When we think of an ottoman we can easily picture ourselves watching TV, or playing video games, or knitting, or simply reading a book by sitting on a couch and resting our legs on it. But have you ever considered using it otherwise? No doubt it is a footstool first, but why not use it as a storage box or an extension of our bed? It can add a touch of luxury when added to your dressing area. The pets may fall in love with this piece of furniture and decide to make it their resting place. You can even double it as a coffee table. Ottoman’s versatility has made it popular among the various types of furniture of all ages. Let’s see what fabric to select while choosing the cover for your Ottoman.

More often than not it is seen that the ottoman is wearing off sooner than it was expected due to its regular use. So, how to stop it? The easiest and affordable solution would be to cover it. But you would argue that if that is done then the décor of the room might get compromised, or you may not find the right cover as per your requirement. All these depend on the fabric you select for the cover. Choice of the fabric will solely depend on the purpose you intend your ottoman to be used. 

Choice of fabric to make your ottoman a style statement

If you intend to make the furniture the centerpiece of your living area, then your choice of fabric for ottoman covers would be either leather or velvet. These fabrics give a luxurious appeal. Suede can be another option for you if you are someone who prefers elegance over anything else. You most likely will get these choices if you go for customized covers. 

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Choice of fabric to protect it from damage caused by daily use

If you intend to protect it from the damages that occur due to regular usage, then choose something thick and can stop the penetration of food spillage thereby preventing it from staining the seat. Cotton linen with an extra lining can prove to be a good alternative. You also can try out the microfiber covers available these days. 

Choice of fabric if you are using your ottoman as patio furniture

Patio furniture is sure to wear off much sooner than indoor ones due to the effect of weather elements. Sun rays will fade away the color or splatters of rain will dampen the seat if the proper cover is not used. Canvas, polyester, or vinyl would be the go-to fabric for this purpose. Make sure to check whether they have proper tie-downs to keep them in their places.

Choice of fabric if you have placed your ottoman in an area where it will be rarely used

If you have kept the furniture in an area like the guest room, where it will be used sparsely then thin spandex would be a good option for the covers. Their sole purpose would be to protect your ottoman from dust. They are easy to put on and remove and are also available in various shapes, colors, and designs. You are sure to get a suitable piece from the varied range of spandex slip-on covers.

Choice of fabric for DIY covers

And if you are among those people who derive satisfaction by making things on your own, then you can put your creative mind to work and make the covers all by yourself. You can use any fabric like an old blanket or a dress. It’s also a good way of recycling things and simultaneously making something unique. 

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So, prioritize your requirement and then select the fabric of the covers for your ottoman.