As you wear your jewelry on regular occasions, you may not notice dirt and oil build-up. The dust and oil take away the original luster of your jewelry piece. In many cases, the jewelry has not faded, only that it has a layer of residue that needs to be removed. That is why you need regular jewelry cleaning. Besides diet, jewelry goes through wear and tear, and they may need jewelry repair sooner than you expect. This article details on Importance of Timely cleaning and repair of your treasures.

There are tons of benefits of routine cleaning and maintenance of your jewelry. You do not need to wait for the jewelry to break before taking it to a jewelry repair shop. It is a smart idea to do to take your jewelry for inspection, probably, it needs a stone setting, and you overlooked that.

To many people, a diamond ring is a significant jewelry investment. It doesn’t matter whether it was a wedding ring, engagement ring, or an anniversary ring. When new, the prongs are substantial and securely hold the Gemstone. Since you wear the ring all the time, the prongs may become loose, or even the gem and the metal lose their luster. Hence, you need to take it for cleaning and repair in time. Remember that jewelry repair is not only meant for fixing a broken piece but also for restoring jewelry to its original beauty. Below are the benefits of timely cleaning and repair of your treasures. Importance of Timely cleaning and repair of your treasures.

Importance of Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry cleaning is an overlooked practice. It is as important as replacing a broken clasp. There are a few methods you can clean your jewelry at home. You can research ways to clean your jewelry according to the metal type and the gemstones they have. Below is the importance of timely cleaning.

  • Your jewelry mounts the initial radiance for a long time. However, you should ensure not to use harsh abrasives on the jewelry. You may corrode the metal and damage the Gemstone.
  • Cleaning keeps the jewelry free from build-up that may stain and tarnish your jewelry pieces. Tarnish strips off the beauty of jewelry.
  • Professional cleaning restores the jewelry’s shine without posing damage to the Gemstone.
  • You get a stronger urge to wear clean jewelry than a dirty one with layers of build-up.

Importance of timely Jewelry Repair

Importance of timely Jewelry Repair

Several instances may send you to the jewelry repair shop. As much as you value your treasures, they are also delicate. Especially if they have a gemstone, links, or clasps, you can get repairs for any jewelry parts. However, you need to know the importance of timely jewelry repair.

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You Secure Your Gemstone

A gem is an essential component of jewelry. Jewelers use prongs to hold it into place. However, over time, the prongs loosen hence making the gem shake. You may choose to ignore this, but you will eventually cry when you lose your Gemstone. Thus, when you take your jewelry for repairs in time, you will preserve your precious gem.

Lose prongs are not the only reason you can take your jewelry for prong repair. The jewelry piece may have faced a sudden hit by an object. It may lead to the breakage of a few prongs. Thus, it would help if you took the piece for jewelry repair as soon as you can.

You Prolong The Use of Your Jewelry Piece

Some incidents may lead you to stop using a jewelry piece. For instance, you may break the chains or snap the clasp. It should not be the end of you using your jewelry. Many jewelers will replace your clutch and solder your broken chains; It gives your piece of jewelry a second chance.

You Can Redesign Your Jewelry

When you have worn antique jewelry for several years, you may decide to have a new design of the same piece. It helps you have the same value of a jewelry piece but in a unique style. However, altering an heirloom requires consent from other family members.

You are not at risk of losing Your Jewelry.

Small items tend to get lost quite often, especially when they are not in use. When your jewelry chain breaks, you may be tempted to keep it away until you decide to take it for jewelry repair. Unfortunately, people misplace their jewelry pieces when they are not in constant use. Please do not lie to yourself that you will keep it in the jewelry box. You would be lying to yourself; Many people tend to keep broken jewelry away from other pieces. It helps to reduce psychological pain any time you see your broken jewelry.

Another way you may lose your jewelry piece is if you have a loose or broken clasp. Some people take the risk of wearing their necklaces with a loose grip. Many times they are lucky to stay with it the whole day. However, the unexpected can happen, and the clasp lets go of the necklace. To avoid the pain of your necklace or bracelet, Take it to the jewelry repair shop as soon as you notice a loose clasp for the chain link.

You Get Your Ring to Fit Your Finger

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Are you recently engaged, was your engagement a surprise? It was all a surprise. Your fiance may have missed your finger size- They should not make you worry. You may lose your engagement ring if you choose to wear it without resizing it. If you treasure your ring, then you should take it for ring resizing as soon as you get it.

In other cases, the ring may be smaller than your finger. Some people opt to wear the ring halfway. Others force it up. First, it is so uncomfortable wearing a small ring. It may also cause injury to your finder-your finger may suffer edema if the ring is restricting the blood flow. Importance of Timely cleaning and repair of your treasures. Importance of Timely cleaning and repair of your treasures.

Benefits of Timely Inspection of Your Jewelry Piece

Benefits of Timely Inspection of Your Jewelry Piece

I know you visit the doctors a couple of times a year. Some of these times, you only go for regular checkups. But why do so when you are not sick? You only want to be sure all your body organs are functioning correctly and have a clean bill of health. All this is because you treasure your body.

Well, if you treasure your jewelry as you cherish your body, you should take them for inspection at least twice per year. There are plenty of benefits that you get from regular reviews. Let us check them out.

You Identify a Loose Gemstone

Prongs get loose gradually. You may not identify a loose gemstone at the early stages. However, if you take the jewelry piece for inspection at a jewelry repair shop, you may locate a loose gemstone’s early stages.

When you have your jewelry stone tightened at the early stages, you will save a lot of cash since repairs will be cheap. However, if you wait for it to start dancing on the prongs, you will pay more if you are lucky not to lose it.

You are advised on When to Have a Professional Cleaning.

You may not think you need any professional cleaning since you can not see any tarnish. However, a jeweler may notice a layer of build-up that is covering the natural luster. They will advise you to have a professional cleaning to restore the jewelry glory.

You identify Lose Clasps and Chainlinks

Clasps and links are usually the least of your concern. After all. They all look perfect. An inspection mat surprises you that your jewelry needs some soldering and parts replacement.


Jewelry repair entails so many things. If you do it in good time, it will save you cash or lose your jewelry piece. Never ignore the early signs of broken jewelry. And more importantly, take your details for regular inspection.