We all know how people love using Instagram and scrolling through the feed because of its captivating elements. Brands are making the most of this opportunity from all the marketing benefits this visual platform offers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If we talk about Shopify, it provides opportunities for small businesses to build their brand as an eCommerce store. Many brands have managed to reach a larger audience and witnessed organic growth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Now, imagine if you could bring the marketing benefits of Instagram and the growth opportunities of Shopify in one place?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Shopify Instagram shop brings this imagination into reality for you. Want to know more? Keep reading.

What Is Shopify Instagram Shop?

Shopify Instagram shop is a collab between Shoppable Instagram and Shopify, making it the perfect social commerce platform with increased conversion rates for brands. It is almost like getting the best of both worlds.

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Brands can now generate effective leads on Instagram and Shopify as they get to display their shoppable Instagram feed on their Shopify eCommerce website as a shoppable gallery.

It boosts sales on both platforms, increases your customer reach, improves social media presence as you are where your customers are. You will have a shoppable Instagram feed on your Shopify website with product links in the form of shoppable tags, making it easy for website visitors to explore and discover products. 

Instagram allows you to strategically put your Shopify eCommerce website’s link on your business account without interrupting the user’s social experience with paid promotions. Users can easily visit the eCommerce website with just a tap and explore more with your brand, increasing your website traffic, while the shoppable Instagram shop decreases the bounce rate.

So, no stone is left unturned to give users a seamless shopping experience and provide the brands with many benefits.

Top 6 Benefits Of Shopify Instagram Shop

Get Discovered By New Audience

With Shopify Instagram Shop, you give your brand exposure in front of an audience from two different platforms: Instagram and Shopify. Instagram has over a billion monthly active users, and almost all of them explore new brands on this visual platform. Instagram has become the buying market for users.

When you maintain an upload frequency on Instagram by uploading timely content, it creates a social presence for your brand. Every time a new potential customer comes across your posts, it creates brand awareness, and they get encouraged to visit your Shopify website. 

Not just that, every time you have a new website visitor who comes across your Instagram shoppable feed, they get encouraged to visit your Instagram account, hence increasing the number of your followers.

Boost Brand Engagement Rate

The competition is getting higher than ever, and you need something that would help you seamlessly stand out from the crowd. Shopify Instagram Shop helps you in that criteria. 

With Shopify Instagram Shop, you don’t have to worry about keeping your website up-to-date, as each time you make a shoppable post on Instagram, it gets automatically updated on the Instagram shoppable feed of your Shopify eCommerce website.

We know how much people love social media and when the visitors see new and fresh social media content each time they visit your website. It increases the website dwell time and improves your engagement rate.

More Website Visits

Whenever there is something new in the market, people love to explore it and get a hook for everything it offers. Something similar happened with shoppable Instagram, and while exploring, users didn’t even realize but fell in love with it. 

It turned out to be beneficial for the brands as they saw increased sales and more visits to their Shopify website. How did that happen? Well, Instagram has become a hub for marketers. 


It helps brands strategically embed their Shopify eCommerce website’s links with their Instagram posts, stories with the “Swipe up” feature, and other promotional activities that encourage their potential customers to visit the website. Every strategy works towards that.

Increasing Conversion Rates

Conversion Rates mean the number of visitors to your Shopify eCommerce website that completed the whole procedure from exploring to purchasing your product out of the total number of visitors. 

In businesses like eCommerce, people look for reviews or first-hand experiences of their peers before making any purchase decisions. When you add user-generated content to your Instagram shoppable feed on your Shopify eCommerce website, you can make things easier for your website.

They don’t have to look around for reviews as you already provide them with authentic and trustworthy content from people just like them. UGC helps build brand trust and clears out the dilemma from your visitors’ minds, to buy or not to buy. They make quick purchase decisions, increasing your conversion rates.

The Visuals Instagram Offers

Instagram works on visuals, and it is necessary to create the perfect first impression for your website visitors. You need to improve your profile and post visually appealing content to captivate the website visitors when you post this content on your Shopify Instagram shop.

You must optimize your Instagram business account to influence the visitors there as well. Choose the perfect profile picture for your business page, something that represents your brand. It can either be your logo or any other graphics; the idea is to make the visitor familiar with the brand’s theme. 

The second thing is that every visitor notices your page’s bio. Below your bio is where you put your Shopify ecommerce website’s link so that the visitor can click on it to explore more. Use that space wisely because the character limit is only 150.

All The Benefits Shoppable Tags Bring In

This feature may look compact, but it brings in a plethora of benefits. As people’s attention span is decreasing, they seek shortcuts. Well, shoppable tags are the ultimate shortcuts recently introduced in the world of ecommerce. 

Shopify Instagram Shops already provide vibrant shoppable galleries to keep the visitors hooked. They have also incorporated the quick and seamless shoppable tags that allow website visitors to directly land on the product’s page from the shoppable gallery. 

It makes things easier for users. They can easily explore the products with the engaging shoppable gallery, and they don’t have to go through the entire website anymore, reinventing the ecommerce experience for consumers.

Over To You

We have reached the end of this blog, and you got to know about Shopify Instagram Shop. You also came across some of its benefits. More brands are getting on board with this new trend of having a shoppable Instagram feed on their Shopify eCommerce website. 

It provides a seamless shopping experience to the website visitors as they don’t have to go through the entire website; they can explore and find exactly what they are looking for with the Shopify Instagram Shop.

Many brands have reported a boost in their conversion rate, improved engagement rate, and a decrease in their ecommerce website’s bounce rate.

Do it already before this ship sails, and you keep standing at the port pondering upon the possibilities.