Providing excellent customer service is what all businesses look for. Offering the best services is a key to keeping your existence alive in this highly competitive and uncertain environment. The risk can appear in any form, such as the outbreak of COVID-19. Nobody knew that a profit-making business would suddenly convert into a loss-manufacturing factory before this tragic pandemic. 

One thing that can actually sustain your business is the quality of customer care. If you blend it with efficient practices, there would be massive scope to not only survive, but also make a huge profit. In these practices, a customer care BPO can provide seamless, smart, and advanced assistance. Also, you can save hundreds of dollars every day.

Tips to Save Money on Customer Support 

Let’s get into some practical ways to save money on customer care services.  

  • Analysis of Expenses

The analysis is vital when you need to discover a way to get rid of over expenditure. Determine what expenses are essential and unnecessary. Get deep into the workflow that involves workforce, resources, and tools, which tell where to plus and minus expenses. 

As far as the training and employee satisfaction are concerned, you spend many dollars on them. It’s a huge investment. Therefore, the customer care services provider should be well-trained, updated, and strong-willed to maximize productivity. He should be completely focused to understand the seriousness associated with any small or big role. So, you should seriously understand their expectations and aspirations. According to their capacities, revise their income and up their role accordingly. Take into account that competitive salaries can motivate anyone. Call representatives are no exception to this fact. 

Instead of full-time customer care executives, hire an outsourcing partner. This strategy will save some dollars that can be invested in other pivotal areas of your business. To increase this saving, you may hire for a time-bound period or the season when there are offs or holidays. This plan can let you reach out to the customers. Gartner has found that these strategies can help in optimizing cost.    

  • Closely Track Customer Services 

This is crucial to closely monitor what your customer care executives are doing. This rule is applicable to BPO’s customer support team also. Do analyze how they are taking calls and emailing. Check out their responses to your customers through a deep report every week or month. 

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Religiously following this practice is important because they determine if your customers are happy or not. An unhappy experience can disturb your long-time customer relationship. 

However, adding new customers through outbound calls is likable for generating revenues. But, you may run out of money if this campaign’s cost surpasses the generated revenue. 

You have another option to make more money, which is to focus on existing clients or loyalty building. Ensure that they are happy and get consistent and accurate responses on time.  

Airbnb, for example, invested in remarketing campaigns to re-engage existing customers and push them to purchase anything from the recommendations. It wisely recommends things upon analyzing their web experience. 

  • Skill-Based Call Routing

The customer care representatives should be capable of providing all possible solutions to the customer in the very first attempt. This practice prevents the transfer of calls to the next level, which is certainly time-consuming. Take into account that every single minute is counted when it comes to getting third-party support. 

There is a way to deal with this situation. Ensure skill-based routing of calls. It can be made directly to customers. For that, certain agents should be selected who have the corresponding skill sets and ability to sort out particular problems.

The alternatives are there like queued callbacks and predictive dealers. Use them to interact when both, the customers and the call be available. It won’t waste even a single minute and hence, your money will be paid off. 

  • Hire Self-Service Technology

Self-service technologies are widespread and famous for reducing operational costs. Moreover, you don’t have to have a skilled person to interact and respond to customer service.

Automated forms, like Google Forms, are there to let them ask or request a solution. You can easily access their queries through these forms without any human interaction. Even, your customers can directly pay for the service by using these integrated self-service interactive systems. 

The sweet spot is that these online systems stay active 24X7, which provides free space for executives to resolve more complicated problems, analyze performance, and work on improvements. 

  • Introduce Digital Interaction

As aforesaid, there are many more options to support customers, such as emailing & texting. It may be pricey if you install or pay for services like Mailchimp. To have a more cost-effective option, you can outsource social media commenting and customer support via Facebook or LinkedIn to a leading BPO company.  This is how you can reach out to a maximum number of audiences in the least amount of customer service.

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Interestingly, there is another option called online surveys. These can be built-in on Facebook or Twitter. You may pay for just a few assistants instead of hiring a big team of call representatives. They are able to analyze the traffic on these platforms through automatically generated insights reports. Use them to get deep into the common problems and provide solutions altogether through a wise plan or strategy. 

Calling them separately would, certainly, require a big pocket. Besides, you won’t be certain about their pain points. These tips will help you to come out with all possible solutions digitally.  

  • Live Chat Support 

A text message and live chat, both are economical and easy ways to assist customers. This assistance turns out more valuable when the helpdesk knows the problems prior. Here, you need an informative database to share with your customer support provider. Allow them to understand customers’ profile, their pain points, their grievances, and their previous brand experience. 

However, traditional inbound and outbound calling methods are still effective. Now, you have more choices, especially the live chat. It provides you the blueprint of customers’ journey on your website. Try to understand, and also, integrate top services or products there to click and directly inquire. It can be a shortcut to conversions in outnumbers. 

Besides, the customers can directly disclose where the shoe pinches. Once discovered, you can instantly provide a solution and also use this opportunity for retargeting. The best thing is that a BPO company’s customer care teams are able to offer an excellent experience. The experience of the same domain enriches them with a great experience. Above that, you save multiple dollars with this really effective live chat support. 


Customer care BPOs can help in saving more money on customer care services. Being a professional, they provide the best assistance in the least amount. Besides, they come up with some innovative solutions like live chat integration, social media commenting & customer support, emailing, etc. that cost lesser.