If you are looking for the best wall painting designs for living room space, then this is a must-read post for you. The living room is an important space that can be a game-changer for your home décor. Besides, a suitable living room wall painting can affect the level of comfort and joy you feel in your living room. When you get compliments for a ravishingly painted living room, it adds a cherry on the cake. This post enlists some of the best wall painting designs for living room that can make you fall in love with the living area every single day.

Why Is It Important To Choose the Wall Painting Design Carefully?

Choosing the right living room wall painting is the initial phase of decorating it. However, it is not the only factor that can alone define the look for the living room. When you choose a painting design for the walls, it drives the whole procedure of choosing the rugs, furniture, and lightings. These are some important elements that can contribute to the overall look of the living room. There are endless options for wall painting designs. It can make the selection procedure a daunting task. However, to narrow down your search, we have enlisted some of the best wall painting designs for living room that can help you to shape your living paradise.

10 Captivating Living Room Wall Painting Designs

Below is the list of the top 10 wall painting ideas for living room that can certainly bring huge impact: 

1: The Awesome Twosome

A black and white palette can be an eye-capturing wall painting idea to embellish your living room. It is an ever-green wall-painting idea that can create wonders for the look of your living area. In addition to it, the strategic selection of the other key elements in the room can also help in the enhancement of the living area’s look. To complement this look, you can use muted mushroom paint color for the ceiling so that it looks like the mirror image of the neutral area rug. It is a tried and tested color scheme for your living room that you can rely on.

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2: Go Organic

The organically inspired wall painting ideas for the living room have a huge potential to transfigure the entire look of your living room. A page out of Vernich Interiors’ design book can explain it well. You can use airy beige slipcovers for the sofa and armchair. To add a pop of pigment, use moss green accent pillows, and use the same for the tufted ottoman. The lush floral arrangements can help you to sustain the lush green hues in the living area all day long. In the corner area, you can use a thriving fiddle-leaf fig with a woven area rug.

3: The Bold & Breezy Look

The next design explains Ashley Gilbreath’s wall painting designs for the living room. To get this bold and breezy look, you have to use a balanced mix of pale aqua, weather indigo, and glossy turquoise hues. In addition, you can use two woven pendant lights, a honey-toned settee, and an organic coffee table to embellish your living room with this magical bold yet breezy look. They can be the perfect spirited contrast for the sea of blue hues of blue colors used as a primary agent. 

4: Positively Peachy

The next living room wall painting is from Shakoor Interiors that creates a captivating blend of peach grasscloth wallpapers and dramatic marigold, merlot, and sky blue hues. It creates an amazing color palette in the living room that your visitors can’t take their eyes off. The theme offers a rich color story with neat contemporary furnishings. It also includes a collection of organic wood and stone accessories to place strategically to enhance the look of your home décor.

5: Green & Pink Delight

It is one of the most hypnotic wall painting designs for living room that includes blush, hot pink, and celery green accessories to embellish your living area. It can give your living room a fresh look when used along with the edgy abstract paintings and dramatic flush mount chandelier. Besides, you can add a collection of black and bold details distributed thoughtfully throughout the space.

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6: Blue on Blue

The Vernich Interiors’ can define how blue on blue design can transform the neutral contemporary theme of your living room into a captivating living space. It offers an incredibly gorgeous combination of sapphire, cognac, and metallic gold hues. Furthermore, the glided accents look brilliant against the deep jewel tone blue. In addition, an armchair can add a jovial pop of color to this wall painting design. Against the velvet electric blue sofa, the deep blue grasscloth wallpaper can create a charming yet pleasing color contrast.

7: The Warmth of Gold

Breeze Giannasio has a strong faith in this wall painting design for living room, and it is out for you here. The design constitutes a white wall with a smoky gray sofa. In addition, there is a quad of the white armchairs receiving warmth from every direction. The contemporary-rustic living room showcases the honey-toned wood ceiling and hardwood floors supported by a collection of marigold accents and bright yellow blooms. Furthermore, there is contemporary art and bold, black, and brass light falling on the rustic red brick fireplace. It can make your living room interestingly awesome. 

8: Nostalgic Neutrals

The next in the collection of wall painting designs for living room describes the traditional neutrals. The neutral colors make a perfect background for a living room to play along. It gives you the flexibility to use the accessories in muted shades or bright hues to get the desired look. Different shades of brown and tan complemented with the pops of yellow and green can create an interesting yet soothing atmosphere.

9: Deep Hues

Kate Duckworth’s wall painting designs for living room explain the use of the rich and saturated shades very efficiently. It includes deep rust and wine-infused purple for the living area. Besides, the use of white baseboards and light floorings can prevent the living area from looking very dark. Well-thought-out use of decorative accessories can add a feather to the cap. 

10: Classic Gold and White

Last but not least, nothing can beat the classic gold and white wall painting designs for living room. To bring this effect to life, you can paint the living room with white color accompanied by a gold accent. It can create a miraculous visual effect with strategic light-fixture, ottoman, and artwork.

The designs enlisted in this post can give life to your living room and spread positive vibes in the living area atmosphere. You can add up their elementary designs with your own creativity and imagination. However, don’t go out of the stream. If you liked reading this post, then visiting our blog section can help you to find more.