Tesla Inc.:

Founded in July 2003, initially as Tesla Motors, the Company is the tribute to the electrical engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla. Elon Musk contributed to a significant segment of the Company’s funding and has also served it as the CEO since 2008. It is currently known as Tesla Inc. It is a California-based electric vehicle and clean energy producer company with an array of products in its portfolio, including electric cars, battery energy storage from home scale to grid-scale, solar roof tiles, solar panels, and other related products and services. Tesla also develops major solar photovoltaic systems and is also a prominent vehicle installer of it across the US.  

Vehicle productions of Tesla:

Tesla started with sustainable energy and transport, obtained through the range of solar powers and electric vehicles. It began producing the Roadster, its first car model, in 2009. Further, the Company came up with a sedan model, Model S, in 2012, followed by SUV Model X in 2015, and higher volume sedan Model 3 in 2017. The Company is currently offering four major models: Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

These vehicles of Tesla have some very fascinating features and specifications, and exclusive parts, unique from the other cars available in the global market. And for such unique vehicles, getting the parts is more manageable from a Tesla Authorized body shop, an initiation from Tesla to ease the consumers’ hardships. 

Advanced Car technologies of Tesla:

Tesla has an array of magnetic products for global consumers. It came up with advancements in the technological sector to modernize vehicle driving and bring a revolution in the industry. For such advanced features, getting the body parts repaired or changed is not feasible in any random shop of the market, and having only a few shops makes things more time consuming for the customers. This hindrance vanishes with the introduction of the range of Tesla Authorized body shop across the US.

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Autopilot –

This is an advanced driver assistance system that the Company introduced. This feature requires active driver supervision and does not entirely make the vehicle automatic. With each passing year, Tesla modernized this feature more by adding some more sensors, radars, and cameras to assist it. Further, Tesla also introduced a software update to this feature to ensure that the cars recognize the stop signals, start slowing down, and automatically stop at them. Now all the models of Tesla have this feature and some others with an added cost.

Full self-driving –

This is an add-on to the autopilot mode for the assurance of completely autonomous driving. This mode is still under development, and the first beta version of the software launched on 22nd October 2020 for a smaller group of testers.

Tesla Glass –

In 2016 November, Tesla introduced the glass group that produces a roof glass for the Model 3 and for use in the roof tiles announced in 2016 October. It contains an embedded solar collector and is 1/3rd lighter than the standard roof tiles available in the market. 

Body repairs for Tesla vehicles:

Body repairs have always been an issue for Tesla due to the vast wait time becoming common for Tesla Vehicle owners. To ease the consumers’ tasks and satisfy them better, Tesla introduced the Body repair centers, starting initially with 9 locations across the country. 


Now the Tesla owner can contact a Tesla Authorized body shop from the provided list, according to their feasibility, and get the repairs done in lesser time, unlike in months, as was the situation only some time back.

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