Are you one of them who like to play around and experience some of the greatest flavored tobacco out there? Well, if you are one of them, you do not need to worry, as we will discuss some of the finest flavored tobaccos in the world. Talking of the finest, Backwoods Cigars are one of those very rare brands which provide you with a wide array of aromatic cigars without promising the quality of the tobacco they use. Below is the list of the best in house tobaccos from the brand of Backwoods cigars which would make you fall in love with flavored cigars. Come, let us take a look.

The list of most aromatic cigars from the house of Backwoods Cigar Company


  • Black and sweet: Black and sweet is one of those flavors of this brand which gives you a perfect taste and blend. With smoothness at its peak, the sweet after taste is what you will cherish for a long period. And if you are worried about the budget, well these are one of the most affordable flavored cigars on the market.


  • Honey: Some smokers out there like the sweetness of a cigar. However, the problem arises when the flavor becomes too fruity. If you are one of those who is looking for a sweet cigar without being it fruity, then Backwoods Honey is what you are looking for. The natural sweetness and richness are what people love the most about these cigars. As there are no homogenized inorganic ingredients used, you will get the real smoothness while taking a drag from one of these.
  • Russian cream: Made from original tobaccos from Connecticut, the mildness of this flavor is what people crave for. One will get creamy after taste and taking having a session or two with these cigars. The flavors which they use are 100% organic, thus you do not have to worry about the quality of the same. If you like to have a mild cigar and you are looking to try out some flavors, Russian Cream is surely considerable.
  • Honey bourbon: Being the best in the world in terms of machine-made ready to have cigars, these are made from the finest tobaccos from Virginia. On top of that, the natural bourbon flavor is what makes this a stand in the crowd. Not only that, the clinical use of honey to make the cigar moist plays an important role too. The honey helps to burn the cigar slowly so that you can enjoy every puff from it.
  • Honey and Berry: This is one of those cigars which actually give you a fruity punch. If you are one of those who likes to have it sweet and fruity at the same time, this is what you need. This specific flavor from the brand of Backwoods Cigar comes in small sizes, and it is perfect for them who like to have a cigar at once.
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If you are bored with your regular cigars and looking to explore some of the best flavors out there, the above is the list which would give you a fair idea of the same. So, next time when you are buying your cigars, Backwoods aromatic cigars are what you need to consider.