If you want to learn the handy tricks and tips for losing weight while breastfeeding, then this post has some useful information for you. Motherhood is a special feeling for a woman, and breastfeeding is an integral part of it. It is essential for the all-round development of the baby. In addition, some women take advantage of breastfeeding to lose extra weight by burning more calories. However, losing weight while breastfeeding should be practiced with the utmost care and attention. In this post, we have listed safe practices that can be followed for losing weight with breastfeeding. 

Factors That Can Affect Weight Loss During Pregnancy

There are several factors that can play a vital role in losing weight while breastfeeding. The list may include your diet, metabolism, exercise, and weight gain during pregnancy. Below-given factors play a vital role in weight loss after pregnancy: 

Weight gain During Pregnancy

The weight gain during the pregnancy decides your weight loss period after the pregnancy. Depending upon the weight gained, it may take six to nine months to lose the weight. Some women never retain their original weight before pregnancy. 

Immediate Weight Loss After Pregnancy

You can lose around 13 pounds right after the delivery. The immediate weight loss can occur from the release of the baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid. The weight loss may vary on the basis of the size of your baby or whether you retained a lot of fluid during pregnancy.

Daily Calorie Intake

Losing weight while breastfeeding also depends on your daily calorie intake. You can take fewer calories than you burn off for more weight loss. However, to ensure the utmost health and safety, you need to do it carefully. Getting a proper diet will keep your milk supply high and keep you energetic to take care of your baby. 

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Focus On Gradual Weight Loss

The weight you have gained may not go instantly. You need to make deliberate efforts to reduce weight with a proper diet and workout program. However, you can proceed gradually towards your goal and aim for one to two pounds per week. Don’t make any hassle as it will not be good for your child and self. Besides, keep your doctor informed about everything. 

Safe Ways To Lose Weight When Breastfeeding

Now we are on that section of this post where you can find some handy ways of losing weight while breastfeeding. Follow the below-described procedures with the utmost care and attention. Let’s start!

1: Reduce The Carb Intake 

Controlling the amount of your daily carbohydrate intake can help you lose weight in pregnancy faster. However, you need to ensure that you’re supplementing with an abundant amount of protein, vegetables, and fruits. Make sure the least intake of 1,800 calories per day. Moreover, always talk to your doctor before starting any new diet plan.  

2: Moderate Amount Of Exercise Can Help

Once you have confirmed with your doctor to exercise, gradually ease back into a moderate workout plan. Practice postpartum-safe exercises like yoga and simple walking. You can start your workout for 20 to 30 minutes per day. You can work up to 150 minutes of moderate exercise on a weekly basis. Try to finish the breastfeeding before working out to avoid engorgement.

3: Keep Yourself Hydrated Frequently

When you’re breastfeeding, you need to keep yourself hydrated. Besides, try to drink up to 12 cups of water on a daily basis. Drinking more water and clear fluids can help your body to get rid of any water weight, too. Additionally, avoid sugary beverages to get the desired weight loss.

4: Avoid Skipping Meals

It is a thumb rule of losing weight while breastfeeding that never skip your meals. When you skip meals, it can slow down your metabolism. Reduced metabolism can cause a drop in your energy, making it more difficult for you to care for your offspring. Furthermore, if you are taking very few calories, it can make your weight loss process stop. If you can’t manage to get a proper meal, try to eat smaller snacks throughout the whole day. You should have a healthy snack, such as a piece of fruit, after feeding your baby to retain the calories lost.

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5: Eat More Frequently

When avoiding your meal skips, you should eat as frequently as possible. It can help you in losing weight while breastfeeding. It can keep you energetic throughout the day and trigger your metabolism required to fulfill your weight loss goals. You can set three meals and two snacks for a day at a certain interval of time. However, if you feel hungry all day when breastfeeding, then you can add more small and healthy snacks to your daily diet. 

6: Get A Good Rest And Sound Sleep

It can be challenging to manage time to rest when taking care of your newly born baby. However, you need to try to get as much rest and sleep as you can. Getting proper sleep can help in losing weight while breastfeeding. Besides, it can help your body to lose weight more quickly and recover faster. Once you have finished your exercises, get a proper sleep to retain your body to normal. After working out, your muscles need good rest. If you are feeding your baby all night, manage to get short naps when your baby is sleeping during the day time. 

7: Consult An Expert Nutritionist

Getting help from an expert nutritionist can help in losing weight while breastfeeding. Supported by vast experience, they can help you with the best diet plan to support your weight loss goal. Talk to your nutritionist and describe your weight loss needs. Besides, answer the questions clearly to help him understand your diet needs. A healthy diet is important as you are eating for two bodies. Once the plan is discussed, stick to eat and follow it with the utmost attention. 

Is it safe to reduce calories while breastfeeding?

Even if you are planning to lose weight while breastfeeding, you should not reduce your calorie intake. Getting proper calories is very important for both mother and child. Make sure that you are taking at least 1800 calories on a daily basis while breastfeeding. You can add up your diet with moderate exercise after consulting with your doctor. Moreover, keep your doctor in the loop when planning your eating and workout schedules. 

Final Words

This post offers a comprehensive guide on losing weight while breastfeeding. You can get to know about the factors that can impact weight loss during pregnancy and understand the calorie intake when in the breastfeeding phase. Reading this post until the end can give you the advantage of losing weight in a safe and effective manner. If you want more posts, then visit our blog page.