Security doors not just protect you from outside intruders and insects but these tough doors give you peace of mind as well. These doors also help resist the forces of severe weather and storms. There are different types of security doors. They vary based on factors such as size, shape, and the materials used in their construction. Security doors have steel or aluminum materials and these doors have special locks which are also installed by professional locksmiths in Anchorage AK.

If we talk about the features of security doors, these doors must have durable binding methods. Hinges and locks must be sturdy for durability. Security doors made of steel require good care and maintenance.If you want to know about different types of security doors, here is a comprehensive list to go:

  1. Sliding Security Doors

It’s about choosing doors that are relevant and safe. Sliding doors are possibly one of the safest and the best options to consider. The reasons for this include that you need to consider not only the decorative value of the house but also the safety that goes with it. There are different types of sliding doors available on the market, and they can be sourced in a variety of materials such as wood, steel, PVC, and aluminum, and can be customized with bolts and hinges to bring the best security and functionality to your home.

Sliding doors, usually made of glass or other translucent material, resemble screen doors but differ in that they generally do not provide spaces for people in the home to enjoy the wind or scents from outside. They are safer than screen doors but are still not recommended for safety reasons. The other possible concern associated with sliding doors is that their translucency can occasionally entice young children (or less observant adults) and animals to think that they are exiting (and that there is no door there) and, as these doors are often made of glass, the results can be painful.

  1. Double security doors

If you have a double entry door, sliding glass doors or French doors, what you need are double security doors. Standard double security doors are similar to single security doors except there are 2, 1 front door, and another door that can be left closed or open. And like simple security doors, double doors come in a wide variety of styles and designs, from the simple vertical bar type to the more elaborate floral and medallion designs that look great in Spanish and Spanish style homes. other southwestern style homes you can find.

  1. Aluminium Security Doors

It is sad and frightening to know that the burglary rates continue to increase every year. According to the statistics from the Australian Institute of Criminology, the highest recorded burglary rates last year were in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. To protect our loved ones and our home, we have to consider various methods of improving our security. One of the ways we can do this is by installing

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Reliable Protection against Burglaries

Of course, one of the main advantages of installing aluminum security doors is the protection they provide. Aluminum is a lightweight yet highly durable material. It can withstand significant amounts of force. This also means that you have protection against standard burglary attempts.

Aluminum security doors that have passed anti-jam, knife shear, and impact tests. Moreover, they feature deeper welds that offer protection against pre-emptive and targeted attacks. Typically, the weakest points of an aluminum door are the parts where the mesh meets the frame. A thief equipped with this knowledge can easily damage the door, making minimal sounds. On the other hand, our aluminum security doors have deeper welds, preventing burglars from making significant damage.

Durable and Built to Last

Aluminum security doors are probably one of the most durable security products today. What’s great about their material is their anti-corrosive quality. Aluminum is so resistant to rusting that it is widely used in the marine industry. When you opt for an aluminum security door, you can have a product that won’t easily wear over time. If you live near the coast, rusting can be a serious threat to your security door. You do not see it in plain sight, but salt particles can be carried by the wind or through the atmospheric humidity. The terrible thing about rust is that it happens rapidly yet discreetly. You will only start to notice it when the damage is already big.

  1. The Laser Security gates

Laser-cut steel security doors bring another level of customization to your doors that normal single and double doors cannot. Laser cutting is a great technology that allows door manufacturers like Steel Advantage to create designs for you that we could never do with conventional metalworking methods. Laser door styles can come from pre-existing templates, as well as templates you design with the steel mills, like us, that make your door. Additionally, you can purchase laser security gates in single and double styles.

  1. Metal security gates

One of the problems with some steel security doors is corrosion, however, many doors now come with steel with an anti-corrosion coating, when painted with a modern paint system which greatly outweighs the problem, there are now some very durable paint systems on the market. which will guarantee the steel metal doors against corrosion for 10 years or more, even in harsh environments, such as near the sea. Modern metal doors are manufactured in factories using the latest computer-controlled machines, which means the doors are a well-designed, precision-made product that will have a long life in the harshest environments.

  1. Mesh Security Doors

Mesh is a special kind of security material that is specifically designed to add security to your doors. It is its high resistance to the heavy impact that most of the commercial business prefer to install mesh security doors outside their offices. It is just not possible to rip off the mesh. No matter how hard a burglar tries, he can not break a mesh security door. If you want to add mesh, you can also ask your door installer to add a removable safety glass panel that you can easily remove when you want fresh air for your home. When looking for a mesh security door, never compromise on the quality. Always look for mesh that is capable of bearing the shock from several collisions.

  1. Stainless Steel Security Doors
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Stainless steel types of security doors come in different colors and sizes. People prefer to install these doors to get the highest level of protection for their loved ones. It is the three-point lock system of steel doors that make these door highly safe. You can also hire professional locksmith services to add an extra layer of security to your stainless steel door. The manufactures design these doors in a way that these doors perfectly suit a hinged or sliding door. You can conveniently ask the manufactures to design a custom door for you that is made of steel mesh.

  1. Small Diamond Grille

This is so far the best security door option for warehouses. If you want to add optimum security to your small warehouse, there is no option better than this. Also known as the original grille doors, these are specifically designed to keep the bugs out. Moreover, you do not have to compromise on the fresh air. It is their affordability that experts call these doors the perfect affordable barrier between you and the outside world. With this added security, you can have complete peace of mind. A diamond grilled door comes with heavy-duty frames and solid corners. When going for a custom option, you can also ask them to install easy side wheels to the door.

  1. Casting Grille Doors

These doors come in a variety of colors and styles. People prefer installing these doors because of the 3 point lock system, and their range of traditional and contemporary designs. By installing these doors, you can get optimum security and privacy as well. The frame is usually made of heavy-duty aluminum. Therefore, it is considered a highly dependable product.

  1. Half View Storm Doors

Burglars are not only the cause of security threat for homeowners, severe weather conditions are too. To prevent homes from the harsh effects of storms, they are designing storm doors. Installing these doors greatly improves the security of your home. If we specifically talk about half view storm doors, these consist of two glass panes on the top. These doors come in a boxed kit with all the installation instructions given on the box.

Concluding Remarks!

These are some types of security doors that homeowners think of installing. Other than protecting from robbers, some of these doors are also fire resistant. Thanks to technology, these days you can also link the door security with your mobile phone. Install a security door now and protect your home from all the external elements.