Joe Biden is the present president of America. When Barak Obama was a president of America, from 2008-2016, Joe Biden served as a vice president.

What about Joe Biden

Before entering politics, Joe Biden worked as an advocate. In history, as a US senator, he became the fifth-youngest senator.

As Delaware’s senator, he was serving for the longest time. In 2008 never gained power in his presidential campaigns. And Barak Obama selected Joe Biden as a vice president for his running mate. And Joe Biden then became the vice president 47th of the United States. In 2017, after his administration close, a Freedom presidential Model was presented to Biden by Obama. Biden his campaign launched after two years as US president. And now as the 46th president elected of America.

What is the Joe Biden’s Vision?

Joe Biden said that he is a practising Catholic, and believe that faith from God is a gift. And we all love our God and ourselves. He said basic household is dignity, and dignity should be allowed to everyone. He believes that no matter how we start our life in America. And every person should live in this country with God-given potential. He also knows that there is a need for a middle class to rebuild. Regardless, gender, disability, religion, race, or sexual orientation, this time, every person should close to each other.

Everyone comes along by building an economy

President of America Joe Biden is running to rebuild the middle class that is the backbone of America. To make sure that every person should close to each other. Joe knows that the middle class is a set of values, not just a number. He said, sending their children where college they want to go—and being able to them get an education. Nursing assignment writing service uk is in great favour with Joe for this act. Several families across the country are out of reach. So Joe Biden needs to understand the current issues. No matter where someone starts its life in America and to should not any limit to achieve. The federal minimum pay will increase to $15 by Joe Biden, towards the end.

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He said he would usethe funding for the school districts to overcome the funding gap in low-and-high income schools. He will invest in the college community to improve the success of students also improve their training. And will grow the middle class more prosperous, stronger, or inclusive. He will pay for the investment of Americans working by making his fair share to ensure the corporation and super-wealthy pay. The first step of his to cuts tax of president Trump will be altering. And Joe will also eliminate the special tax.

Respect the work of dignity, and give workers the back power to what they strength to earn

The middle class builds the American’s country. Today, Wall Street and CEO’s direct and straightforward profits putting over workers, that is wrong. There is a need to used this country’s necessary bargains. If workers work hard, then they got prosperity. Now it’s time to respect the work of dignity. And give workers the back power to what they strength to earn. Joe will start to helping workers and strengthening unions and successfully bargain for what they deserve. He will plan a power abuse corporate that will check the labour and executive corporate. And for accountable violations personally hold this corporate for labour. Collective bargaining or incentivize unionization will encourage him.

And the most important thing, he will also ensure that with dignity treated the workers. And workers can receive all things that they deserve like workplace protections, benefits, or pay. It means that to stop the suppression of wages that rise by companies and workers doing over-time to pay them. Finally, the middle class and workers deserve the dignity to retire. The benefits of widows cut from Social Security. So Joe will put Social Security on the path of solvency to protect the widows. To the oldest people of this country will provide the higher benefits of Social Security. And also strengthen and protect their Medicare and will ensure that the beneficiaries of Medicare to access to their home, and when they want community care of them for long-term.

Ensure for all American’s, quality and affordable health care is a right of them

Joe knows that it is a difficult thing when people cant affords the health care of their family and sick children. And the treatment by health insurance a difficult decision they have to make either going for a doctor or putting on their table food. To overcome this issue, there is a need to giving the public of America the option of health insurance. To lower tax credits instalment by increasing its value. And for low-income people of America coverage expanding. I think they should build more hospitals and make them cheap for the people of America as everyone can afford and get the check up every month, like this the cure for American  people will be easy as well as they will be fit and live long life. Because “if you life so things matter” this is the right idom for every person who are living in this world whetter that is America or other countries. Everybody should make practices of regular check up of the body.

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Pursue a policy of human immigration that keeps families strengthen, together with our economy, or our border secures

When Joe was vice president, he improved immigration backed comprehensive and took historical steps of the administration of Obama or Biden, to create program DACA. So the dreamers free from expulsion fear and their lives pursuing. With Central America also work this administration $750 million securing to rise security and prosperity in Honduras, Guatemala, or E1Salvador. Now as a president, to improve comprehensive immigration will prioritize by Joe and to give immigrants undocumented 11 million citizenship. And to ensure them, they will be treated in the United States with dignity and legally get a grant. As per Joe Biden’s Vision he will also change the administration of TPS by Trump that not consider appropriate.

Our creation serve as stewards, and our planet protect against climate change

Now the crisis of climate change also growing. Across the country, sudden climate changes threatened the communities. To protect American communities from pollution and climate change to tackle these issues, Joe will plans. Communities are harmed by pollution and climate change ensure by Joe. Notably, from this revolution of the clean economy first will get benefits the low-income and colour communities. A clean energy economy to achieve 100% the United States will push by Biden, and in 2050 reaches emissions to net-zero. In the United States Biden will plan to create good-paying 10 million jobs. He will also ensure that clean drinking water has access to every American, and also clean air or without pollutants an environment. And, spent every dollar towards infrastructure remake that will be used to reduce and prevent climate changes.

Joe Biden’s Vision is the present president of America. Joe Biden’s Vision is very best for the American people. He also explains their plans. After Trump, it thinks that he will prove the best president of America.