Welcome to this post, where you will learn how to take a professional headshot. Don’t get confused! It’s not the headshot that PUBG players take to claim the chicken dinner. This headshot is related to photography. A headshot is a picture that covers your face, head, and shoulders. This picture is usually taken for professional profile images on social media platforms, job portals, and dating sites. A perfectly clicked headshot can be a game-changer in all cases. If you want to master this art and want to learn how to take a professional headshot, navigating through this post to its end can help. 

Professional Headshot Definition

If the term is new to you, worry not! We will explain it to you. A headshot is a picture clicked through your camera, which covers the face, shoulder, and head. These are often done with professional cameras. However, smartphones come with great camera quality these days, and you can click great headshots with them. All you need to do is to stick to a few important points. What are those? You will learn gradually as you move down. 

How To Take A Professional Headshot
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Headshots are used mainly for professional purposes. For instance, if you are applying for a job, your resume should have your headshot. In the headshot, you should be facing at the center showing your front profile for the utmost clarity. These pictures have a very extensive use. If the CEO of a company needs to post the image on its website, a professional headshot will serve the purpose. 

Things To Consider Before Clicking A Headshot

Taking a headshot seems like a simple task. However, it is a combination of both art and science that works together to give the best outcomes. Before proceeding any further with a professional headshot, you need to keep a few important things in your mind. 

  • You need to stick to the thumb rule that it should cover the portion from above the chest. 
  • Besides, you need to see the lens of the camera when getting clicked. When you make eye contact with the lens, your picture will also seem to make eye contact with the viewer. 
  • You need to find a place devoid of the uneven shadowy lights. The light must fall directly to your face, and there should be a balance of it. It should not be too bright or too low. 
  • A headshot reflects the aura of the person captured in the image. Show the kind of person you are in your headshot.
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How To Capture A Professional Headshot? 

Now that you are aware of the term, let’s proceed further and see how to take a professional headshot: 

1: Check Yourself

In the first place, you need to ensure that everything is just fine above your chest because this is the portion that will be captured in the headshot. Give yourself a good touch-up on your face. Your face must look fresh and confident devoid of dullness. The hair must be clean and tidy. Avoid wearing big jewelry or clothes having heavy patterns. They can distract people from your face. Wear a simple dress that goes well with your personality and looks professional. 

2: Find Location

Once you are done with yourself, find a suitable location for the shot. An ideal location is one, which is clutter-free and simple. Your background should be of a plain solid color. Besides, the light should come directly to the face. Make sure that the window is not at your side. It makes one side too bright and the other dark. If you are shooting outside, try to pick a place that does not have uneven or shady lighting. Avoid using the flash of the camera. After finding the right location, you can proceed further on how to take a professional headshot. 

3: Click Or Get Clicked

Once everything is fine, including dress, lighting, and background, you may proceed further to click the picture. You can set times on your phone or get it clicked by someone with a good sense of photography. You can use a tripod to fix your phone at an angle suitable for taking the headshot. When clicking a headshot, you should make sure that there should be proper headroom in the image. The headroom is the spare area in an image above the head. If it is missing, the picture may lose balance. 

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4: Try Different Poses

Now that you know how to take a professional headshot, try different poses to get it done. Sticking to a single pose diminishes the scope of getting the best out of you. Try the different expressions and postures that define your personality to the best. However, your front profile must be visible in all the poses. You may try out different clothes when shooting and compare which one looks the best. Once you are done, pick the best one. 

5: Edit The Picture

Now cut short the best pictures from the gallery and put them for the final editing. The editing can transfigure the picture to a whole different level. When someone visits your profile, the profile picture is the first thing that someone notices. When done perfectly, it can turn the odds in your favor. The editing ensures that there is a perfect balance between the brightness, contrast, and sharpness in the image. Besides, you may apply your favorite filters to give it a final touch. 

6: Upload It To The Purpose

So finally, you are ready with the image. Check once again if everything is fine. Once assured, you can upload it to your professional profiles and social media pages. Also, you can upload your professional portfolio or resume to secure a good first impression for yourself. 


Hope it was a fun experience learning how to take a professional headshot with us. These are just steps you need to follow. However, when clicking the headshot, you need to use your own creativity and instincts to get incredible results. You can change your professional headshot every one year or two years to present the true self. If it was helpful, find more posts from our blog section.