If you want to learn to hack (legally), then here is a list of the easy websites to hack. Along with the advancement in technology, the risk of hacking is also increasing. Any smallest loophole can lead to the hacking of the biggest websites. Enhancing your hacking skills can help you to overcome the significant shortcomings of website security. Regardless of, you are a beginner or an expert, the websites listed in this post can help you in improving your hacking skills, and that too legally. If you are a security manager, auditor, pentester, or developer, this is a must-read post for you. Let’s start!

List Of The Websites You Can Hack With Absolute Ease

Below is the list of the websites that are designed with vulnerabilities on-purpose so that you can enhance your hacking skills. Let’s find out:

1: bWAPP

In the first place, we have bWAPP in the list, which stands for Buggy Web Application. It is free and open-source, which is an insecure web application on purpose. The application is created by Malik Messelem. Vulnerabilities of the website include 100 common security issues derived from the OWASP Top 10. bWAPP is developed on PHP and uses MySQL. If you are an advanced user, then the website has a bee-box for you, which is a custom Linux VM pre-installed with bWAPP.

2: Game of Hacks

Game of Hacks is not precisely a vulnerable app for practicing hacking, but it is a fun way to learn how to find the hovering security threats on a mobile application. This website has gained good feedback from the developers and security professionals and can help you to boost your hacking knowledge. In this game, you can find the questions based on the chuck of codes that may or may not be vulnerable. You have to find the answer before the time runs out. The game is really fun!

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3: Damn Vulnerable iOS App (DVIA)

Originally, DVIA was a deliberately developed mobile application for iOS 2 deliberately. Later, an InfoSec engineer @prateekg147 re-released it as a free download. This platform is very helpful for mobile app developers because there are numerous websites to hack, but a mobile application that is easy to hack legally is rare. However, if you want to practice hacking a mobile application, then DVIA has got you covered.

4: HackThis!!

Next, we have HackThis in the list of the websites to hack. This website can help you to learn how to hack, bump, pr deface a website. Besides, you can also learn to secure your website against hackers. It has over 50 difficulty levels to practice hacking. Furthermore, the active online community can help you to find handy articles on hacking and security news. 

5: Google Gruyere

It is one of the most useful websites to hack for beginners who want to learn to hack. The website is full of loopholes you need to find and use. Here you can learn a few essential things as stated in the below-given list: 

  • How to find the security threats of a website. 
  • Opportunity to learn how hackers exploit web applications. 
  • How to obstruct hackers from finding and exploiting the vulnerabilities of a website. 

However, Gruyere has numerous security glitches ranging from cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery. The aim of the site is to guide you through the procedure of discovering the bugs of a website and troubleshoot them. The code of the site uses Python. It offers both white box and black-box testing, so you can play on both sides of the wall.

6: Hellbound Hackers

The hands-on approach to computer security, Hellbound Hackers, provides a wide variety of challenges with the goal of teaching how to find vulnerabilities and recommending the code to fix them. And the ultimate platform for hacking tutorials is Hellbound Hackers, covering a wide range of topics from encryption and application cracking to social engineering and rooting.

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It is a huge community of 100k registered members, which makes it one of the biggest communities of hackers. Learning with the community can make you an excellent hacker. 

7: Hack This Site

HackThisWebsite! is for anyone to test their hacking skills. It is a legal and secure place. The hub provides news, posts, forums, and tutorials for hacking and aims to teach users to learn and practice hacking by completing challenges. Start your training here on HackThisSite. It is simple and can be one of the handiest websites to hack and suitable for beginners. 

8: McAfee HacMe Sites

In 2006, Foundstone, a McAfee Technical Services practice, launched a series of sites targeted at pen testers and security practitioners looking to improve their InfoSec chops. A “real-world” experience, designed with “real-world” vulnerabilities, is given by each simulated app. It covers a wide range of mobile applications, including the mobile banking app to reservation applications. These applications cover the broadest range of security issues. Therefore practicing on these apps can keep you ahead of the hackers. The list of these websites includes Hacme Bank for Android, Hacme Casino, Hacme Bank, and several others. 

9: Mutillidae

Moving ahead, we have Mutillidae as the next website to hack. It is an on-purpose vulnerable web application for Windows and Linux. The app uses a set of PHP scripts that has the top ten vulnerabilities of OWASP. Besides, it also has hints for beginners to get started. Furthermore, you can also visit its YouTube channel and Twitter account to get more useful resources.

10: OverTheWire

OverTheWire is very helpful for developers and security professionals to learn different hacking concepts. Practicing hacking with OverTheWire can be fun, and you can learn hacking with the help of the wargames. If you are a beginner, start with “Bandit,” where you can start with the basics, and the difficulty level will increase with the advancement of the game. As you proceed further, it will become more daunting with complex bugs. 

Final Words! 

Hacking a website can fulfill someone’s nefarious intentions. However, ethical hacking can fight this cyber-crime. If you are learning ethical hacking and check your hacking skills, then this post has listed some really vulnerable websites to hack. Try these sites one after the other. If you like this post, then pay a visit to our blog section to find more.