Valentine’s Day will be a grander affair if the decorations for Valentine’s Day celebration will be on point. And almost every one of us loves decorating and that too for Valentine’s Day. You can change your place altogether with different romantic decorations for Valentine’s Day. This decoration will make this day even more memorable and you will get perfect Valentine’s Day photos too. You can deck up your room with wonderful work of art to have the best Valentine’s Day home date.

Thus we have 6 wonderful decoration ideas for home based Valentine’s Day Party given below.

  1. Heart Garlands

Ceiling decoration looks very pretty for any occasion, so for Valentine’s too start with ceiling decoration. You can get burlap flags online and along with them stick paper hearts in-between the flags. It will look so beautiful and romantic. Decking the ceiling up is the first thing for any celebration’s decoration. If you don’t want burlap flags you can find this heart garland online or DIY as it is quite easy. You just need the heart paper cut outs and stick them on the thread and your Heart Garland is ready.

  1. Sentimental Floral Arrangement

If you have gathered for a dinner date or invited your couple friends for a Valentine’s Dinner than first thing for any dining date is decking up the dinner table. Flowers are the best nature’s elements to express your feelings to your loved one and also they are so beautiful so you can easily make the ambience pretty and romantic with the flowers. You can take different red coloured flowers and also keep the theme red for Valentine’s Day dinner. Succulents of heart shape will look so dreamy and unearthly decorated on the dinner table. Send roses bouquet for valentine’s day with I LOVE YOU message to your beloved on this day of love.

  1. Lightened Hearts
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For this you will require fairy lights, with the help of the lights make heart shape and stick it on the walls or windows. You can have dinner in these lights as it would give you feels of Candle light dinner. If possible go only for red fairy lights as red colour is given much importance for Valentine’s Day. Here one thing you have to make sure is place these lights somewhere you can easily plug the lights. This is a wonderful Valentine’s Day decoration idea and it is also very easy and quick to do.

  1. Simple Lettering

Here you can take the help of so many different things like number and alphabet balloons, general-purpose polystyrene to make the alphabets to hang them when you have arranged for the party. If the party is indoors you can hang these letters from the ceiling or you can even stick them on the walls with words like I LOVE YOU, LOVE, and MINE FOREVER etc which can be used as beautiful backdrop for the pictures too. If the party is outdoors you can arrange these letters on a ladder, on trees as it will look pretty and romantic for Valentine’s Day Party.

  1. Lanterns and Crates

These are not the flying lanterns; you have to use the lamp coves that look like lanterns. You can also paint them in Valentine’s Day colours like Red or Pink. Similarly you can also bring the wooden crates to use and paint them with different colours and painting different designs on it like hearts or any love saying. To make it look prettier you can use different decoration stuff like ribbons and bows. You can put them on the corner of the room or at the entrance for Valentine’s Day Party. Find gifts ideas for valentine’s day online and surprise your beloved with romantic gifts.

  1. Pastel Drapery
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Pastels are so in trend these days and they look so pretty and beautiful. You can decorate the place or the room with red and pink pastels and celebrate the Valentine’s Day in sheer panels of these Pastel Drapes. Along with them you can decorate the room with flowers or wreaths and add to its beauty. This decoration will look so lovely and romantic for Valentine’s Day Party. This is a perfect modern day Valentine’s Day decoration. You can also assign one wall for photo booth and decorate it with red heart shaped balloons and red roses to click pictures.

These Home Decoration Ideas for Valentine’s Day Party will be make the party even more glam and glitz affair than you would spend it somewhere outdoors.