It is an important task to pick the best tennis shoes for nurses, and there are some strong reasons behind it. Nursing is a noble job, however, demanding at the same time. It demands them to stand for a longer time of the day and keep moving from one place to another. Besides, in case of emergencies, they require fast movement. In this situation, it becomes crucial to take care of their feet. Good quality sneakers can do the needful. How to pick the best tennis shoes for nurses is explained in this handy guide. Let’s take a tour.

How Are Tennis Shoes Different?

Before you proceed further, let’s understand what is different about tennis shoes. They are basically designed for the players to improve their movement and performance on the court. They have a wide and low rubber sole that makes them ideal for swift movement and changing position. Besides, they also provide support to the anklets. So, when it comes to picking a shoe for long-standing jobs, tennis shoes can be the best choice.

best tennis shoes for nurses

Issues Caused Due To Working In Standing Position Too Long

If you are doing a job that demands you to stand all day long on your feet, you are certainly going to face some health issues. These issues are often related to the bones and muscles, and connective tissues. The concerned issues are covered in the below-given list:

1: Sore Feet

If your legs are working continuously for a stretched period of time without having any rest, chances are you will develop sore feet. It is a condition where constant pain can be felt in the feet. There can be several reasons behind this issue, such as standing all day long, exercising, and performing intense leg workouts. People in nursing jobs are especially more prone to this problem. However, the issue can be alleviated or prevented with the help of the right pair.

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2: Swelling Of The Legs

The extended strain on the leg can make them swell. Besides, legs take the whole weight of the body, and if they have to do this for about 8 to 10 hours a day, severe swelling can crop up. Obese people are more prone to leg swelling. Decreased blood circulation is one of the most apparent reasons behind this issue, which fills the legs with fluid. This is why it is crucial to provide the right support to the legs.

3: Muscular Fatigue

Muscular fatigue is a detrimental condition related to the legs that, over time, reduce their ability to function properly. Early exhaustion on performing strenuous activities exercises is one of the most apparent symptoms of this physical ailment. It also hampers the movement of the muscles and makes them weaker. Extended standing hours and lack of proper sleep evoke this problem for healthcare professionals. However, the best tennis shoes for nurses can comfort and alleviate pain and relieve this condition.

4: Lower Back Pain

The long hour of standing causes the shifting of all the body pressure to the lower ends. It can be lower back and feet. There can be several possible reasons behind this issue, but standing long hours makes people prone to chronic back pain. Bestowing legs with required comfort and support, you can reduce it to a great extent, even if it has been exposed to the worst suffering. 

5: Stiffness In The Back

Not only feet, but the nurses are susceptible to develop discomfort and stiffness in the back over time due to the exertion. Stiffness in the back is also one of the many troublesome conditions. If you are not taking proper care, you may face the sting in the near future. It causes the breakdown of the protective cartilage between the joints evoking stiffness and torment.

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Our Top Picks

Now that you are enlightened with the essential shoe selection tips, check these possible choices to consider:

1: New Balance 1865

This comfortable pair can help you keep all your feet ailments at bay and nail your job responsibilities. The comprehensive coverage from front to back makes it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals. It is a job that requires you to be attentive all the time. You may not get the chance to sit for hours. This lightweight alternative is crafted deliberately to act as a healer and prevent leg and foot pain when offering the commitment towards your duty.

2: Nike Women’s Court Lite

If you want a shoe that is high on both comfort and style, Nike footwear can be your ideal choice. They are precisely engineered to take care of your feet and their optimal well-being. It has cozy plush padding on both ends for great comfort. Besides, the mesh fabric design makes it breathable to avoid sweating and heaviness in the feet. Furthermore, it is light as a feather, and you don’t feel as if you have really worn shoes.

Its soft support and cushioning protect your ankles and prevent chronic pain. Also, its traction design offers the maximum grip and prevents the wearers from slipping and causing injury.

3: Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor X

This is a smartly crafted shoe that offers maximum comfort and protection against tears and wear. Every day when your job roles challenge you, it can help you stand strong and work with the utmost efficiency. It is super durable and cost-effective that remains high on performance throughout its life. It has all the quintessential features that a heavy-duty worker may ask for.

There are several good reasons to put this shoe on the list of the best tennis shoes for nurses. Additionally, it comes in captivating designs. Besides, it absorbs and diminishes the maximum blow caused due to hard-floor walking.


Tennis shoes can be armor to your feet and aid them to function well without experiencing fatigue or pain. There are a large number of foot ailments that can be avoided with the right care and support. Getting yourself a comfy pair doesn’t end your job. You need to keep up with the proper cleaning and maintenance schedule for your shoes to reap their benefits.

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