It is easier to earn good money as a writer now than before. Wondering why? Well, it is the digital magic of the World Wide Web. The Internet has become a global marketplace where businesses can connect with diverse clients, recruit employees, hire freelancers, and more. Global connectivity and seamless communication make it possible to search and access a diverse array of jobs from across the globe & different domains. Here are Six Sure-Fire Ways To Earn Money As An Online Writer.

For writers, the Internet offers numerous opportunities to earn substantially. With the advent of digital marketing, the proliferation of Web 2.0, plethora of social media content, product descriptions, how-to instruction manuals, guides, blogs, articles, walkthroughs, etc.—there is simply no shortage of written content online. Furthermore, the widespread proliferation of online education and the advent of academic writing services are a boon for writers looking for a secure source of income by writing online.

Six Sure-Fire Ways To Earn Money As An Online Writer. Even those with the most basic writing skills can earn a decent amount with the right kind of job. You need to find out the perfect job that suits your profile and aligns with both your capabilities & requirements.

The purpose of this article is to explore and shine light upon some of the best & most profitable jobs for online writers. So, let’s look at the different ways an online writer can make some good money.


Online Writing Jobs That Pay Well

  1. Freelance Writing

One of the most well-known online jobs for a writer, the freelancing industry is booming as it teems with several writing jobs with handsome payment.

Online freelance writing is a favourite amongst many, from new writers looking to become renowned freelancer to people looking to earn a quick buck. Numerous websites act as online bidding platforms for freelance writers, who get to bid on various writing jobs as per their profile. Start-ups, MSMEs, mega-corporations – companies of all shapes and sizes offer different kinds of writing assignments on a contractual basis.  The bidding platforms act as the bridge between the business & the freelancer and show verified profiles for both business & contractors.

Here are some of the most prominent freelancing hubs for online writers.

  • Upwork: The most popular freelancing platforms today, Upwork offers an array of opportunities for online writers looking to make some money. The biggest names across different industries, GE, Microsoft, Airbnb, etc., look for freelancing contractors on this platform.
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Payments are usually calculated on an hourly basis but differ from company to company. Writers can earn anything from $50 per hour to more than $1000 based on the difficulty & requirements of the work.

  • WriterBay: Another popular freelancing platform, online writers get to work on academic papers, assignments and the like. The money is quite nice, and payments occur through secure transaction gateways.

From marketing & technical writing jobs to math assignment writing help, you will be spoilt for options on freelancing platforms such as the ones above.

  1. Web Content Writing

Blogs, guest articles, & promotional content for websites are potent avenues of digital marketing. Every companyutilizes one or the other to market itself & make its online presence felt. And, most pay pretty substantially for quality content writing.

Online freelancing platforms like Upwork and WriterBay are the place to look for prominent content writing jobs. Other than the above, Post Per Hour, Fiverr, &Freelancer. are some other excellent places where you can set up your profile and look for online content writing jobs.

Know your skills & capabilities, set up your profile accordingly, do some research and bid for the perfect job that rakes in the big bucks & boosts your reputation.

  1. Personal Blogging

Start writing your private blog and earn money through the traffic it attracts. Sounds impressive, right? Well, blogging is an easy way to make quick bucks once you know how to attract & engage a decent-sized audience. Cost Per Click Ads, Private Ad Selling, &Affiliate Marketing are ways any blogger with a dedicated audience and regular traffic can earn sure-fire cash.

Once your blog starts attracting decent traffic, publish ads on your blog;

  • use CPC ads to earn every time a visitor clicks on an ad,
  • make a fixed amount by showcasing sponsored ads or,
  • become an affiliate marketer for Amazon Associates, ShareASale,Awin, etc.
  1. Become a Guest Writer

Many websites, such as BuzzFeed, Copyhackers, ClearVoice, etc., ask writers to mail their pitches and work samples and hires them without any bidding or things like that. These websites pay fixed amounts, ranging from $50-$400 for every post and are not long-term or contract-based. You are a guest blogger, and the amount you receive depends solely on your work sample’s quality.

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Click here for a list of some of the most popular websites that pay their online guest blogger more than $50.

  1. Write and Win Competitions

Do some thorough search, and you are guaranteed to come across several online writing competitions, which pay generously. For example, Writing Magazine arranges yearly writing competitions that boast of total prize money of more than half a million pounds. Write an engaging piece, an inspirational real-life account, an interesting short story or poignant poetry, and you could win upwards of 700 UK pounds if you are successful.

Several other organizations and websites arrange similar writing competitions. Please take part in them and craft quality content that guarantees success. Polish your writing skills and send in your best work for the best results.

  1. Offer Online Tuition or Do Niche Journalism

This is an excellent option for the more academically inclined mind out there. If you have what it takes, then online tutoring classes can be a superb source of income. The process is somewhat similar to bidding for freelance writing jobs online, and you need to showcase some samples of your work to the client through a well-designed profile.

You can write essays, assignments, and assessments for students and offer tutorials to up & coming writers for a decent amount of money. is an excellent place for online writers to get started as a tutor. Apart from it, reputed freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc., are the places to look for proper online tutoring jobs.

Niche journalism involves writing technical & personalized articles, columns & pieces for newspapers, magazines & other kinds of periodicals. While not a secure way of earning money, interested online writers can take it up as a hobby and make some decent bucks on the side. Take a look at this list to learn about the publications that pay more than $500 for freelance journalism content.

And, with that, we round up this article! Hope it was informative enough and allowed readers & potential online writers to learn about the myriad & prominent ways to earn money through the Web. Six Sure-Fire Ways To Earn Money As An Online Writer.

All the best!