized clock is just to define that they have spent thousands and lakhs of hours together in love. The clock also has LOVE FOREVER written on the dial.

Rotating Table Photo Lamp

Your parents have been the pillar of support for each other throughout life, and they have dealt with dark times together. So, on their marriage anniversary, gift them a personalised rotating photo lamp that defines how they can shine in darker phases with the support of each other.

Lavender Glass Candle Set

A set of lavender-flavoured glass candles is something that may not sound to you as a perfect anniversary gift for your parents, but it is. Anniversary is all about the couple and their relationship. So, as your parents lit up the candles in their bedroom, the fragrance and dim light can ignite the romantic part of their lovely relationship.

Lovely Couple Caricature

We are in 2020 and digitalisation is the future. So, instead of presenting your parents a tangible gift, surprise them on their marriage anniversary with digital Lovely Couple Caricature. A design of a couple roaming around the Eiffel Tower on a scooter is perfect. You can send the caricature directly on their emails or WhatsApp or can surprise them by displaying it on the wall through a projector.

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Anniversary Wall Plaque

A basic anniversary wall plaque design includes a carved out word ‘Anniversary’ and some attached spaces to fill with the pictures. So what kind of design you want to buy depends on your budget and choice. Your parents can hang this wall plaque in their bedroom wall or the door. 

Lovey-Dovey Mug Set

Get a set of two coffee mugs printed with their pictures and some design that talks about love. You can make a design yourself and get it printed on the mugs from your nearest gift shop, or you can opt to buy a pre-designed anniversary mug set from an online gifting portal. Your parents will surely love this gift, and they will have their evening coffee in the mugs gifted by you.  

Mr & Mrs Tile

This one something unique and you may have never received or gifted it, someone. Using the tiles that we use for flooring purposes in our homes, you can create very lovely gifts for your parents to surprise them on their marriage anniversary. Get the tile customised with a lovely picture of your parents and place it on a stand so that it can be used as tabletop decorative.

Family Tree Wooden Frame

You may have heard about the term’ family tree’ in movies or television shows. A wooden frame on which a tree is carved, and it has places to customise with pictures of family members like the fruits hanging on the tree is what we think that surely makes a quintessential gift to make your smile wide on their marriage anniversary. 

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You can’t let your parents’ anniversary pass without making it memorable by having a cake cutting ceremony. So, order a delicious and eye-catchy happy marriage anniversary cake from a renowned bakery and enjoy it with your parents on the anniversary eve. Let their anniversary be special with the sweetness of love. 

Basket Of Snacks

As they are one as a couple, we will recommend you to go with only one basket. Get the basket filled with your parents’ favourite snacks and wrap it with a glossy paper. You can also add some newly launched snacks or the snacks that you want them to try. Flabbergast them on their special day with treatful gifts for your parents

So, which one would you like to choose for your parents?