Whether you prefer Alexa or Google Smart Home, there’s no denying that both have their perks. In recent years, innovative home technology has gained much traction due to its greater convenience and ability to make even the most mundane tasks more exciting and effortless. Many rentals are still lagging in adopting the latest updates assuming all upgrades are expensive. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re a landlord looking to keep up with the times, stick around till the end to find out the best inexpensive smart home upgrades to boost your rental home value. 

1. Smart surveillance – Smart Home Upgrades

Security cameras are emerging as a rental property necessity to safeguard lives and property. With less than $500, you can install a set of security cameras to take round-the-clock photos and videos of the happenings on your premises. Besides, higher-paying tenants will happily seek out your apartments for that extra ounce of safety. 

2. Smart lighting

Smart lighting goes beyond the energy-efficient LED bulbs, you know. Not only do these illuminating orbs save you a ton of cash in the form of electric bills, but they also come with some excellent additional features. You can dim the lights to increase the mood, set timers so security lights can come on automatically, and control everything with your voice. 

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3. Smart Shades

You might imagine blinds that open and close themselves when you think of smart shades, but they’re so much more. While they do include the above-listed feature, they are capable of affecting your home’s heating and cooling system. By closing the windows when it’s hot outside and opening them when it’s cold inside, you could reduce the cost of heating your home during winter and cooling it in the summer.

4. Smart thermostats

Mature Woman Using App On Phone To Control Digital Central Heating Thermostat At Home

Exercise more control over your monthly electric bill with a smart thermostat. Instead of getting out of bed in the cold and trying to figure out the right temperature setting, an upgraded thermostat would control those settings based on weather information. That not only saves your tenants from the inconvenience of cold floors or humid days, but it also cuts your light bill by decreasing heating during the day and cooling at night. 

5. Smart locks

Smart locks eliminate the fear of losing your keys. Many of them operate using WiFi or Bluetooth technology so that you can unlock them with your smartphone or input a security code into the monitor. Another feature that makes them great is creating an alternate and temporary code for visitors or repairmen to access your home without compromising your security system. 

6. Smart speakers

Virtually everyone likes some music, and the chances are higher your tenants would love a home with a smart speaker. It could even be a selling point for some renters who enjoy the surrounding sound of music, podcasts, and other audio options. They’re also not as expensive as you might think; you could get a quality smart speaker for under $300. They also come with voice control you can operate via your smartphone assistants, such as Alexa or Google, for greater convenience. 

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7. Smart hub

A smart hub serves as the main control center of the home that connects all smart gadgets and appliances in your home. Not only does it allow you to control all your devices from one place, but it also lets you group them. For example, you could create a Friday night mode that, once activated, dims the lights, turns on the speakers, and locks the doors at once. The increased convenience will undoubtedly earn more than its $200 or so initial capital. 

8. Smart smoke detectors

Protect your tenants from harmful smoke and carbon monoxide fumes by installing a smart smoke detector. Traditional smoke alarms are more failable, mainly when the batteries are low or dead. But smart smoke detectors can send alerts to your device when they require servicing or a change of battery. Plus, you can receive alerts even when you’re outside, which could mean the difference between averting a fire and pulling up to a fire truck in front of your apartment. 


Upgrading your rental property’s apartment doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking; there are many pocket-friendly upgrades you can make with an impressive ROI margin that your tenants will love. Do you need more information on how to turn your rental property into a smart home? Speak with a qualified property manager who can assist you in your transition to the modern world.