An explainer video has gained a lot of traction over the past years. This marketing tactic is common to use in every marketing stage of a campaign. In fact, more companies are shifting into this marketing Video Companies in 2021 to elevate their business better.

What makes an explainer video popular is its ability to bring in complex data into bite-sized information easily. The use of compelling narration and intriguing voice-over helps viewers understand the message without feeling bored.

Crafting a great explainer video isn’t an easy task. Companies and vendors need to do in-depth research before producing one. Sometimes, some explainer video companies don’t match your style and budget. As a result, you’ll be wasting time looking for the best video production to get your words out.

Don’t worry. In this article, we have compiled seven explainer Video Companies in 2021.

1. Breadnbeyond

This award-winning video company aims to understand every business’s objectives with a unique approach. Andre and his team’s vision is to create a deliverable video that connects with the audience. They have produced over 2,500 explainer videos for more than 800+ companies, making this company one of the industry’s best options. They have a remarkable service with a guarantee of 25-day finished video or less. Other notable clients include Glassdoor, Paypal, and BNP Paribas.

Price: $2000+

Establish Year: 2009

Founder: Andre Oentoro

Clients: Accenture, Wiley, The World Bank, Paktor

2. Skeleton Production

This UK-based video production company helps businesses and brands achieve their goals with well-crafted explainer videos. Skeleton production helps clients with its three major video objectives: strategy, production, and marketing. They also provide a wide range of services, including content planning, campaign planning, animation, video advertising, and many more.

Price: $10,000+

Establish Year: 2005

Founder: Jonathan English

Clients: Amazon, Samsung, Unilever, Natwest

3. IdeaRocket Animation

Many of the world’s famous brands have chosen IdeaRocket for their marketing video requirements. The reason is that this video production company offers several video styles that meet every business’ needs—ranging from 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, and whiteboard. IdeaRocket is headquartered in New York with some other offices located in Buenos Aires and London.

Price: $5,000+

Establish Year: 2006

Founder: William Gadea

Clients: Deloitte, Citi, MetLife, Electronic Arts

4. Wyzowl

Wyzowl is one of the world’s top animated explainer video companies. This company has crafted over 3000+ videos for more than 1500+ companies in 40+ countries. It has worked in various industries from Amazon to Allianz, with its large teams. The team focuses on creating video types such as animated videos, demo videos, interactive videos, animated graphics, etc.

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Price: $5,000+

Establish Year: 2011

Founder: Matt Byrom

Clients: Capital One, Kodak, Dell, Oracle

5. Thinkmojo

Yann Lhomme and his team have created fantastic videos for the user experience and businesses by bringing in more leads and converting viewers into customers. Basically, they help brands and businesses tell engaging stories through videos. Unlike other video production companies on the list, Thinkmojo offers a video showcase platform called Spectacle to help enterprises feature their products online.

Price: $5,000+

Establish Year: 2011

Founder: Yann Lhomme

Clients: Square, Google, Twitter, Slack

6. Ydraw

Ydraw aims to help companies of all different sizes with their fast turnover in just five weeks. They provide a broad range of demo videos from a whiteboard, blackboard, animation videos, and their trademark Yswipe videos. This US-based company has helped more than 3450 enterprises convey their message, craft their video, and deliver their story in such an engaging way.

Price: $7,000+

Establish Year: 2011

Founder: Jace Vernon, Curtis Pace

Clients: Verizon, Disney, Amazon, Deloitte

7. Epipheo

Epipheo is a digital video production company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. This company has produced more than 5000+ videos for 2000+ clients worldwide, and the team has worked with popular names such as Big Data to Social Justice to deliver their message. Epipheo has a pretty quick turnover rate within 6-8 weeks, making it feasible for every company that needs immediate results.

