HiPP introduced itself as one of the best organic baby formula companies over 60 years ago. Since then, many parents, both new and experienced, have been choosing HiPP. Of course, all HiPP products fit the company’s exceptional regulations, exceeding the EU requirements.

But what exactly are the beneficial ingredients in HiPP’s baby formula? Let’s find out!

Prebiotics And Probiotics

Infants are born without any prebiotics or probiotics in their gastrointestinal system. In fact, there are no bacteria inside their tummies at all. So, why are prebiotics and probiotics so important in HiPP baby formula? They:

  • relieve colic symptoms;
  • help in treating infant eczema;
  • prevent diarrhea and allergies;
  • boost the immune system by building healthy GI bacteria. 

Thus, building a healthy GI system is essential for infants. The German Combiotik line of HiPP formula even contains lactobacillus fermentum taken from real breast milk.


Whether you’re feeding your little one breast milk or just baby formula, carbohydrates will be an important part of their diet. For example, if you look at HiPP infant formula from Organic’s Best, you’ll see lactose, starch, or maltodextrin in the ingredient list.

That’s exactly where carbohydrates are stored. All PRE stage formulas contain lactose from cow’s milk – it’s a lot easier to digest by newborns. Stages 1 and up can also have starch and maltodextrin added. Their amount will suit your infant’s age, so don’t worry about that. 

Thanks to carbohydrates, your baby will feel full, and see the sweetest dreams as they sleep soundly. In addition, this ingredient fills babies with exceptional energy, so they can learn and grow.


Upon studying different baby formulas, you’ll see that DHA is one of the most important ingredients. Docosahexaenoic Acid is a fatty acid that helps babies with:

  • brain and retina growth;
  • motor skill development;
  • immune system response;
  • cognitive performance;
  • mental development.

DHA is a natural ingredient in breast milk, and many mothers choose to take prenatal supplements. In case you can’t breastfeed, HiPP baby formula will happily take care of your baby. Just like any other EU manufacturer, its DHA amount is regulated by law.


Since the first year of a baby’s growth is the most important, their diet should also have an appropriate amount of protein. Of course, there’s protein in cow milk. Yet, it differs from the ones found in breast milk. 

So, to make it more suitable for infants, HiPP adjusts its proteins to have the same ratio of casein and whey as breast milk. Thanks to that, babies’ tummies can easily digest cow milk-based baby formula. 

HiPP also has special organic formulas HA and Comfort. Babies that are sensitive to milk protein find those more pleasant, as the proteins there have been broken down more. Pay attention to those formulas if you see your little sunshine struggling.


HiPP organic baby formula is full of incredible ingredients that promote exceptional health in babies. Your little one will be happy and full of energy growing up thanks to incredible proteins, carbohydrates, DHA, probiotics, and prebiotics.