One of the great aspects of a scintillating event layout is a sleek and attractive banner. If your custom banner entails a great design, it can draw attention to your expo, reach a bigger community, and boost attendance. When it comes to business banners for events, content is the king. A relevant image remains non-negotiable. Let’s explore design tips to make an effective custom banner for a corporate event.

  • Your message should be easy-to-read, large text. A single message brings a lot of focus. If you want your message to ensure instant delivery and evoke curiosity, the text mustn’t exceed five lines. 
  • An effective and catchy event banner also ensures better ranking in search results. hence, the text keywords must be relevant enough.
  • After completing the first steps of your show banner, you can hang it in many places. If you’re focusing on the web as well, you can put it up in social media handles, event flyers, and event pages. 
  • There are digital platforms that help you to incorporate the banner as part of your integral custom branding for online meets and webinars.

All about event banners

Event banners are a little different from other business banners as they are exclusively about the event/exposition and not about a specific product or service. It’s a great tool to market essential products. 

  • When you know that the banner must syncopate with the event, it’s crucial to have a theme. A theme helps you assess the functionable factors, budget, and target audience.
  • It’s pivotal to stick to the event’s tone and the vibe of the atmosphere while showcasing an event banner.
  • It’s mandatory for the banner to be visually appealing. The banner must be catchy enough to grab everyone’s attention. 
  • It also needs to convert the attention and target audience into proper customer. Your banner must have an interesting look and design.
  • The logo and brand should be clearly visible. You need to use different fonts as well. The strategic placement of fonts will amplify the banner’s look. 
  • It’s a legit idea to involve variations and changes in standard fonts. You can find many new fonts these days that help you customize the banner in every manner. 
  • Proper placement of white spaces and margins is also crucial. Don’t stretch the margins if they cross the limit to affect or squeeze your brand message.
  • The white spacing must be adequate to ensure a clear reading. The audience needs to register your message along with the logo and image.
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The design and size

If the content is king, then the queen has to be your banner design. Determine the background color of the banner. It could be a makeshift tent, a brick wall, or a forest background. The background helps you choose contrasting graphics and colors to make an outstanding banner. 

  • A black or thick white border around the banner’s edge may be clinical in separating it from a chaotic backdrop.
  • Keep in mind that vinyl banner printing is very attractive and ensures instant delivery. 

Measure the area where you want to hang your banner. It should’ve enough space for special events like reunions, festivals, sales, and so on.