For many homeowners, choosing a durable and beautiful floor tile is truly a headache. Tiles are an important factor that adds durability and aesthetics to the house. Easily create a clean, comfortable and hygienic living space. For each space, there will be ways to choose floor tiles of different sizes and designs.

How to choose floor tiles

1. Why should you focus on choosing tiles?

=> Creates maximum comfort

By using tiles, families will receive comfort in return. The tiles are antifouling, which makes it easy to clean the floor. You’ll spend very little effort, time, and chemicals cleaning your floor. Meanwhile, if you use natural wood flooring, avoid water or direct sunlight, please buy. The use of tile will eliminate these problems effectively. In particular, depending on each space, choose a tile with a smooth surface or an abrasive tiles. Ensure the highest comfort and safety for users during use.

=> Add aesthetics to the house

Knowing how to choose beautiful tiles will create a high aesthetic effect. Currently, the tiles on the market are diverse in size, color, texture and design. With many options, using suitable tiles to improve the aesthetics of the project. Tile is not only a building material, but also a useful decorative material. If the tiles and the interior are combined, it will increase the class and elegance of the room.

=> Increase the longevity of the house

Tiles are one way to help protect your floor. Especially for the bottom of the bathroom and toilet areas. If you do not use waterproof tiles for the bathroom, your home will experience an absorbent phenomenon. This causes the building to rot and become unattractive. The use of tiles also does not worry about warping and staining. Quality tiles have a useful life of 20 to 30 years. There are even products that last a long time with working life.

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Tiles are truly an option that provides users with many benefits. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right tile.

Increase the longevity of the house

2. Instructions on how to choose the latest tiles

=> Choose the size of the floor tiles

Each type of house, as well as the size of the room, will accommodate different sizes of tiles. For large floors, you should choose 800×800 tile or 600×1200 tile to help reduce the number of tiles circuits. Dark tiles or small motifs can be used for added elegance. Meanwhile, a grade 4 house or an apartment with a small area should choose brightly colored tiles to enlarge the space.

=> Select the color of the mosaic that matches the general

The selected tiles color should also pay attention to the color of the overall. In which, the background color will be the color of the tiles and coatings. The main color as a highlight will be the color of the furniture. It is important that you choose the floor tiles that make the furniture stand out. Therefore, if the room is not furnished, you will easily choose to buy tiles. As for the already furnished room, it is necessary to ensure harmony between the colors of the interior and the tiles.

=> Select appropriate mosaic properties for each space

Depending on each space, the choice of tiles must guarantee suitability. With the living room space, you need to choose beautiful and luxurious tiles. Or choose bathroom tiles that are waterproof, non-slip, and easy to clean. Kitchen floor tiles should feel warm and delicious, avoid dirt and grease. When choosing tiles for stairs that must be non-slip with each space with its own characteristics, the choice of tiles must guarantee the maximum satisfaction of the needs of use.

=> Tile prices

When choosing to buy tiles, in addition to size, characteristics, color. The price of tiles is also a factor that interests many customers. Depending on the needs and the budget to choose the correct price of the tile. Prices for pavers on the market range from a few tens of thousands to several million dong per square meter. This largely depends on the brand, quality, and origin.

Through the above article, readers can understand how to choose the best floor tiles. For yourself to experience the most accurate reality of each tile pattern. C

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Tile prices

Kitchen Interior Design Tiles

You always want to design a kitchen so it looks great and can be cleaned in minutes. That’s why digital ceramic wall tiles are incredibly popular now – they fit perfectly into any kitchen interior, be it a 100-meter long dining room or a small dining room for a small family. Also, its installation does not require any special skills: almost immediately after leveling the walls, you can start gluing the tiles.

What tiles are the best for kitchen decoration?

There are many types of ceramic tiles today; they can be of any color and shape; perhaps that’s why it’s so difficult to choose the one that is ideal for each specific case. In general, it is not so difficult to understand what exactly to buy to decorate a kitchen. The ideal choice would be tiles that harmoniously combine colored floors and walls. Naturally, the kitchen set must also be in harmony with the created style. Then again, if you buy a floor tile, you should take one that has a textured surface; then, the spilled water in the kitchen will not cause injury. It is also worth clarifying when buying what means can be used to wash even the most difficult stains: it happens that cheap tiles are made of such ceramics, which simply will not survive cleaning the same “Mister Muscle” and will crack in a month.

Sticking, cleaning, and other “chemical” problems

Since the conversation has come to cleaning, you should pay attention to the following rules for working with tiles: the sponge used for cleaning should be changed once a month. Wet cleaning is desirable once every two to three weeks and dry – weekly. All this will allow both to preserve the tile for many years and to protect it from bacteria. You should not wait for a certain call from the kitchen, stimulating to clean the room. Constant control of cleanliness is important both for the owner and for the longevity of the boards used. But even before cleaning and cleaning, you need to pay attention to a completely different point. When gluing tiles, only products without toluene should be selected. Why should this particular drug be absent? Because, for example, it is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to inhale its vapor, and individuals with respiratory issues ought to likewise avoid it. Of course, a healthy person will not even feel the elements of toluene in the air, but as you know, preventing a problem is much easier than fixing it. Therefore, it turns out that the kitchen design cannot be limited to a single selection of furniture in the appropriate color scheme – this is serious work that requires care and discretion. It happens that a cheap purchase is too expensive because, in the best case, it costs the same due to the additional costs. In the worst case, excessive savings can simply lead to a loss of health.