Being married is a nice experience. You are free to go with your partner anytime anywhere. You are free to do sexy and romantic things with your partner. Valentine day is the day gives you an opportunity to celebrate “the knot” ceremony again. It gives you a chance to show your feelings for your spouse. So take the advantage of this day and wake up for some surprises to do on this love day. We have given a short but sweet introduction of romantic activities couples can do at home or outdoors. Check it out right down here.

As valentine approaches your mind gets stuck for what to buy. Send flower gift online is the very first choice gift used to express the hearty feelings.

Give a written surprise 

Instead of sending emails or message, handwritten notes are lasting and memorable. After marriage this is your first valentine so you take good advantage of this day to express your hearty feelings. Write down some expressive and heartfelt letters to your partner and hide it in the gift box. Give the surprise gift he or she will always love to read often times. Or else hide sweet notes of love in empty jar or make a scrapbook and write a short love notes. You can play a scavenger hunt to let your spouse find the love notes hidden in different places. Give clue after each note so your partner could find it easily. This will definitely help you in bringing back romantic days in life.

Cook together

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Both are food loving people that chemistry will help both of you to cook together. Your partner has the day to spend with but food is also the important part. help your partner in the kitchen duties, chop veggies for her, give her kisses when she is kneading dough. Talk about the romantic days when curry is boiling. Share some funny experience of first day of cooking. It will spread more of laughter and joy in kitchen. Do some couple dance when your rice is boiled in the cooker. Finally your food is ready made with love.
Recreate romantic memories with your partner.

Gift Surprise

So what you are married, you can still propose your girl and surprise her with the gift. She is the love of your life and you have finally won her after marriage. Celebrate the first valentine by giving her a rose’s bouquet and sweet chocolate box. It is an inspiring and thoughtful trick to say “I love you” “is my valentine forever”. This will light up the lamp of romance in both the hearts. You can replace the chocolate and flowers bouquet to personalized jewelry or customized gifts for men. it will definitely help to perk up the mood of your partner.

Catch a movie

Both are fond of watching movie, catch a movie which you both like the most. Order food from favorite restaurant and enjoy candlelit dinner and dance together. After dinner spend the leisure time in the arms of your hubby. Watch romantic and comedy movie together. plan to arrange some pop corns and drinks to create the feel like theatre. Have some wine drinks to toast the romance. cuddle your partner covered in blankets and enjoy spending the most romantic night with your spouse.

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Romantic Outdoor Night

Give a break to her kitchen duties. She has just finished the work and so much tired. so give her a relaxing and pampering massage at home. Then go for the romantic trip at the night. Go for music club if she loves dancing. Book a candlelit dinner at her favorite restaurant and give her a romantic surprise. Forget not to book the private dinner table in advance. You will get privacy to share romantic talks. Play some romantic music to enjoy couple dance. How romantic! You have the best time to spoil her in your arms.

So you have the best time to enjoy converting single to mingle. Our aim is to bring closeness in relationship. We think above mentioned romantic gift ideas for Valentine’s Day is the best examples of it. With so many options you are free to use any romantic idea to celebrate the first valentine with your spouse. So don’t overlook this day, celebrate it to the fullest to know spouse the in-depth love of you.