Are you looking to use social media to reach your audience and make a big name as a brand? Using social media can change the fate of your brand, but how to use it?- Content on Social Media

Well, content marketing is the answer to this question and would work on all social media. So, why not try the best tips for the purpose and make an effort worth it? We will talk about 3 of the top social media, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube.

With the best content creation ideas, you can beat the competition. We will also talk about the pre-production phase for these social media. Adding value and using the audience’s attention is a must for these Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube.


Linkedin is one of the top social media that works best for marketing online for professionals. It also works for companies of all sizes that can benefit from content creation here. So, we will talk about some of the top content types here and how they work for professionals.


Creating great content on any platform starts from a great idea to work on. So, if you have a post idea, you should try to deliver the right vibes and value with it. Try these ideas:

Inspire Others 

Sharing something that inspires you can help your circles grow and interact with you. In this method, you give people a piece of your mind and tell them what you think. 

So, post a video or a picture that can inspire others to take positive action. You can also try using text to ensure a great inspirational experience. Moreover, Linkedin loves motivational posts in 2022, and it would really perform well here.

Industry Insights 

Industry insights are always useful for content marketing on the platform and make a lot of difference. All you have to do is give tips on a topic you can speak about, write or make a video about.

It can be any of your skills you sell online or looking to get work for. 

Creating a Series of Posts 

Creating a series on any topic you can talk about in your industry would certainly work well. All you have to do is make a 7 or 12-episode series on a topic. These can be text posts that help your marketing have the right impact on major decision-makers. It can be a mix of video and text too.

By decision-makers, we mean the people who would contact you to offer you work. 

How to Create Great Instagram Content

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Instagram content ideas can be similar to or different than other social media. You should also know the best types that work for your marketing and will appeal to your audience. Make sure that you use the best ones that suit your marketing and are useful.

Try these content types

  • Behind the scenes are always helpful for your marketing and can really bring the brand to the limelight.
  • Tutorials are super-effective for almost all kinds of lifestyle niches. So, try to use these to inform your audience about your products. This one would work for all business models that involve physical products and others.
  • Product teasers are amazing for launching a great brand, so use them well for better marketing. Such content works best when you are launching a new brand. All you have to do is introduce the launch creatively and make people think about it.

Features to Use

We all know that content is important for all social media, but what about the features. You should always use the right features for the right type of content, or you can lose the game.

Trying to Buy Instagram followers UK for a local brand can be a great game-changer.

Some of the top features that the platform offers for creators are:

  • Stories and highlights
  • IGTV videos
  • Great captions for all kinds of content
  • Instagram Live
  • Stickers 

These features would work for all kinds of content and help you achieve your marketing goals. 

Some Other Tips To Use 

Some other tips that come in handy for such amazing content on Instagram are:

Do Competitor Research 

Strong competitor research would always be a useful tool for content creators. It works here too, but what are the best practices here? Well, some are:

  • Know the best trending topics for your niche when researching.
  • Make sure you know the hashtags your competitors post with and your audience love following.
  • Use tools to know about your competitors and their performance online. It would help you realize their strengths and weaknesses and be super-handy for you.
  • Some tools can help you analyze followers’ interaction with a certain brand for you. So, try these tools and find out what metrics they have for your marketing.

Interact More

Interaction can help you find out what kind of marketing strategy your competitors have. Once you know the secret recipe they are using, you are ready to go the bit and beat them in their face.

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So, try to interact with your followers and ask them what they love most. The use of stickers and polls would help get the secret sauce in the recipe. 

How To Create Great Content on YouTube

YouTube may not be a social media for many, but it is among the top for people. It is one of the most visited platforms that can help with almost each and every type of content.

Some tips for creating amazing content here would need some high standards to meet. Some of these are:

Some Content Ideas to Try 

Content ideas are the basic need for any video channel on YouTube, so have some ideas to go for.

Try the following:

  • Try doing parodies in a different way like Nick Landis or Scott Frerichs.
  • Regional cooking or local cooking channels can really help you get the right results as well.
  • One of the most famous content ideas for YouTube is travel vlogging.
  • You can try using makeup videos if you have great expertise.
  • Tech-savvy people can create content on technology and how-tos for different software.
  • You can also try using PowerPoint presentations to make videos and provide value to your audience.
  • If you like reading, you can try offering value with book reviews and doodle videos for that.
  • The creators who love being fit and think they should create fitness videos can use their expertise here.

There are a million more ways to create great ideas and topics for your YouTube content. Just try to find out what you can do best and try to build your channel around that. If you stay consistent and learn, you will definitely grow fast.

Final Thoughts 

The use of amazing content can make you and your brand a hero online. So, we gave you some top ideas and tips to create that hero-making content. Using these ideas can help you gain your maximum level of growth on Linkedin, Instagram, and YouTube.

These social media have high standards that make them special for users. The use of the right ideas can help you build a strong presence and reach that matters in the long run. So, do not compromise on the ideas you can use for your brand.

Come up with the best ideas and try to figure out which idea created the most reactions for you. What next? Well, you are bound to get results quickly on any platform.