Diamond carat is one of the most vital attributes that people check in a diamond. People pride themselves on the higher value of carats that their diamonds hold. As you already know, Carat is the weight of the diamonds. But how do you determine the importance of a one-carat diamond? And is it essential in calculating 1 ct diamond prices?

Different pieces of diamonds have different carats. Jewelers say that no amount of diamond is identical to the other. It is because youcan not cut a piece of diamond precisely like another. Also, the different characteristics may affect the way you cut the diamond.

History and Definition of Carat Weight

A Carat is simply the weight of a diamond as a unit measurement. The name came from the ancient method of measuring small units of precious metals and gemstones. People would use the seed of Carob as a reference to the precise measurement of the metals and gems. Jewelers never dropped the tradition. That is why the Carat is part of the 4Cs of the diamond quality. The carat abbreviation is ct.

What is a Point?

Some diamonds are smaller than one Carat. You will hear people referring to them with the number of points. One point of a diamond is equivalent to a hundredth of a carat. It means that one Carat has 100 points. Each point is written as 0.01. The points allow you to buy diamonds smaller than a carat. They are thus ensuring that everyone can afford a piece of diamond.

Carat Measurement

Each diamond should have a grading report. In the grading report, you will find the carat weight and the measurements of the diamond. Since diamonds are cut in different shapes, one Carat measurements differ from one diamond to another. It also varies within the diamonds of the same shape since the cuts are never identical.

One Carat is roughly 200 milligrams. It is the average weight of the carob seed. The weight was adopted since it is not easy to keep the carob seeds to measure diamonds and other gemstones.

Carat Weight vs Size

Carat Weight vs Size

Several gemstones are weighed through carats. However, the sizes of the gemstones differ from one stone to the other. It is because the different gemstones have different densities.

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You should note that you can have different carat weights from diamonds that appear to be of the same size. Also, you can have the same carat weight from diamonds that appear to be different sizes. The reason for this is the table of the diamond. Probably you are asking what a table in a diamond is. The table is the part that everyone sees when they look at a diamond. You can get the table when you divide the average with the diameter of the gemstone.

Many people prefer to buy a diamond with a large table; after all, people will see it. But the depth of the diamond will affect the carat weight and the overall quality. If the diamond is shallow, it will have a smaller carat weight.

Likewise, if it is deep, the carat weight will be higher for a similar table size.

Another reason that results in different carat weights is the diamond cut. The different shapes result in different tables and depth. It dramatically affects the carat weight of the diamond. Some shapes look more extensive than others. However, the Carat may be higher or lower depending on other measurements of the diamond.

If you seek to buy a diamond of a specific size and carats, and it is wise you seek some advice from your jeweler. They will take you through all the measurements of a diamond that makes up a carat. Also, they will help you with a table for 1 ctdiamond prices.

Does Carat Weight Affect The Value of Diamond?

It is hard to find large diamonds. It makes the carat weight increase the value of a diamond. You will find that diamonds with similar characteristics have different demands due to their carat weight.

There are several pieces of diamond made with small amounts of diamond? However, their 1ct diamond prices are lower than jewelry with one large part of diamond of one Carat. If you want a higher value diamond, select one large diamond over several smaller diamonds of the same total carat weight. However, if you’re going to pay less, choose a diamond that is about 10 points lower than a fill hurdle carat. No one will notice the difference.

Other essential features that affect a diamond’s price include the Cut, color, clarity, fluorescence, and GIA cut grade. That is why the weight of the diamond does not affect the price directly. You can see some larger diamonds that are cheaper than smaller diamonds. It is because their characteristics have a lower value than the smaller diamonds.


How to Calculate the Weight of a Diamond

The method to calculate the weight of 1 carat diamond is not straightforward. First, you will need to select the shape you have. Diamonds come in 12 shapes. First, you will need to have the diamond carat weight calculator. Then you will have to enter the shape of your diamond piece. Enter the exact dimensions as indicated in the diamond grading report.

Then check the diamond’s girdle. You will need to add a percentage on thick girdles. Also, you should check if the shape is standard. If not, you will need to add a percentage. With all the accurate information, the diamond weight calculator will display the estimated carat weight of your piece of diamond.

How to Compare Diamonds

Many people waste time comparing diamonds. However, you need to understand all the characteristics of a diamond piece to make a meaningful comparison. You will find that diamonds with the same Carat weight have varied prices. The other qualities and aspects affect the 1ct diamond prices. A diamond’s costs will be close when the diamond pieces have the same characteristics and are cut.

Every jeweler has a diamond cost estimator sheet. The sheet has an outline of different shapes and sizes and their estimated 1 ct diamond prices. The sheet will give you a rough estimate of what you might spend on a diamond.

Keep in mind that Carat is only one aspect of a diamond’s quality. You will need to know all the other characteristics to make an informed choice.

Carat weight and Cut

How a jeweler cuts a diamond affects its general appearance. That is why the same carat diamond pieces of the same shape can have different sizes- of what we call table. When a jeweler cuts a shallow diamond, they have to make it wide to attain the one-carat weight. Then when they cut it too deep, they will have to make a narrower diamond. These two ways of cutting are not desirable, especially when you are keen on diamond quality.

Thedesirable Cut is also known as the superior Cut. It is not too deep nor tooshallow. Also, it has an edge to edge light performance. Thus, the lighttravels through the diamond and back to the upper surface. The refraction of light makes the piece of diamond appear more extensive than its actual size. Always be keen on the Cut before you purchase a diamond.

Final Word

Are you about to purchase a diamond? Do not go to a jeweler to compare diamond sizes blindly. The 1 ct diamond prices will vary from one piece of diamond to another. However, you may find out that you are getting a better deal on the expensive diamonds than the cheaper counterparts. A high-quality diamond will always be costly.