Baker’s racks aren’t just for bakers anymore. In fact, this piece of furniture is so versatile, it’s not just for kitchens anymore either. They’re great options for small spaces and rooms with limited built-in storage. The open shelving allows you to display dinnerware or decorative items, depending on how you choose to use it. 

They come in an assortment of styles and types allowing storage for plates, cups, small appliances, and more. Before you purchase one, ask yourself how you plan to use it in the home. What are the items that need storage or more surface space to display?  This will determine which features you want your rack to have.

Hooks are great for hanging mugs or dish towels. Serving utensils and saucepans can also be stored on the hooks. Do you enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, but not enough to purchase a full bar? Then try a baker’s rack. Many have wine glass holders, and the shelves are just enough to hold a couple of bottles of wine. Others also come with a wine rack built-in if you plan to keep several bottles on hand when entertaining. 

You can save kitchen counter space by storing small appliances like microwaves or air fryers on the rack Many come with dedicated microwave shelves so you know it’s a sturdy piece. The best bakers racks online can also be used to free up cabinet space and keep spices you use regularly handy. Cooking oils and sauces also can find a home on the baker’s rack.

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Your kid’s favorite cereal and snacks can be kept within arm’s reach as well. The multifunctional piece will make life easier. Purchase one with a butcher block if you need more counter space for preparing meals. Baker’s racks make the perfect kitchen companion. 

They’re wonderful additions to dining room areas too. You can adorn it with plants, beautifully framed family photos, or mementos from your most memorable trips. A corner baker’s rack will spruce up any room when decorated correctly.

Need extra storage space in your home office? Then add baskets to the shelves of the baker’s rack and you’ll have a place to store files, notebooks, and other items you need nearby. 

They work in children’s rooms also by providing a place for their toys, or tools for arts and crafts. Crayons, markers, construction paper, glue, and more can be kept in drawers or baskets. Place one in the living room and keep your magazines and other reading materials neatly tucked away. 

Make sure to purchase one that blends well with the other furniture in the room. With such a huge variety of colors and styles available, it won’t’ be difficult to find one that meets all your functional and design needs. The openness of the piece ensures it won’t be overbearing in the space, but provide just the right amount of surface space and shelving to be useful.

So visit 1StopBedrooms today and choose a baker’s rack that’s just right for your home.