Artificial intelligence companies across the globe are investing more into AI technologies. The list includes several big names such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and several others. AI is becoming an inevitable part of our lives. You might also be interacting with Alexa and Siri, which are some of the best examples of artificial intelligence. This emerging technology can reduce your time and efforts in getting a task accomplished. The AI companies have recognized its potential, and this is why some of the top-notch companies of the world are investing their money and resources to enhance AI. This post incorporates the list of the top artificial intelligence companies of 2021. Learn more! 

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List of the Top Artificial Intelligence Companies

Below is the list of the top artificial intelligence companies in 2021: 

 1: Ascent

In the first place, we have Ascent on the list. It is a Chicago-based company that makes compliance management programs for financial organizations. To ensure the efficiency and security of the programs, Ascent uses cloud technology and artificial intelligence. This AI firm rolled out in 2015. The offered cloud solutions of the firm depend upon the machine learning ability, which helps the program to determine the changes in the regulations. Besides, it also adapts to eliminate the fines and keeps eyes on the regulatory disruption in real-time.

2: Cylance

Cylance offers a wide spectrum of cybersecurity products that are based on artificial intelligence technology. Besides, its products also depend on machine learning and algorithmic science. These technologies help the products to determine and eliminate forthcoming security threats. Blackberry acquired Cylance in 2018. The company has collaborated with other private companies and government firms to develop high-end cybersecurity products.

3: Moveworks

Based in Mountain View, California, this artificial intelligence company caters to the IT sector. It provides an AI and deep learning system-based customer service interface to cater to the needs of IT customer support. It is made up of the NLU framework and collective learning capabilities. Additionally, its cloud-based solution is highly acclaimed by small to large-sized organizations in fulfilling the employee needs in no time. Moveworks is known for its ability to reduce the stress of modern IT professionals by AI deployment.

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4: Grammarly

Headquartered in San Francisco, Grammarly is one of the highly accredited tools for an online writer. This AI-enabled tool helps writers across the world to deliver content, which is error-free. It ensures that the grammar, vocab, and spellings are correct in the content. Besides, you can also check if the readability of the content is good or not. Above all, it runs a check for the millions of the web-pages and tells you if the content is plagiarized or not. Due to these features, it comes to the list of the best artificial intelligence companies in 2021.

5: Tempus

Tempus is an Illinois-based company that applies artificial intelligence to serve the industries such as Biotech, Healthcare, and Big data. The AI is deployed to collect and interpret the clinical and medical data in bulk. This data is used to manufacture precision medicines for the unique and diverse requirements of the customers. The interpretation of the data using the AI includes the genetic makeup, medical history of the patient to diagnose and treat the patients. Moreover, the company is currently dedicating its resources to set a yardstick in cancer research.

6: Narrative Science

The next name in the list of the top artificial intelligence companies is Narrative Science. It is a Chicago, Illinois company that mainly provides software and big data to the companies. It uses artificial intelligence to convert data into stories. When businesses can have the most relevant and useful part of the story, they can make well-informed decisions for their betterment in a reduced period of time. Besides, quick data interpretation can also be helpful in enhancing the user experience.

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7: Clarifai

Proceeding further, we have Clarifai in the next place in the list of the best artificial intelligence companies in 2021. It helps businesses and individuals to systematize, segregate, and find their media files. Also, this image recognition platform uses artificial intelligence to depict an object in an image or video.

8: CongnitiveScale

CognitiveScale is

a renowned firm in Austin, Texas that uses AI for the betterment of the healthcare and digital commerce industries. It helps the businesses to acquire more customers and increase the engagement among the potential customers. Furthermore, CognitiveScale uses AI to streamline other processes, such as claims and billing. The list of its customer base includes Exxon, P&G, JP Morgan & Chase, and several other big names.

9: Persado

The next name we have on the list among the top artificial intelligence companies is Persado. It offers adtech and software products to customers. Besides, it markets the marketing language cloud, which deploys the AI to create advertising for targeted customers. Furthermore, it facilitates businesses to acquire more customers and retain a propitious relationship with them.

10: Freenome

Freenome serves the Healthcare and Biotech industries. It is a San Francisco, California company that is utilizing the potential of artificial intelligence technology in the betterment of the healthcare industry. By using AI technology, it conducts effective cancer screenings and related examinations. Besides, it uses non-invasive tests using AI to determine the patterns in the diseases, which is helpful in the detection of early-stage cancer.

11: AIBrain

AIBrain, as the name itself indicates, is one of the best artificial intelligence companies that serve in the machine learning and robotics industries. This California-based company is investing its efforts and resources in developing completely autonomous artificial intelligence. To do so, it is blending the problem-solving skills with memorizing technologies so that it can deal with the issues without human intervention.

Final Words

The given list of artificial intelligence companies is making efforts to set new milestones in the world of AI. Besides, they are harvesting AI technologies to make demanding tasks more comprehensive and least burdensome. If you like this post, then check out more posts related to science and technology by visiting our blog section.