Choosing a hearing aid is not easy, especially for an inexperienced person. Only hearing care professionals can solve it correctly. Despite this, some people try to choose and buy medical devices on their own. The result of such a decision is always the same. We are talking about hearing problems and frustration. Can I order hearing aids online? How do I choose the proper model? Let’s answer these questions together!

Hearing amplifiers are a trap for inexperienced users

Today we are often using online services to purchase various products. All such marketplaces offer two important advantages: savings and comfort. Why go out when you can order goods from your home? Some people buy hearing aids for themselves or relatives (for example, as a gift for a grandmother) in online marketplaces. They do not consult a doctor. This is a big mistake, and it often leads to disappointment. Only a doctor can choose the right hearing aid. We’ll talk about this below.

Inexperienced users often buy hearing amplifiers instead of hearing aids. The desire to save money and advertising push people to the wrong decision on which hearing health depends! Hearing amplifiers are simple electronic devices. They amplify all the surrounding sounds and can’t treat hearing loss. On the contrary, using these devices can harm the person with hearing loss! Some people make a mistake when choosing hearing aids. Hearing amplifiers look a lot like hearing aids!

Can I choose a hearing aid on my own?

There are hundreds of hearing aids on sale in various online stores and audiology clinics. How do you know which model is good for you and which is not? Only hearing care professionals can answer that question! You can’t fit a hearing aid on your own. It is a complex medical device with individual settings for each patient!

The first thing the audiologist will do is perform hearing tests to determine the degree of hearing loss. The results can help make an accurate diagnosis and determine the power of the hearing aid.

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Next, you’ll talk about your hobbies, lifestyle, and desires. The doctor will choose several models, taking this information into account.

Next, you can choose from a list of devices and order the hearing aid you like. But that’s not all! A hearing aid out of the box has factory settings. You won’t get the desired results with these settings. The hearing care professional will customize the devices to fit your individual needs, which include your degree of hearing loss and the structure of your hearing organs. Now you must go through an adaptation period! The brain has to get used to the new acoustic conditions. Therefore, you must follow all the recommendations and advice of your doctor to quickly and painlessly go through a period of adaptation. It usually takes 2-4 weeks.

After the final fitting, you can use your hearing aids the whole day long! Now you can finally enjoy high-quality sound and comfort! You won’t get such results if you yourself buy medical devices.

What should I look for when ordering a hearing aid?

Buying a hearing aid with the help of an audiologist is the only right solution to restoring your hearing. Your doctor will choose the proper device. However, you may wish to consider the following criteria.

Hearing aids have a lot of features and options. Let’s look at some factors which can determine your hearing experience.

Hearing aid power

Hearing aid power is the most important parameter when choosing devices. It depends on your degree of hearing loss. The worse your hearing is, the more powerful the device must be. This is another reason why only hearing care professionals can choose the proper model.

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Usually, the doctor chooses devices with a slightly higher power. Such a step is necessary for the condition of hearing loss. Some patients’ hearing continues to deteriorate, and the power reserve allows you to use a hearing aid for a long time!

Additional features

A modern hearing aid is more than just crystal clear sound. It is a stylish device, which emphasizes your lifestyle and personality. Manufacturers are introducing various features to enhance user experience. For example, you can connect to other devices and listen to audiobooks or answer phone calls with your hearing aids. Do you like to swim in the pool? You’ll need waterproof devices. Some devices can access your activity, which is a must for people who love sports.

Every manufacturer tries to stand out from the competition. That’s why there are hearing aids with additional features today. Decide, which features you need, and which ones you won’t use. The price of the device depends on that!

The price of medical devices

The price range of these devices is quite wide. The price of a hearing aid depends on many parameters. The models range from economy to premium ones. Only hearing care professionals can choose a hearing aid. The professional will prioritize your needs and determine what features you need. Then, the ENT doctor will indicate which options are mandatory for you. It’ll help to select the whole list of suitable models. After all procedures, you can choose a model that suits your finances.

The high price isn’t the main criterion. Don’t think that only expensive hearing aids can deliver the best experience. It won’t. Price has no bearing on sound quality today. Even an inexpensive device can impress you with high-quality sound when properly adjusted! Choose a model based on your finances!