Cherokee Infinity scrubs are popular for catering to the diverse needs of all types of individuals. As a well-recognized brand, Cherokee offers a wide range of products. The infinity scrubs from Cherokee are known for their comfort and durability. The available options include jogger, drawstring, and elastic waist style. Besides, there is a wide range of comfortable products you can choose from. Above all, a few styles are also available in antimicrobial material for the utmost protection against germs. Besides, the material keeps the scrub clean and smells fresh. To learn more about the Cherokee infinity scrubs and their maintenance tips, read this post until the end. 

 Cherokee: An Overview

 Cherokee Inc. or Apex Global Brand is a renowned apparel and footwear company. Its headquarters is located in Sherman Oaks, California. The company rolled out in 1973, and now it is selling its products in 110 countries. It offers a number of lifestyle brands to the customers. Cherokee infinity scrub is one of the main offerings for people working in the health sector. 

 What Are Scrubs? 

Not aware of the term? Scrubs are the sanitary clothes that healthcare professionals, such as nurses, surgeons, and physicians, wear. Besides, other staff engaged in taking care of the patients may also wear this sanitary uniform. It is very popular at workplaces where the workers are at a higher risk of being exposed to infectious agents. 

 How To Wash Scrubs Effectively? 

 Now that you know about the Cherokee infinity scrubs let’s see the procedure of cleaning these sanitary clothing. Cleaning the sanitary scrubs is important for all healthcare professionals. During working hours, it can protect the wearers from bacterial infections and bad odors. This is why it is important to clean them thoroughly after removing them. Besides, proper cleaning and maintenance increase the lifecycle of these scrubs and save your money. 

 Important Considerations Before You Clean Them Up

 Before you clean your scrubs, you need to check their material. Depending upon the material type, you need to work on it differently. Below are the cleaning procedures for the Cherokee infinity scrubs made of different materials?

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 How to Wash 100% Cotton Scrubs

 If your scrub is made of 100% cotton material, then you may face shrinking or dye bleeding issues with the same. For the best cleaning, you need to consider the below-given points: 

  • Before you start cleaning, turn the cloth inside out. It can prevent the outer layer from piling with other fabrics in the machine.
  • Using warm water on the cotton scrubs can damage the color of the cloth and can cause dye bleeding. To avoid the chance of bleeding, use only cold water on the cotton scrubs. 
  • When drying out the cloth, use a low temperature. A higher temperature of the dryer can shrink the cotton cloth. Alternatively, you can hang them out in the sunlight for drying. 

How to Clean Polyester-Cotton Blend Scrubs?

If you use polyester-cotton mixed scrubs, then you need to know that they are highly wearing and tear-resistant. However, you need to follow the below-given cautions when washing them: 

  • Protecting the outer layer is crucial for the cotton fabrics; the same goes with the polyester blended cotton scrub as well. It keeps the cloth soft and shining. 
  • Unlike cotton scrubs, you need to use warm water for it. Warm water is more effective in removing the stains. However, if the cloth has a protein-based stain, such as urine, blood, or vomit, you should avoid the hot water. 
  • You should keep the heat medium when using the dryer on the scrub. High heat can cause shrinking to the uniform. Air drying is the best way to prevent any disruption to the cloth. 

How to Eliminate Stains from Scrubs?

Scrubs get stains, no matter how careful you are. However, cleaning these stains ensures good hygiene and keeps the uniform shining. To clean a different stain, you need to have a different approach. Below are different tips for cleaning different stains: 

Ink Stain

The stain of the ink contains grease and dye. If you get the stains of the ink on your scrub, you need to act fast in order to get rid of it. If there is excessive ink on the uniform, you can scratch it out in the first place, as much as you can. After that, apply the alcohol or hand sanitizer to the stain. Wait for the stain to get diluted, and then wash it carefully. 

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Getting a bloodstain is not uncommon for a healthcare worker. However, as we discussed above, it is not wise to apply warm water on the protein-based stain. This is why you need to pour the uniform in the normal water to weaken the stain. Once the stain is diluted, use a powerful detergent and soak it for 10-15 minutes before draining the bloodstain out.


The stain of deodorant is a mix of sweat and slats. To get rid of this stain is the use baking soda. You can make a paste of the baking soda with water in the proportion of 3:1. After that, apply the paste gently on the stain using a toothbrush. If the stain is on a white scrub, then you can use a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide in an equal ratio. This solution has a strong bleaching ability, and pouring the stain into it can help you in getting rid of stubborn stains.


If your Cherokee infinity scrub gets a dye-stain, then you can use a combination of the cold water with oxygen-based bleach. Soak the stain for up to 8 hours and after that, remove the uniform to wash it. The oxygen-based bleach is absolutely safe for the outer layer of the scrub.


Again, these two stains are protein-based, and we have learned that hot water should be avoided with a protein-based stain. In the first place, you need to remove the extra layer of the food stain using a spoon. You need to be very careful when rubbing the uniform to avoid any wear marks. Proceeding further, you can apply a powerful detergent to the stain and rinse it with cold water.

Final Words

The procedures described in this post can help you to get rid of the stubborn stains from your Cherokee infinity scrubs. Before you dry the scrubs, you need to make sure that the stains are properly removed. If not, the dryer will set the stain permanent. Sometimes, you may not be able to see the stains when the uniform is wet. It is better to let them air-dry and then use the dryer machine on them. If you like this post, find more from our blog section.