Suppose you are in a position where you don’t know how to calculate effective interest rates, but your entire problem depends on it. The issue is, despite necessity, you did not receive the classes where these things are taught, as the Covid 19 has viciously disrupted your college life and pushed all your education inside your computer desk.  As a new Strategies during Covid 19 , you need to adopt strategies entirely different from your previous experiences. This blog puts across ten Strategies during Covid 19 you must implement to embrace online learning methods. 

  • Make sure you have digital equity- Strategies during Covid 19 

As the academic world went online, the biggest challenge became digital equity. Every student must have a robust device and uninterrupted online access to complete the entire procedures of a class. But some students may get into deep trouble because of these basic requirements. 

It is reported that, like students, parents need online access for their work too. However, this may create jumbles between students and parents over the working hour as all family members cannot possess a separate digital device. 

Hence the first strategy would be to secure your space during your study hours. 

  • Make a habit of online antics

Those who exposed themselves to online studies are ahead of the rest already. In such a situation, you must make a habit of knowing the details of your systems and keep a knack for learning something new now and then. 

You must know how to fix a sudden interruption in your system. If you cannot find anyone as your teacher in this regard, you can take help from free online tutorials and videos. 

Like students, teachers should also practice online daily habituation. 

  • Teach your parents technical knowhow 

Like students, their parents should equally gather knowledge about the latest online developments. Students themselves should educate their parents on the specifics of the applications where they receive teachings. 

It is best to prepare an FAQ for students, teachers, and parents on adopting methods. The schools and colleges must also text through community groups to make the best out of existing services they have. 

  • Plan your strategy with time 

As the lockdown was imposed suddenly, you could not strategize with a bare minimum time. Therefore, after the initial rush with response mechanism and whereabouts, you should take a separate time to make an online strategy. 

The problem with online education is its constant changes. You don’t know whether the interaction apps got crashed and are preparing for an update or not. 

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Take assistance from your teachers and fellow students to make community strategies in this regard. 

  • Make a daily schedule

As you already know, your computer may not remain in your possession throughout the day. 

Let’s assume a situation where your father has to work from home where the office starts at 10 am. Well, your class is still on, and you don’t know how to strike a balance between the clashing schedules. 

In such a case, keep a tab or smartphone separate and tell your friends not to call or text you within that period. 

Sometimes your computer can stop functioning, or the electricity may go off. Well, that time is not to waste entirely. You can learn to do ACS Citation at the end of your project submission when nobody is ready to teach you in your class. 

Hence, whatever be the situation, a tight schedule will help you get accustomed to the problem while building your trust in the online mode and yourself. 

  • Distribute powerful learning 

It is expected that your teacher will upload regular sheets and targets for you if you face a sudden closure. But what if you encounter an extensive closure where your required tasks are not outlined? Well, you might head-on for a situation where your suffering will only increase. 

Well, here are some tips regarding your lonely study times where all your outside accesses are restricted. 

  • Learn a piece with smaller chapters. If a single chapter is too long, try to break it down into even more sequences. 
  • Don’t doubt the expected outcome from online activities
  • Receive feedback from online knowledge systems. Also, give feedback immediately after availing of an online response. 
  • Try to make human connections online by including online meetings, live chats, and video conferencing. 
  • Construct independent learning techniques 

Your parents will not teach you the basics of learning skills. They are overwhelmed with their work already. You will become your teacher for the next study session. 

The schools and online learning centers must open a separate support system for parents only regarding how they can extend support to their child and the guiding techniques they must adopt. 

When students went to school physically, the parents divided their timeline and limited time to assist their children. However, things have changed now. 

As the entire school time is shifted home, parents don’t know how to manage their time mentoring the child. 

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So, the best way to cope is not to look at your parents’ availability and come up with your learning techniques. 

  • Keep up the emotional strength

Home isolation during Covid times is brutal to keep up with. Every isolated moment may raise concerns for the global crisis. So, allow yourself some healing moments when you would not think about these anxieties. 

Many past experiences showed how family members and communities build networks of cooperation through music, dance, and much more entertainment to divert attention from the grim stories of the virus. 

You can check out websites where people are ready to talk to you while your distress and anxiety are taking over. 

Here are some tips for dealing the emotional toll 

  • Take frequent break 
  • Find a time in a day for some exercise 
  • Maintain the sleep schedule strictly 
  • Log out from social media when studying. Keep distractions at check as far as possible. 
  • Fix daily and weekly objectives 
  • Indulge in social interactions through phone or social media at least for a limited time of the day. 
  • Follow the techniques every day

You have already adopted techniques that are fruitful for your studies. Now all you have to do is to repeat it every day. 

Many useless tools, apps, and software are constantly popping up your window for a subscription. You chose the most useful of them, reading the guidelines carefully and reviewing them from Google and other websites. 

Use different colour fonts and highlights to float important information and details before your screen. 

  • Carry a reserve system with you- Strategies during Covid 19 

The biggest obstacle to an online class is asking questions when the time arises. The teachers and students share the same window screen and software over the same period. 

When video conferencing, go to an isolated place and keep it separate from other familiar sites. 

You must carry an intelligent device all the time if your computer or laptop is taken away by someone to do their task. 

So here are the tips for you to try online learning. Ultimately equip yourself with smartness and integrity to find the perfect balance between your studies and personal life. 

Author’s bio: Samuel Pitcher is a banker and child education specialist. His famous paper includes a calculation of effective interest rates through online software. He writes for as a freelance writer.