It is not that difficult to find an electrician. Just open your favorite browser and use Google. However, finding a very good electrician might be more complicated than you might think. Since it is so important to find someone that really knows what he is doing, here are the most important things you have to know when you look for an electrician. 

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Look For Recommendations

Talking about the internet, it gives you the possibility of finding electricians with good reviews. You need to look for those professionals that are recommended by their clients. Obviously, you can start with recommendations from family members and friends. But, you can take your search even further and look on social media or find the profiles of the electricians you consider hiring. 

You can even consider posting jobs online to see who responds. After electricians get in touch, you can ask for recommendations or look for reviews yourself. 

Find Competent Electricians

It is very important to hire just the electricians that are really good at their job. This is similar to looking for a doctor. Would you rather have surgery done by someone that just recently finished their education or someone that has been doing surgeries for a few years?

Look for those electricians that are registered and licensed. Never hire someone that cannot show you that they have the necessary education to get the job done. Electricians are usually registered in specific trade associations. This in itself is a statement of quality work since the professionals have to respect specific laws and rules to be a member. 

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Get Quotes From A Few Electricians

After you make a list of electricians you consider, it is time to get in touch with them. This is when you ask all the questions you might have and you receive quotes. Always contact at least 3 licensed electricians and talk about the time needed to get the job done together with material costs. 

Whenever with the electrician, learn about the following:

  • The electrician’s experience and how he communicates with you. Is he using anything they need to get the job done right, like a conduit fill calculator and safety equipment? Is he making it really easy for you to understand what he talks about?
  • Qualifications and certification. Never work with an electrician that cannot prove he is certified. 
  • Did the electrician respect your time and got to the meeting at the right time?
  • Is the quote offered a verbal one or a written one? You can only trust written quotes and you have to be sure that what is written in it is also included in the contract you sign. 
  • Is there any guarantee of the work that will be done? If such a guarantee is not offered, it is simply a lot better to look for someone else. 

The most important rule of thumb to respect is that your gut will surely tell you the truth. In the event that you feel something is wrong with the considered electrician, the best thing to do is to walk away. You should look for someone else. You have to trust your electrician and be confident that he will get the job done right. If you see signs that this will not be the case, do not hire the professional