If you want to learn how to reduce cortisol levels in the blood, then read this post until the end can provide you with the desired help. Cortisol is a hormone that helps in the regulation of various essential functions in the body. Besides, it can help your body in stressful situations. The release of the hormone is a body’s way to prevent various health hazards. However, when the level of cortisol increases in the blood, it can give rise to several issues. Read this all-inclusive guide on how to reduce cortisol levels in the blood.

High Cortisol Symptoms That Can Help You In Determining The Condition

High cortisol levels can give rise to various problems in the body. The list of the main high cortisol symptoms are stated in the below-given list: 

  • Increased levels of cortisol can boost the appetite that can lead to a drastic gain in weight. 
  • It can also promote some chronic complications in the body, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis. 
  • Excessive cortisol level in the blood starts interfering with the daily cycles of the hormone and can cause fatigue. 
  • Cortisol also interferes with memory and can result in impaired brain function. 
  • It also hampers the immunity of the body and makes it prone to several infections. 

The more severe condition of the high cortisol level can lead to Cushing’s syndrome. In this condition, you need to see a doctor and get assistance on how to reduce cortisol. 

Proven Ways To Reduce Cortisol Levels In Blood

Now that you know about the high cortisol level symptoms, below are some proven ways to alleviate the symptoms: 

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1: Take Proper Sleep

The level of cortisol depends on your sleep patterns. The length, timing, and quality of sleep determine the cortisol level in your blood. If you are not taking proper sleep for an extended period of time, then it can increase the level of blood. Besides, if you are rotating your sleep shifts, it can affect your daily sleep pattern. Furthermore, it can cause fatigue and other health disorders. This is why it is recommended to take sound sleep for a required length of time. 

2: Do a Moderate Amount Of Exercise

If you are wondering how to reduce cortisol with the exercise, then you need to focus on the intensity of the exercise. Right after the intense exercise, the level of cortisol increases. However, this increase is for a short time only. 

3: Monitor Your Stress Level

Stressful thoughts can be one of the most apparent reasons behind the increased level of cortisol. You need to involve yourself in the stress reduction activities and become more aware of the thoughts that can promote stress level. Recognize the sign of tension and find ways to deal with it. It can help in the reduction of the cortisol level. 

4: Get Adequate Amount Of Rest 

There are several types of relaxation exercises that can help you on how to reduce cortisol. You can start with deep breathing to relax your body and mind. Besides, massage therapy can also help in the reduction of cortisol levels. Furthermore, listening to your favorite music can alleviate the level of cortisol. 

5: Find Ways To Be Happy

Being happy can be one of the most efficient ways to reduce cortisol hormone secretion. A positive disposition is linked to a lower level of cortisol. Besides, it can also lower blood pressure and keep the heart rate healthy. When you involve yourself in activities that can increase life satisfaction and keep you happy, it can reduce the cortisol level significantly. 

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6: Stay In Touch With Your Close Ones

Staying close to your loved ones can help you to deal with the signs of depression and anxiety. Being alone can trigger the release of an excessive amount of cortisol in the blood and can make the situation even worse. Words from your friend and family can be a panacea for the reduction of cortisol. 

7: Maintain Healthy Diet

Diet is a crucial factor in the management of a healthy cortisol level. The quality of the food can make it better or worse. If you are taking high amounts of sugar in your diet, then it can boost the level of cortisol. Contrarily, in some stressful conditions, sugar intake can lower the release of the cortisol level. If you want to learn how to reduce cortisol with your food, then you can include dark chocolates, fruits like bananas, pears, and green tea in your diet can help. 

8: Use Supplements 

The intake of the supplements such as Ashwagandha and fish oil can help in the reduction of cortisol levels. Fish oil is an incredible source of omega-3 fatty acids. This important nutrition can reduce the level of cortisol. For those who are suffering from high stress, depression, or anxiety, then fish oil reduces the stress level. In addition, Ashwagandha is an Asian herbal supplement that is known for its benefits in the treatment of high-stress levels. It can give results in one or two months of the stress level; thereby, it can manage the level of cortisol in the blood. 

9: Try To Find Inner Peace By Molding Your Mind Into Spirituality

If you are suffering from chronic stress, indulge yourself in spirituality. When you show your faith in spirituality, it can reduce your cortisol level in the blood. There are several proven studies that support the role of spirituality in the reduction of cortisol. Besides, regular prayers and faith in your deity also help in the management of the healthy cortisol level. 

Final Words!

Cortisol is a common hormone that regulates several important functions in the blood. There are multitudinous factors that can affect the release of the cortisol hormone. The increased or reduced level of the blood cortisol, both are bad. The solutions described in this post can help you to manage high levels of cortisol. If you like this post on how to reduce cortisol, you can visit our blog section.