They say the first impression is the last impression, and we couldn’t agree more. Be it any aspect of life, your job interview or date or wedding the statement holds a lot of relevance. When it comes to Indian marriages, everyone expects it to be a super grand affair, from gorgeous decor to delectable culinary to breathtaking clothes and jewelry.

One very important aspect at any wedding, in addition to the appetizing food, is the decoration. Hence it does not come as a surprise when couples hire best wedding planners in Delhi to deck up the wedding venue.

The wedding decor is an admixture of different decoration ideas for the stage, mandap, varmala area, canopies, and the entrance. Though all work together to create a stunning visual, the wedding entrance receives the first impact of the wedding guests. Therefore it goes without any saying that the entrance has to be nothing less than perfect. So to help you out and give some inspiration, we present 4 charming venue entrance decoration ideas.

  • The Gorgeous Drapes: No matter the choice of colors, drapes look evergreen and opulent. If your style is more understated, then color in the shades of cream, white and golden will suit your personality. Otherwise, for daytime wedding functions like mehndi or marriages, color combination in red, yellow, orange, green etc looks very appealing. The sun rays light up the entire atmosphere with bright and cheerful colors. So whatever may be your style, we highly recommend going for drapes design for the venue entrance.
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  • The Starry Pathway: You can turn the wedding entrance into a wonderland by lighting up the entire pathway with nothing but small lights. The glowing effect will resonate a thousand times with the darkness of the night. You can either go with a single color or opt for a colorful mix like the one as shown in the picture.

  • The Floral Aesthetics: For the couples who love the fragrance and natural beauty of flowers. An entrance decked up with their favorite choices is the best way to showcase their personality. You can either go for natural flowers or the artificial flowers as they cost a lot less as compared to the natural ones. Also in the case of natural flowers, we recommend making a decision based on the season as those will be fresher as well as fragrant.

  • The Holy Vibes: Wedding is the most important day in the bride’s as well as the groom’s life. And some like to create a temple-like theme for the entire wedding to add purity in the atmosphere. You can create a gorgeous entrance using bells and diyas as hangings from the ceiling. Not only this, the stage and the mandap area is adorned with larger than life figures of Princess Radha and Lord Krishna.

So these are 4 famous and in-trend wedding entrance decor ideas to wow the guests. But before hiring the event or wedding planner, you need to keep some important pointers in mind which are discussed as follows:

  • Cost: Before looking for the wedding planner, it is recommended to decide the maximum amount of money you can spend on hiring the vendor. This will help to keep the wedding expenses within the pre-decided budget.
  • Experience: Always hire an event company which is experienced in planning decoration for weddings. The reason being, such professionals have an idea about various pitfalls which may occur unexpectedly. Hence they are prepared in advance to face such troubles with solutions in hand.
  • Client Feedback: If possible then you should get in touch with the previous clients a.k.a the couple and their family members to get genuine feedback on the quality of services provided. This will provide you with true insight.

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