“Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with a great carpet, and the rest will fall into place.”

Unarguably, your carpet is the most decorative item in your home. It doesn’t just add a vibrant vibe to the living area but also extensively enhances your décor. Probably that’s what makes people spend their hard-earned money on carpets without giving it a second thought.

Carpets – A Sign of Class

A well-maintained, clean and beautiful carpet reflects your personality. From the texture to the quality of the rug, it says a lot about you. Be it the ancient and lavish British interiors or the essence of modern home décor, rugs have played a significant part in lit up the place and making everything look flawless.

It may interest you to know that the world’s most expensive carpet was sold for 5.5 million dollars in a Sotheby’s auction in Doha, Qatar. The carpet was an Indian creation with precious gems and Basra seed pearls. It is still the most known carpet in interior designing history, referred to as ‘The Pearl Carpet of Baroda.’

Now, this must be enough to give you a fair idea about the carpet mania in the interior designing world for sure.

A hurdle for Elegant Carpets –

Many homeowners consider carpet as the center of attraction of their living space; others consider it a hassle. And that reason is carpet cleaning mistakes. Undoubtedly, carpets do demand care and maintenance, but that isn’t rocket science.

Your elegant carpets see a lot of mess like – dirty footprints, pet’s hair, coffee or tea stains, and what not. Some basic reasons for a carpet ending up in a wreck include –

  1. Zero maintenance for a long time
  2. Pet’s or kids’ habit of frequent urination can end up in stains and poor smell
  3. Food stains
  4. Carpet fur textured ruins due to heavy furniture

These factors arise the need to clean their precious carpets and add more to their home interiors. Therefore, learn to take care of your carpets as you invested hard-earned money on them, so why not keep their worth alive?

So, what’s the hurdle?

Carpet cleaning is a big-time hassle as it requires deep cleaning, which takes hours. Another major challenge is drying a carpet. As it’s some hours of struggle and requires real-time efforts, people find it tiresome to clean carpets that end up in a messy carpet.

The reason can be any – your lethargic moods or a tight schedule, people find it difficult to take care of their rugs and carpets. And here comes the professional service providers. The rising demand for carpet cleaners has risen the value of Carpet steam cleaning Chelsea and other regions of Australia.

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These professionals are highly skilled and trained. They know the right techniques to remove all the accumulated dirt and dust from the carpets while providing reliable services and making sure that they leave your carpet sparkling clean.

The efforts of saving a few dollars –

Although professional carpet cleaning services do not cost must, some people tend to avoid paying it, thus doing carpet cleaning.

And when you have enough time to clean your carpet still don’t get the desired results, then maybe you are not cleaning it properly. Replacement is an expensive option. Hence, you must take care of your carpet to not lose its beauty and appeal.

Go through the following common carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid to save your carpet and make them last longer:

  • Scrubbing Vigorously:

We all know that some carpet stains are very stubborn that they can’t remove easily. But there is a popular misconception among people that if they scrub the stains vigorously, they can remove them. However, it is wrong because rubbing the stain too much will only damage your carpet’s fibers. This is the most common mistake made by everyone because that vigorous scrubbing only pushes the stain deeper into the fibers. Instead of rubbing, you can easily remove the stain by blotting with a white towel.

  • Using Wrong Cleaning Products:

Many people do not care about the stain remover. When they find a stain on their carpet, they bring some random stain remover and start rubbing it. However, the reality is, your carpet fibers are made up of various materials, and each material needs a different type of stain remover. If you pick any random stain removal product for your carpet, it will definitely damage the carpet’s fibers. If you don’t know which stain remover to use on your carpet, then you should consult the carpet manufacturers.

  • Not Cleaning Spills Immediately:

If you have pets and kids at home, then food and liquid spilling on the carpet are normal. If you don’t act quickly, it will soak inside the carpet’s fibers. Many people avoid cleaning the spills immediately, and then it becomes a stubborn stain. These stains are hard to remove and make your carpet dull and dirty. If you don’t want to get into the hassles, then you should make a habit of cleaning all the spills as soon as possible. If your kid is very small, then always be active with a cloth and a stain remover.

  • Avoid Vacuuming Regularly:
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Some people don’t do vacuuming until the germs and dirt are not visible to them on the carpet. It is a huge mistake because there is a lot of dirt and debris which is trapped inside the fibers. Do not wait until the dirt becomes visible. If carpets are not cleaned regularly, it affects them and causes health issues for your family. Your carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week. If you have kids and pets in your home, it is recommended that you must vacuum your carpet every other day.

  • Not Using Area Rugs: 

The whole carpet does not receive the same amount of wear and tear. Certain areas receive more traffic than other parts of the carpet, which causes uneven damage to that area. Most of the homeowners underestimate the idea of using area rugs, and this is the biggest mistake they made. By leaving a high traffic area exposed, you make room for heavy soil accumulation and make your carpet worn out quickly. Therefore it is essential to use runners and rugs in that area to keep them safe. It will help your carpet last much longer.

  • Not Taking Professional Cleaners Help:  

The biggest mistake that most homeowners make is to refuse to take help from professional carpet cleaners. It is a myth that you can do better carpet cleaning than professionals. It is okay to clean your carpet on your own, but it is also necessary to hire professionals once in a while. Regular vacuuming is not sufficient for removing all the accumulated dirt and debris from the fibers. Professional carpet cleaners have the right equipment and tools to clean your carpet properly. A reputed carpet cleaning company also provides steam cleaning. That’s how your carpets receive the best possible deepest cleaning. They will make sure to maintain your carpet’s look and extend its life.

Bottom Line

As the surrounding gets dustier, your carpet begins to collect more dirt and debris hazardous for your and your family’s health. Therefore cleaning and caring for the rug is extremely important to maintain a healthier environment and increase your carpet’s lifespan.

You should not repeat the mistakes mentioned above and prevent your carpet from general wear and tear. It is also essential to hire professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpets once a year. Their latest equipment and techniques will remove the deep-seated stains from the fibers and regain the beauty of your carpet.