Price: $10,000+

Establish Year: 2009

Founder: Ben Crawford, Jeremy Pryor

Clients: Epson, P&G, Dupont, USBank

8. Studio B Film

Studio B Film is San Francisco’s video production company with over 20 years of experience. They craft engaging stories to connect with the desired audience. The teams offer a diverse video production type from a web commercial, explainer video, event sizzle video, testimonial, corporate videos, and live event. Studio B Film helps enterprises cultivate an emotional connection with their customers through remarkable storytelling.

Price: $10,000+

Establish Year: 1992

Founder: David Collier

Clients: Adobe, Grammarly, Facebook, LendingClub

9. Rocketwheel

Rocketwheel is another explainer video company to line up that provides a wide range of services, including 3D animation, live-action explainers, typography, motion graphic, etc. They have worked for a diverse industry from B2B, B2C, learning, SaaS, learning, healthcare, and many more. This video production company aims to support enterprises acquire customers through wonderful explainer videos.

Price: $10,000+

Establish Year: 2007

Founder: John Hayes

Clients: IBM, Intel, Dell, Amazon

10. Motion Cue

This New York-based production Video Companies in 2021 has created award-winning explainer videos that turn viewers into customers. Osama and his team help businesses educate their audience and guide them through every step of the marketing funnel. Brands can expect guidance on creating explainer videos with the expert. Motion Cue will guide businesses to select the tone, style, strategy, and even video distribution that are in their objective.

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Price: $5,000+

Establish Year: 2010

Founder: Osama Khabab

Clients: Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Samsung, Upwork

11. Yum Yum Videos

Victor, the founder, aims to look for partners instead of clients. He acknowledges this strategy to help small startups to Fortune500 companies deliver their words out. Understanding the audience’s needs is this company’s first intention before crafting the video. This in-depth research and video completion only take about six weeks to finish.

Price: $6,000+

Establish Year: 2010

Founder: Victor Blasco

Clients: Walmart, Vodafone, Heinz, DocuSign

12. Digital Brew

This Emmy award-winning animated explainer video company has a big passion for creating a connection between brands and customers through videos. Others obtained awards, including eight times Tally award and two time Davey award winner. Unlike the others, Digital Brew offers a broader service such as video production, web design & development, PPC & SEO, and many more.

Price: $5,000+

Establish Year: 2011

Founder: Michael Cardwell

Clients: the US Dog Registry, Constellation, Jetson, Advent Health

13. Stormy Studio

This UK-based animation video company provides 2D and 3D animated business video, motion graphics, films, and other video marketing. Stormy Studio won the Platinum Winner in the 2020 AVA Digital awards. They offer services from in-house video production to business animation tools (Plymouth) that they develop in the same year they receive the award.

Price: $5,000+

Establish Year: 2013

Founder: Jon Draper

Clients: Marriott, BBC, HP, Intertek

14. Webdew

Webdew is one of the top explainer video production companies that guarantees brands with stunning storytelling. The company receives over 1000+ positive reviews and has been included in Hubspot, Clutch, and Upwork as credible video companies to choose.

Price: $5,000+

Establish Year: 2016

Founder: Danish Wadhwa

Clients: Uber, T Mobile, Hubspot

15. Explainly

Explainly is another San Fransisco animated video company that specialized in the explainer video. They offer various explainer video styles, including 2D and 3D animation, whiteboard, mixed media, and infographics. Explainly helps a wide range of video purposes from commercials, sales, corporate, and event videos.

Price: $5,000+

Establish Year: 2018

Founder: Alex Hagan

Clients: Avast, John Hopkins School of Medicine, AARP, Hubspot


Explainer videos are one of the best options to go when you need tools to generate conversion in such a short time. With their astounding elements, explainer videos can help businesses convey the message concisely. Viewers will find it easy to digest the promotional information when a brand decides to use this marketing strategy.

However, if you’re on a tight deadline looking for the best explainer Video Companies in 2021 for your business, you can consider those professional explainer video productions above. You can save a lot of time choosing the perfect video production studio that matches your style and budget.