An effective app for scheduling appointments and business meetings can save your time and efforts in making coordination with others and can make your process more efficient. Managing appointments efficiently can be a daunting task. However, it is one of the major obligations of your business that needs to get fulfilled. Fortunately, there are several app for scheduling appointments that can give you timely reminders to never miss an important meeting. In this piece of writing, we will discuss some best apps for scheduling meetings and appointments so that you can save your precious time to streamline the main shortcomings of your business. Let’s start! 

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Best Apps For Scheduling Important Appointments

Below is the list of the applications that can help you in setting your important appointments:

1: HubSpot Meetings Tool

You can sync your Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar, set your availability, and have prospects and clients book time with you with the HubSpot Meetings App. To capture contact information including name, phone number, email address, and more, add form fields to your meeting tab. The meeting page can be submitted as a link in an email or embedded for scheduling on this app’s website or landing page.

When clients book time with you, the time on your Calendar is closed off, and the prospect or customer who booked is sent a confirmation email. This simplifies the scheduling process so that in less time, you can schedule more meetings. Additionally, it interacts directly with the free CRM so that your contacts and meetings can be monitored. HubSpot automatically generates records for new individuals when prospects schedule meetings.

Price: Free

Apps for scheduling

2: Calendar

For individuals and teams, Calendar is an AI-enabled digital calendar, scheduling, and time management solution. It brings together a single dashboard view of your Google Calendar, iCal (Apple Calendar), and Outlook Calendar that you can customize and share. The digital Calendar synchronizes through devices and includes a virtual assistant who can learn your schedule and begin organizing meetings, invites, and scheduling adjustments to take over. Meeting transcripts and a large range of analytics are now provided to the paid versions so that you can see how you spend your time in meetings and with people.

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  • Basic, Basic Teams – Free
  • Pro – $8/month
  • Pro Teams – $12/month

3: Setmore

Setmore is a free scheduling and payment platform for appointments that enables you to create a booking page for the public. Up to 20 staff calendars and logins are sponsored by the free account, so the team can begin booking meetings. And you can submit reminders of automatic appointments to individuals who book time with you.

Price: Free


4: SimplyBook

SimplyBook is a specially developed online booking system for service-based businesses. You can integrate SimplyBook with your current website, or inside the platform, you can create a custom booking page. It also has social media integrations that allow you to accept Facebook and Instagram bookings directly.


  • Free, 
  • Basic – $9.90/month 
  • Standard – $29.90/month
  • Premium – $59.90/month

5: Square Appointments

Square Appointments is worth your consideration if you’re looking for a versatile booking and payment site. You can establish a free customer booking website via Square Appointments, trigger automatic text and email notifications, charge no-show cancellation fees, and accept integrated payments from within one platform.


  • Free for individuals
  • $50/month for teams of 2-5.
  • $90/month for teams of 6-10.

6: Appointlet

Salespeople can configure their availability, build booking pages, and send them to prospects and clients with this appointment booking program. Your website, landing pages, and emails can be incorporated into the booking page. Although Appointlet provides a price tier charge, its free edition is forever free. It covers unlimited bookings, forms of meetings, and fields of the form.


  • Free
  • Premium – $8/month
App For Scheduling

7: Doodle

Doodle’s free version helps you to build meeting polls to give to customers and prospects. Meeting hosts recommend meeting dates and times, much like the paid edition, and invitees vote on the dates that work for them. You will have to upgrade its version to premium to delete advertisements from your surveys, set a deadline for the vote, and collect contact information from meeting guests.

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The paid version of the scheduling app from Doodle lets you find a time to meet that works for all participants. The host of the meeting proposes meeting times, invites participants to show their availability, then a final time is chosen by the meeting host. A calendar event is added to the host and meeting invitees’ calendars when the time is finalized. Furthermore, there’s a dashboard feature where all the meetings you have can be handled.


  • Free
  • $4.48/month – Starter 
  • $5.99/month – Pro
  • $30/month – Team and enterprise solutions with consultation.

8: Calendly

You can book unlimited meetings, connect your Calendar, build a custom Calendar link, and send automated updates and reminders to invitees using the free version of Calendar. With the free plan, one form of meeting is inaccessible to you.

The paid version of Calendly offers different forms of meetings, such as one-on-one, round-robin, community, and group meetings. It’s great for teams and offers booking management for team accounts, metrics and monitoring, and administrative features.


  • Free (Basic), 
  • Premium – $8 per user/month 
  • Pro – $12 per user/month
App for scheduling

9: Arrangr

Arrangr is an intelligent platform for scheduling that allows users to book a meeting in less than 30 seconds. Arrangr aims to eliminate any meeting miscommunications by allowing contacts to recognize locations and ways to meet all within the network, in addition to helping users find the best decision upon a time to meet. Above all, Arrangr is part of the HubSpot ecosystem, enabling you to launch and submit communication invites directly from within HubSpot.


  • Basic – Free
  • Pro – $10/month


Running a business and managing its core competencies can be a daunting task. When you spend most of your time sending emails to coordinate with others, you may not be able to focus on the main priorities of your business. However, the list of the app for scheduling appointments not only saves your time and effort but can help you to make the most out of your business process. If you like this post, then our blog section has more for you. Reach out!