Surprised to know that you can iron your clothes without an actual iron? Not really your fault, most people aren’t aware of this fact! We’re here with different ways that will help you iron out the creases in your clothes. These simple techniques are especially for those who dread ironing and don’t really like ironing clothes. The quick fixes are also perfect in times of emergencies, when you need your clothes to be ironed but don’t really have an iron along with you. So read on, to find out more about these ironing hacks that will make your clothes look like they’re straight out of the laundry.  Did you know you can find a professional to iron your clothes at Helpling?

Table of Contents

Spray the Wrinkles Away

The most cost-effective way to give your clothes an ironed look, this one barely takes a couple of moments before you have crisp, wrinkle-free clothing.  The best part? You just need a spray bottle which is easily available and where and everywhere you go! In case you’re a traveller who is always on the go, it’s advisable to keep a spray bottle handy. Fill the bottle with clean water and spray it out on the wrinkles in your clothing. Allow the water to dry and you’re good to go!

Use a Flat Iron

Who thought that a flat iron can do a lot more than merely styling hair? When you cannot find an iron, you can simply dig into your baggage and take this amazing gadget out and use it to instantly iron your clothes! The fact that flat irons are designed to style hair makes them delicate enough, meaning your clothes wouldn’t get damaged due to too much heat exposure. Just make sure you wipe off the iron for any product residue on it before you use it on your clothes. Once you’re done, you wouldn’t be able to notice anything amiss – just a ready-to-wear, properly ironed shirt!

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Hang your Clothes

After you are done washing your clothes, simply hang up the garments and let them air dry. Use a hanger and if you want quicker results, all you have to do is dry the garments in the sun outside. The subtle heat of the sun will instantly dry out the clothing, while simultaneously retaining its original, wrinkle-free form. In situations where you don’t have any gadgets in hand, this simple technique works wonders!

Apply Pressure

Have a couple of hours before that important meeting? Carefully sandwich your favourite shirt between your bed and the mattress! In less than an hour, you will have a well-ironed shirt right there! If you don’t have a mattress, anything else to apply the required pressure would be just fine. A stack of magazines or books would work wonders too! Just make sure you wipe the pressure equipment you use before you use it – because you don’t want to end up with stained clothing!

Summing Up

In times of crisis (when you literally cannot find an iron) and are stuck with a piece of apparel that isn’t ironed at all, these tips are sure to come handy! Use them and thank us later for the hacks!  And if you’d prefer someone else to do your ironing then go to Helpling.